mercoledì 30 gennaio 2008

Shouldn't I feel dumped?

Four epals.
Four guys that no longer answer my mails.
Just what the hell...?

One of those four the other day sent me a greeting card.

Of course you realize this means war.

Sorry, gotta write the quote.

Ah, four days to the contest. AND, I'm not studying ANYTHING. AND, AND, I'm not feeling too bad about it. Not at all.

I j u s t d o n ' t c a r e .

That's the way I should act from now on. I'm very very veeeeeery sick, fella. In more than a way.

Still, I want that fucking Follow You bootleg. Early than NOW.

More than randomness here comes this blog!!!!! matane

domenica 27 gennaio 2008

Bored to death.

I want to play Trickster and eat all day (and possibly night) long.
Don't want to study for that damned contest. Not even the littlest transparent particle of will.
Wanna listen to Legend until this world will be a little easier.
No, better: wanna listen to Chacha until etc etc.

That's unemploying for you!

At least the second necklace is arrived.

Still waiting for the bag. Well, the only solution is to kidnap/kill (or both) some fucking idiotic couriers, but that will be a waste of time, effort, and prison.

I have to drill Caballa up, for the time being!

Fuck off.

The last thing: I want the Follow you bootleg. N O W. Vinyl, oh dear (*______*)

sabato 19 gennaio 2008

Did I...

... already say how much I envy cheerful people?


Well, let's say "hate" now.

By the way, I was THIS close to mistake one of my epals for another one X°D
It's not really that hilarious, but I'm still laughing.


venerdì 18 gennaio 2008

sabato 12 gennaio 2008


I was going to forgot the most important thing.

Pay a little attention to this:

Well, I must say that I'm getting used to it, while the first time was QUITE SHOCKING.

[praticallyfangirl mode is: ON] Look at the right hand!!!! Look at the right hand!!!!!!!!![praticallyfangirl mode is: OFF]

The only sad thing to say about it it's that I'm quite sure he too used the "Gackt's way to become prettier"
So sad.
How old was he in thi photo? I can't really tell...


Worldly busy.

But I think that mundane works better than "worldly". Man this word sucks!

Anyway, I'm trying to have some Japanese epals like i was used to, but there's something fishy about it.

Useless post of the month.

giovedì 10 gennaio 2008

freaking true, I have to admit it XD

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giovedì 3 gennaio 2008


Ok, let's take this with a smile on the face, although when I heard about this I was about to cry. AND, this doesn't imply that I'm a fangirl, NNNNE? xD

Gackt said in a recent interview that MAYBE he'll quit the industry in 2010. Ok, thanks that he'll wait until chacha's 50th birthday REALLY THANK YOU DON'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH, but, shit, this makes me think that I've got only two more years to see them live. That's pretty sad. Pretty pretty sad. Mostly because I won't, if this economical combination keeps is effects on my purse. fuck.