mercoledì 12 agosto 2009

Long time no see.

The fact is that my life sucks. Pretty bad. And I don't know how to make it a little less crappy. A job will do half the work, tho.

Oh yeah I'm still obsessed with Japan and such (don't know why but I had to point out this xD).

See you.

I so want to run away.

martedì 30 giugno 2009



I probably like Girl U Need. No, I'm not saying that I love them like Ded Chaplin or other bands on a "similar level"(tho I think Ded Chaplin weren't meant to sink like that D:). Anyway I like (really REALLY like) 5 out of 11 songs. Yeah Make you Groove only makes me IRRITATED x°D, like with Get up... the other songs leave me about cold. I still consider the whole thing a bit... I don't know. Claimless? Maybe it was thought of as a claimless solo thing, I don't know. The thing that pisses me off the most is that is SOOOO NOTICEABLE x°°°°°°°D.

This is just because I can't stop listening to Down to the mirror and I can't explain why.

sabato 27 giugno 2009

So, folks...

A side., originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

MAI blue lp has finally landed.

It's some kind of flexible, transparent, BEAUTIFUL blue round thing that says : VIENNA - Overture, with tracklist (of course split on both sides... yeah I DID think: "Uh? Only three tracks?..." x°°°°D) and other things.

I'm happy.

Yeah I don't seem that much happy because of a certain death and another next one (this laptop) BUT, about a couple of meters away, behind me, lies a cute sturdy cardboard package that contains MAI blue lp, a SCARY poster (Ryu-san wins over Chacha-san. Real earrings win over clip ones, OF COURSE u___u espacially if white and bold and... what the hell were you thinking? x°D), AND, AND!!!! And a pretty pretty cardboard square with SIGNS!!!! Do you know what I mean? SIGNS!!! I guessed only Nagai-san's one at first. Then Chacha-san, than Ryu-san, and, going just for elimination X°D, Tsukamoto-san.

Then, I looked at the back of the "card". Ryu-san presses down. I've found this quite hilarious. Don't ask me why.

Anyway a REALLY smooth transaction. I was a bit worried about customs but luckily he's a SMART seller.

martedì 16 giugno 2009


I could have lived wonderfully without listening to Faraway single, I know.
The title track is so poor that hurts, but anyway, Oblivious is the b-side, and this time was the second time I've listened to it since the live.
Not that it's such a moving/beautiful song, but I'm restraining from crying with all my might. It's annoying. It's that kind of unexpected crying that it's even more annoying.


It reminds me of the last two days spent crying and walking and crying and walking and crying until I saw a Hello Kitty themed Hato Bus, and it was impossible to keep crying with a BIG YELLOW THING COVERED WITH THAT SILLY CAT. The same kind of cry that surprised me on the way back home, I was so desperate. I am so desperate. More than four months have passed but nothing has changed. Nothing. I want to go there again and STAY there.

It's ridiculous, it seems just a child whim, but it's not and every single fucking day I wake up thinking about how I'm wasting my life staying here in this hell when I know perfectly where I should be. And it's even more desperate and much much more ridiculous because I also know perfectly that I'm not in a position to hope for that, because there's no way I could do it. No fucking way. And still I can't think about anything else, and I read of those lucky expats that MADE IT, and I think "They're there, and I'm not. Fuck." It's painful. Totally painful.

mercoledì 10 giugno 2009


So, what's the point in keeping this shady blog?

To tease you with my latest shopping raids, of course!

As you may know, I spotted the blue LP on ebay, some times ago.
170 bucks. Pricey. But rare. Vienna's fans are like FIFTEEN around the world Japan included, me included, but the seller knew that it's an extremely rare thing, so I could just lower the price by 20 dollaros ç____ç (I've started with 120...)
Yesterday I confirmed the whole thing, so now I'm waiting.


I'm happy, and that's strange.

lunedì 8 giugno 2009

Hope & disillusion.

I strongly hope this is all sort of "test", kind of "let's make these out as singles and see what will happen".

I'm not too convinced this are just "plain", "standard" releases.

As far as I've listened to, this is crap. Both A and B side. I don't think I'll change my mind if I keep listening to this. That's what I'm afraid of.

Anyway, as far as I've listened to x°D, I strongly hope in a bad feedback. It's cruel, but come on! This cannot make an album!!! I don't want this crap to be recorded as an album!

mercoledì 20 maggio 2009

Things that I'm not supposed to see...

... but I see anyway.

Like, and it's just a mere example, Faraway Dears only cover.

Setting aside Gackt-san, surely Japanese diet is something else. Keep in mind that the younger one is about 35. I suppose I'll sit here for a while, with my legs carefully and elegantly crossed, my chin in hand, thinking.

I'm not worried. I'm not worried. I'm not worried. etc etc

sabato 16 maggio 2009

"How are you today?"

And it's a Dear asking me that! (just noticed x°°°°°°°°°°D)
Anyway it's strange. Only people far from you (any meaning you will think of is pretty coherent) ask this kind of questions. Or people that doesn't understand you at all.

But, anyway, A DEAR IS ASKING ME HOW I FEEL TODAY! I'm moved. Ok, stop it. Pretty blank, that's how I feel today. But I don't think this would be a proper answer.

(but this was yesterday or two days ago, I can't remember... anyway I answered, and now actually don't remember what exactly I've answered... not that forgetting about post this will bring the Universe to explode, no... but...)

mercoledì 13 maggio 2009

Look at...

... this page, and tell me if it doesn't seem some kind of dejavoux.

Kiiiiiiiidding. I just found funny that the font is almost the same as the... old one.

Wooooooh I've just spotted the myspace link! *going add sacchan to her frrrrrrrrriends*

Girly? Well I should be like that more. It's sooooo funny.

(read: "I'm so pissed off and this feeling is so piling up inside and outside that I've almost became cheerful, by lapping it")

Things I'm currently doing:

- complaining;
- pretending to be studying grammar;
- complaining;
- struggle for memorize some useless kanji for exams that I'll never take(read: "complaining");
- blame the world recession for not allow me to fleeeeee to Japan again any sooner than never.

I'm really on the edge. Not that I'm going to kill my parents or such, I don't know, "change of season" things, but I've had really enough. And thinking that this situation can go on and on and on for WHO KNOWS how many years more... well, it's not that easy.

That, and my parents doing their dirty job a.k.a. PISSING ME OFF with their incredible delicacy, like: "As you get your last salary, give it to me so that if we'll use it if it's needed."


I've worked from 1 to 3/22, my last "month", I had to be paid for 9 hours more coming from the previous month(those faggots REALLY don't know how to count! Amazing!), plus the severance payment made me plan something, as usually people do.

But I've got 561 euros.

I was so speechless. And then, How am I supposed to give all the money to my parents? Am I that crazy? It's not a matter of "help the family" or such bullshits. I'm 25 years old, I'm unemployed, I've got to pay for the phone bills and the sat-tv(a thing that I cannot remove because my mother MUST watch some stupid OLD OLD OLD tv series, but I'm the one to blame here, really), I've just get 561 euros that have already halved because of the bills, and I have to give the change to my parents? And me? I worked for that money, not them. Don't they realize that with them being less FOOL, in the past, maybe I would be graduated by now, away from home, WORKING? Do I have REALLY to remind them that they fucked up my life pretty badly since its beginning? Do I have to make them aware of the pedophile they make me live with for years, without noticing a fucking thing? Do I really have to go that far?

So, I've put on my real self. I'm tired of being the happy fool of the court just to entertain them. I'm sick of this. It's already 17 years of this shit. I didn't beg my mother to have me. I didn't force her in getting together with that idiot of my father, Christ. She knew he was just an idiot, so why? Pity? Oh, thanks, pitiful mother. Look at what you've done.

I'm so tired, I want to go back to Japan but mostly I want to get away from here. I want a job, that would allow me to live and maybe save something, any sum, even the littlest one, just for me. Not for pay for my parents mistakes. And not a job (like the current one) for which I'm not even paid. "Because, in a family, you help each other". Sure. Cool.

mercoledì 6 maggio 2009


... and guess what?


Four years. Repeatedly. On loop. Luckily, files don't get scratches like records/cds.

NO, I can't possibly write just that. Come on.

Uhm, report from tokyo. Yes, I know. But my mood is like your ball falling down a hill close to you and YET you can't catch it. And then, a river/stream/ravine ends the game.

Really, I shouldn't take these things too seriously, I know that much. But geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez my life sucks. Sucks used socks. And that's a bad habit. Mostly for socks that, even if used, surely want to keep their dignity like every other pair of wearable things around your house.

So THINK! before sucking your socks.

You're probably infringing the Geneva Convention.

"to infringe" is the cool verb of the week.

sabato 2 maggio 2009

It escapes me.

But, since there should be a meaning to the...gyaru feeling that the singles covers I've just seen convey, I don't want to question ANYTHING about that, especially because is not even nine a.m., I'm tired, sick, and I have to make bread now.


giovedì 30 aprile 2009


This is just a blow below the belt.

You're kidding.

170 bucks? HA! I'm not that crazy.

Even with free shipping.

Actually they're about 130 euros, seeing the current change.

And there's a pretty pretty "best offer" button below the "buy now" one.

I'm shivering. I'm shacking. I'm slightly hyper. But mostly, I'll be a returning officer in two elections, this year.

I think I've found my birthday present.

I so hope no one else will find it. So hoping for that.

Good grief.

martedì 28 aprile 2009

Just noticed that...

... it's not like my weekly obsessions remain frozen at the time of the post. No. is not that smart. So, since I'm a biiit smarter that it but still a big air-headed fangirl, I'll add the widget in the cute column at your right.


I'm freezing, by the way.

Aw, I forgot.


You know you want them. Or, better: You still don't know you want them, but you feel unexpectedly attracted to them. Anyway, FEEL NO GUILT! FREE YOU MIND!("...and your ass will follow", catch the quote)

So...opposite results, I, rentrer from one side and Beehive from the other...uhmm...

venerdì 24 aprile 2009

DA visual shock.

Usually I don't rant about my anime obsession, my translations or such things (YES! I translate! Shocking ne?), but SEBASTIAN POUNDING A NUN deserves a post here.



I still haven't decided if this is a win or a fail, but sure it's EPIC.

Yes, Kuroshitsuji is almost old already, but I'm so interested in the RANDOMEST series ever that I prefer to follow ep by ep as I translate it. I mean, this is a light-speed DROP.

And it's annoying, since most of the gags are pretty hilarious, and the plot is intriguing, IF ONLY CERTAIN WRITERS WOULD KNOW HOW TO WRITE, or at least how to keep a decent balance in this shonen/yaoi/romance/decadent/comical/whatever MESS.

Enjoy your moment of fanservice, now:

Gross, lame, both and in loop.

mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

... Exactly, why am I here now?

No, no subtle existential crap, no no.

Like. It's half past midnight, and I'm stuck listening to Beehive's Rockin' All Night, (let's say it) a mildly crappy song.

Uhm, so, why am I listening to it so darn persistently(ah bugs bless TEH online dict inventor u_u)?

Because 02:32~02:58 IZ LUV.

That's all. Dismissed. Good night. Well, you go to bed, I stay here for some others 26 seconds more.

And it's so darn frustating since I'm probably the only human being fussing about this x°°°°D Frustating and hilarious.

"Shameless Fangirlism" is brought to you by the following sponsors:..

domenica 19 aprile 2009


So, since my precious report is not that much precious anyway and I'm already depressed enough from everyday "living", let's introduce the " Weekly Charts"! Surprised? Amused? Interested? Me neither.

sabato 11 aprile 2009

(blue lagoon) No matter...

... how much I'm raising the volume, it just sounds too much far.(yeah baby this IS fangirlism!!!)

Tour has ended about five hours ago ^^/ おめでとうございます!!!

Yes, just this.

mercoledì 8 aprile 2009

Currently doings:

- staring at that fucking shitty adsl router that SHOULD get me connected safely and fast but that's actually blinking like a Christmas Tree. AND IT'S NOT EVEN JUNE!

- making origami stars with old manga magazines. Yes, SO GIRLISH! Feeling almost accomplished as a XX chromosome representative.

- listening to The Vapors' 2nd EP. So darn boring early 80's British new wave: the absolute best u_u

recently done: changed wallpaper. And so what? Oh, nothing. It's just a scan from a interiors men magazine that shows a recording studio, its owner (in probably the most LOOKING-AWFULLY-OLDER pose ever x°D just a wide wine glass with an inch of PORTO is missing X°°°°D) aaaaaaaaaaand...

... a guitar. That actually I didn't noticed at the beginning, but which was the ONLY reason why now I've got that picture on my good ole 1024x768 pxs monolith-like monitor.

And that's why I'm feeling so satisfied right now!!! ( n_n)y

domenica 5 aprile 2009

z.e.t.s.u.b.o.u. .s.h.i.t.a.

Uhm, I've done a thing that I REALLY shouldn't have done.

Like, I knew perfectly that that thing sucked, even without listening to it, right? But I grabbed it the same (it was floating somewhere, ya no...).

Well, I'm not done. Not at all. Sure, sometimes I think: "But, exactly how did thist thing take to be done?" I mean, he re-sung the "revised" songs. ALL OF THEM. Yes, I'm doubtful about the time of the recording. Sounds older than just some months ago, especially for his voice's conditions.

Yes, too many "Murder, she wrote" episodes.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah, I'm not done at all (this should be clear at this point XD).

But mostly, the thing that's really annoying me like Hell, is the glared-like-sort-of-anyway-annoying drums, on almost every REARRANGED song.

I need a more deep study on the booklet. By the way, I DON'T have that booklet.

I agree, this laps fangirlism. Deal with it.

mercoledì 1 aprile 2009

Ah, April Fools'...

Could this be a prank?

Because, if it's a prank, a chunky skilled singer head will roll (I'm in such a mood, today-?-...).

Anyway I took the survey. Giggling all over the way, of course. I don't know, even if it's a prank, I'm finding this quite amusing x°°°°°°°D

The only thing that pissed me off a LITTLE was that "Gackt and we" that's easily read as "Gackt AND WE" from my twisted point of view.

Anyway, we shall see...

sabato 28 marzo 2009

Post #2 of whatever about my Japan trip. Powered by randomness.

Yamanote Line. Ah, Yamanote Line! Always thanks to the wonderful position of that awful place I've stayed in, Yamanote Line was really a relief, since it gets you in all the fancy tourists' places(but basically because its stops are a good way to organize a bit your random wandering without losing priceless brain cells). Anyway, remember: it's a ROUND line. So, unlike me, check carefully your destination AND the direction of the train your stepping in. Otherwise, the mystical experience of being stuck between sweaty salarymen late at night would be totally wasted.

Shinjuku station(or, better: what you'll see stepping out from the west it was pouring! No time to waste drowning just for get a proper shot xD). Where I fell on my fatty bottom. Ah, my little Nihongo skills wasted on reassuring people around me that, always thanks to my fatty bottom, I wasn't that much hurt(well not literally, ne). Converse's fault. And my total inability to walk on slippery smooth surfaces'.

1. That building (but mostly the kattun live ad) was my savior *_* 2. LAFORET!!! BUGS BLESS LAFORET!!! n_n

Shibuya was a really dangerous place. I don't know how I escaped those little narrows filled-with-marvelous-shops alleys and, at the same time, found SexPotRevenge shop. Really, I don't know. I just remember that I was staaaaaaaring at the Marion Crepes stand pondering about a quick fatty calories fix, and then, I turned my head to the right. I've seen the light. Period. I'm a bit sad, because my lazyness and the shitty weather turned down my crepes ambition. Too bad.

Ah, lucky fellows... ç_ç

I visited SO MANY records shops that's quite shameful I didn't find what I was looking for (or, better, not the whole list ^_^). Yes I have a pretty demanding obscure 80's Japanese "alternative but I don't want to go that far calling it progressive" rock bands oriented musical taste. My bad. Well, it's not really all my fault, since "mainstream" sounds euphemistic, once you've visited ANY of the big shops around the town. And then, on the last days, I discovered that Kanda has THAT MANY used books/cds/dvds shops. Terrific. But I was already out of money. Sadness 1000x combo.

ok it's a pretty little one BUT in the second pic, the sign on the right says "Sex Pot Revenge" ò_ò/ believe me!!!

giovedì 26 marzo 2009

This deserve a post...

... and a routine break.

You know, I'm usually a bitch. A nasty person. Someone that laughs at other people disgraces.

And this time is no different!

The thing is that Miyavi is now a newlywed together with some retired younger singer that's CASUALLY pregnant.

How? How in this world I cannot symphathize (woah this one was REALLY difficult) with all those nymphoman- fans all over the universe? HOW?

Miyavi fans all over the world, girls, boys, whatever and wherever you are:


Don't believe me? Go here and cry your heart out.

sabato 21 marzo 2009

.still feeling a shite.

Like... dunno...two months? Well, two months of shite-disguising.

That's all. I'm also listening to Ded Chaplin 1st, and that explains the whole thing better than words. Much better.

Second post of whatever about the trip? Well, since it had that HUGE feedback x°D It will be posted, eventually.

(if I wanted to have some kind of feedback I would have written something more interesting...)

sabato 14 marzo 2009

Post #1 of whatever about my Japan trip. Powered by randomness.

(yes, THIS is the right title!)

Ok, this is not Japan. Alps, actually. From the liiiiittle plane that, on a shitty gray Wednesday morning, took me from Milan to Paris. Funnier thing: me, unable to plug the seatbelt (from now on, the "shittoberuto"), helped from the kind guy next to me. My first flight. No fear at all. Anyway, I was on a mission from God (catch the quote). At a certain point I was REALLY sure we were flying above my neighbourhood, but in that tiiiiiny cute plane it wasn't so easy to take my camera out of the bag.

Ah, Hibiya Line. Probably taken the day after my arrive. I don't think I took any picture of the hostel, by the way; that awful place has only ONE pro: it's near the Hibiya Line. That's it. Anyway I don't think that, in case I'll be back there or near it, I'll make such a large use (well, two tickets a day x°D) of ToMe and such. I mean, I've got two legs, working legs, and Tokyo is not THAT big, and it's always interesting to walk from place to place sticking your nose around, observing people, shooting weird engrish signs for your Flickr's sake...Things that a comfortable, clean, but NOISY train cannot let you experience.
I *love* to loiter in random unknown streets while being staaaaaared at by Japanese people, right?!

inside and outside Minowa Station

venerdì 6 marzo 2009

Report in progress...sort of.

Well, at least I'm writing something while weeping on those thousand pics. Ah, and I'm listening to flumpool, too (you must know that, after Tokyo, from the cute kirakira not so poppish Japanese sort of rock band that keep me amused, they became the Melancholy Band. Just to let you know.)

Now, for the serious things that nobody will ever read:
- it will be a non-chronological mess of posts. Deal with it.
- every post will most probably have some kind of title that explains why I sum up all those random thoughts in one thing.
- there will be pics too! Aren't you all excited? I AM!!!

lunedì 2 marzo 2009

sabato 28 febbraio 2009

Today I'm lurking on...

Well, actually it's like one year(or even more) that almost everyday I check this wonderful japanese blog, where I've just discovered that Ryu-san is still alive, thanks bugs for that, and where, ABOVE ALL, I discovered that my musical taste is due to a weird case of IMPRINTING.

In three days it'll be THE birthday! I was about to forget! But thanks to nono-san, well...let's say I hope to remember and check the staff blog ^^;

Last night I watched the latest appereance of the strange man on Shin Domoto Kyodai.
X°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°D Now I recall why I love that STRANGE SLEEPY man *ROTFL*

After that I was unable to sleep. As usual. Anyway I didn't dream about Tokyo. Yeah, because almost everynight I DREAM ABOUT TOKYO. Corners, shops, trains, metro, me walking, the various parks I visited, temples...

My "remember-every-fucking-thing-since-this-could-be-your-first&last-time-here" thing worked. Maybe too much.

mercoledì 25 febbraio 2009

Excuse me, I've got to arrange some old songs to fit pachinko standards.

According to Dears jp news page, also Kagero is on Gladiator Pachinko OST.

Yes, it's already unbelievable that pachinkos have their OWN soundtracks (anyway most of them are actually famous series osts, as you may see on this page), and that they're SOLD AS IT IS A NORMAL THING, but not kagero. Please, NOT KAGERO!

It's frustrating.

Essay: "What did you do during your last holidays?"
Composition: "I've arranged old tunes for Pachinko."

Come on, this LAPS lameness!!!! By two or three times!!!!

long time no see...

actually not.

But I'm taking advantage of a calm, relaxed, not too much fixed on the thought "I SHOULDN'T BE HERE!!!" moment, to announce that I will maybe MAYBE post something more readable (like that's something I can accomplish this easily...) about my journey in the Nipponland. With pics too! Quite a difficult task. Especially because I can't help weeping around every time I think for more than one minutes about it.

Notice that the calmness of this moment is brought to you by Girl U Need - Without You.

Randomity: this song is REALLY Chacha-like. HUGELY. 'Night.

martedì 17 febbraio 2009

Yamanote dreaming...

It's not like the 1053 pics I've taken in Tokyo are ALL useful or cute or anything, but I love this one.

I was in Ueno Park, on that sort of terrace on the right side of the entrance stairs, where you can see both Yodobashi and the trains coming out from the station.

Ah, Yamanote...

Anyway, all those announces were slightly ANNOYING. Usually I didn't use Ipod-chan outside the hostel, as I wanted to HEAR all I could hear. Anything, from salarymen chatting at the smoking points, to the freeters on the street corners promoting whatever, to childs crying and laughing (ME listening HAPPILY to a child's cry... a paradox u_u), to LAME officeladies on the phone...

But metro and trains were an exception.

lunedì 9 febbraio 2009


... IN THIS WORLD, no, in this UNIVERSE AND BEYOND, am I here?!

W H Y ?

Two days ago I was in Tokyo. Now I've returned to this dump. Life sure is strange.

Planning Arena lives without money is totally UNHEALTHY. Especially while feeling so sooooooo much shitty and desperate.

Nevertheless, I'm going to work in twenty minutes. Cool, with all the questions they'll make.

Oh so cool.

I was sleepless, I usually managed to eat things but without any solid effort so I felt dizzy about everyday, my feet hurt a lot, so my back, since my days went on like this: (oh you CANNOT know how pleasant is to be able again to digit a colon xD)

wake up;
swearing against the costruction site NEXT to the hostel (and next means 50 cm);
shower (this should have a paragraph alone but I'm not really in the mood);
at the conbini for some kind of breakfast(usually an anpan and water/green tea);
reaching the point of interest;
a lot of walking, taking photos, walking, maybe eating lunch, walking walking walking, photos, depachika XD walking;
metro/walking back to the hostel (usually not before 8/9 p.m., earlier during the last days).

My ankles are not the same anymore X°D

The live was astonishing. The sound was crap for most of the time, but they were great. Yes, I did like the concept but I still think they're all DEAD TIRED and not just because of their slightly xD packed schedule. I mean everything was a bit mechanical.

Ah nevermind, Chacha-san waved back in my direction as I cried out his name. AND YOU CANNOT BUY SUCH THINGS!!!!!

Yeah I was a little far. But that way I could have kept my fangirlism at a safe distance. Well, my voice was not. That nymphobachans screaming out YOUUUUUUUUUUKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN and Gacktoooooooooo all the time neither.

It's hilarious how You-san is cheered from elders XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


mercoledì 4 febbraio 2009


I know, I`m in Japan. So, basically my head is full with thoughts and thoughts and thoughts, especially now that I`m about to leave. But this

*be extremely careful, especially if you respect in some way or another Niihara-san (Marcy-san is beautiful as always n.n)*

omg. O M G. Just WHY, Niihara-san? DOOOOOOOOOOSHITE?

I`m so waiting to listen to this thing.

By the way who`s that woman?

martedì 3 febbraio 2009


I should go around carring a handkerchief or WTF it is written. Well, I`ve already ashamed myself writing about the after-concert XD But this is so ridicolous... Thinking that in three days everything will be over, that I`ll be back in that hell...



It`s just crazy...not that this was an easy journey, not at all, but now I`m SURE that I want to live here. I`ve always know it, but I thought it was just the usual fangirl whim, "Now that I`m home I`m talking this big but the real thing could be either scary or annoying or both or anything else". But it wasn`t!!!! I`m just in the place I was meant to be.

Today I walked from Asakusa to here. Why? Well it wasn`t EXACTLY was more that I thought "Why if I walk instead of taking the subway?" and, by the end of the thought, I see the "Otorijinja" sign XDDDDDD I was like "Otori...jinja?WTF? I`m already in Minowa? AH?"

Let`s keep in mind that my feet DIED last night with those fucking cute leather shoes that make my feet look so TIIIIIIIIIIIIINY that`s painful. LITERALLY.
So, this morning wasn`t THAT easy to put shoes on them. But I manage to do all that walking around so... But isn`t what I wnat to talk about. What was it? Oh, PAIN IN MY HEART, sure.

Next to my comeback from asakusa, since it was sooooooo early (about 4 p.m.), Ikebukuro. With the Nekobukuro in my mind xD I stepped out the Jr Station and then I took the wrong way as usual so I came back and took the RIGHT way. After a WHILE, since lonely planet maps are subtle and morbid xD (at least to me), I found Sunshine. Cool. Entered it. Coooool. So many bags shops and only a few bucks in my pocket (that actually have to last until friday leaving some room for narita xDDDDDDD), and the shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees x.x but anyway I found my way through the observatory`s elevator.

FREAKING HIGH!!!!! I didn`t check the height BEFORE, so I was totally out of breath. It was amazing, and I start to sigh. But the lovey dovey couples view was a bit hilarious xD But the city by night is sooooooo breathtaking. And I almost started to cry, but after yesterday I wasn`t really in that mood, and not from such a high place, you know...

But I need to return here. In some way or another. Legal ways, of course. I want to be a full-fledged resident Italian in Japan. And it`s already this late. I`m turning 25 x.x But it`s ten years that I want to come here, is it a retroactive thing? XD

It`s scaring how I knew it from the start. At some point, I thought that coming here and find this bad, annoying or something else in a negative way would have been the right thing to be. But NO. I love this place. Even Minowa. Well, I like much much more these uncrowded place than the central things... ueno is already too much crazy in my opinion.


lunedì 2 febbraio 2009

What I`m about to write, and still I didn`t really want to... that the live has killed me. Gackt-san has killed me. Chacha-san the most.

Also the LOUDEST audio system in the history of halls has killed me.

Everything else has just became USELESS.

And I DO like even Ghost, NOW. BEWARE.

I thought this would be the therapy for my fangirlism, but I was LIKE wrong.

Not that was such a great musical experience, but I`m shocked the same.
Totally shocked. Amused, but the shock is so quick and powerful that I don`t know if I could sleep tonight (as usual, recently xD) without crying more that what I cried from the metro station to here.

G O D D A M N .

domenica 1 febbraio 2009

Six days more. One day left. KARAOKE NIGHT!

Yeah, I`ll be attending karaoke with a Greek girl that in three hours will be attending gackt`s concert, and Kaoru-san, and maybe more random people that I don`t know. I`ve got to wait until tomorrow.

So, let`s explain my audience xD the "unreal feeling", that`s now it`s fully becomed "surreal".

I mean, it was so easy to get here. Yeah, after four days I can say easily that the flight was really terrifing. I`m surprised in how much I endured. I think it was only because I was alone. Well, now I know that I`m not afraid of flying. My moe points will be cut down, what a pity xD

I can`t have a "live photos show", since I didn`t buy that DARN card reader...well, you`ll see the whole package once I return. I`m taking maybe too much photos. Yesterday, in Shinjuku, I took like a hundred photos and a few are actually from the observatories xD

My foolish trip since now

- thursday; landed, get lost searching the hostel, found the hostel, many "WHAT the hell is this filthy place?!", shower, first approach (I don`t want to bore you with my like ten times getting lost in akiba xD but it was so funny...)

- friday; the ticket grabbing day, also called the "getting out of the metro in shinjuku and asking the koban directions for a shibuya place", and the "you`re sure koban nice policemen/women should know where you`re headed but YOU`RE WRONG!", and in the end "Does it have to rain this RANDOMLY??? Let`s go to Meiji jingu! In this pouring rain! YEAH!!!" and the "Harajuku beware my navi-like skills!" a tiring and expensive day xD

- saturday; the "fuck off and let me sleep", "I have to go to tokyu hands and buy a sleep mask or that fucking snoring bitch will DIE without noticing"

- sunday(until now); the "I`m running out of money, let`s head to ueno AND STOP" day ,and the "Should I sing the same?" and the "Coin laundry - THE REVENGE" day.

So, since I have to do some laundry and prepare myself for my karaoke night, bye folks!

giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

japan. me lost. any meaning you would add

its so untrue xD
me in japan...
well, lets get something to eat

martedì 27 gennaio 2009

About to leave.

Put aside the fact that this is the first time I'll fly, the fact that I'm traveling alone and that I'll be so so so so far away from the house I live in (yeah this itself deserves analisys).

This time, tomorrow, I'll be in Japan. In Tokyo. THERE.


See ya.

lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

So, simply tell...





I won't own a ticket for the concert. Oh yeah. I knew this like a couple of days ago (frankly, I cannot remember x°D) but I was so MAAAAAAAAAAAAD about this that I couldn't really have the slightest will to write.
T'was a fraud. A total fraud. Fortunately, the lady who bidded for me could have her money back (at least), but I won't attend the concert. I won't laugh while buying the kitakuni keychain. I won't despise with my genetic conceit those fangirls that will buy Gackt's chocolates x°D

I'll probably lay in a corner of the hostel crouched in the dark drawing fictious circles with my index finger.

With three blue vertical lines waving next to my head. Oh yes.

*whispering*Bloody Monday. Errata corrige. Otanoshimini \(ò_ò)/

venerdì 16 gennaio 2009

More music less fangirlism.

A more serious 2009, please.

No, don't misunderstand,  I'm talking to myself.

Yeah, I should write more seriously about things that I get into my ears.

Musical things.

What else, anyway?

I don't



I'm sorry. I could not resist.

martedì 13 gennaio 2009

This deserves a post.

Do you see that little George-san picture, here at right? Yes? So, that's the value of this crappyland X°D


Fangirlism DOES HAVE a value!!!


Ah, good Lord of rock 'n' roll X°DDDDDDDDDDDDD

lunedì 12 gennaio 2009 - Overall top tracks

1. Chachamaru
2. Beehive
3. Vienna
4. Ded Chaplin
5. Vienna
6. Vienna
7. Beehive
8. Vienna / Vienna
10. Shibasaki Kou

uhm... so: 50% Vienna - 20% Beehive - 10% Ded Chaplin - 10% Chachamaru - 10% Kou Shibasaki.

Rather weird. And of course that 10% of Kou-san is just a cover-up U_U

Celebrating 1100 Vienna's listened tracks since 01/04/08!!!! ( n_n)y

domenica 11 gennaio 2009

.shamefully ashamed of my shameful fangirlsm(in a shameful way, but that goes w/out saying).

What are you, when you can tell one guitarist in particular amongst others? (well, not all at the same time, or I would be SERIOUSLY worried about myself X°D)

A fangirl. Well, a pretty sharp one U_U but nothing more than a fangirl, my friends(?).

And that's sad. So sad. Funny, weird, stupid, and a big teaspoon of sadness.

One more evidence? Without you. GirlUneed. Yep. The one with that other guy on rhythmic guitar. I didn't know the tracklist, but I easily cry out "This one is Without You!!!" as I first heard it. Because I CAN TELL. Pathetically scary X°D

And, by the way, it's the only one I listen to with some happiness, not thinking that the whole GirlUneed thing was at least a bit crappier than I expected it to be. Like: "It's catchy!", or some other boring happy adjective.
Now, guess who wrote the music? Yep.

Ah, so so so so SO sad...

It's just that (well, isn't this a shameful post? So let it be 100% shameful...) some people needs fangirls/boys, while other people not. In my fangirlistic humble opinion.

giovedì 8 gennaio 2009

Breaking news: GHOST sucks X°D

Ah, I knew it.

The cm was too much explicative(if this is even a word) already.

There was this ENORMOUS wall in front of me, while I was listening. ENORMOUS, can you figure it? A big big wall.

A big one.

Ah, so sad. Nevertheless, Jesus is way way way much a better song "comparing" the two. Yeah I know this is useless, but COME ON! What the hell is that? Is it for this...? That we've waited this much?

I'm PRAYING that nothing but Jesus will be on the new album, PRAYING.

Anyway, it's not that I really care this much. It's just that listening to Over the rain makes me way too much EMOTIONAL.


venerdì 2 gennaio 2009


1. Thank this wonderful blogger that enlightened me about the only Chacha-san work(generally known, at least) I didn't have any ANY single clue about: Girluneed.


2. Remember that this year I'll turn 25. Yup, I'm not an age-con (yes, a brand new word for a brand new year! enjoy.), but the thing scares me.

3. Beg any single deity from random cults to make that yen value INCREASE. I mean, do you know where we were just a year ago? ONE HUNDRED SIXTY!!! SIXTY, I SAY!

4. Kill the neighbor cats. I love animals, pretty all the animal kingdom. Not those demons. They're NOT animals, so I can kill them. Simple.


Now, girluneed. So... Basically, I think that Marcy-san can*cough*should*cough* sing anything he likes. His voice is like that. Astonishing, in my opinion. And it has been like that in the last...25 years? Amazing. I can even overcome his posing attitude thanks to his voice ^^;
On the other hand, girluneed suck. Yeah, I'm saying this VOLUNTARILY(don't worry, I checked for it on the dictionary). I don't know, it's not that bad, but it's not even that good. Sure I have a future as a music critic, don't you think?

Like, take Ded Chaplin. I wasn't very much enthralled at first, especially by Niihara-san's voice, but if I kept listening means that there was something I liked and I still like. Setting aside Rock 'n' Roll hero, of course X°D
This time is quite different. I can't find a reason to keep listening to them. I mean, not even Chacha-san's solo parts(nothing really thrilling about it, unfortunately)! It's so strange...Like, I prefer Earthshaker! Come on, Earthshaker...!(At least the first two albums, then all become dizzy but mostly BORING) Not mentioning Chacha-san has nothing to do with ES (really...did I have to mention it the same?)

You know? I'm beginning to like *whispering*Bloody Monday. Maybe because for the last 9 xD eps I wasn't too much focused on the plot, so now everything seems so new to me X°D

Forget that thing about killing cats: I'll kill their owners, instead.