giovedì 30 aprile 2009


This is just a blow below the belt.

You're kidding.

170 bucks? HA! I'm not that crazy.

Even with free shipping.

Actually they're about 130 euros, seeing the current change.

And there's a pretty pretty "best offer" button below the "buy now" one.

I'm shivering. I'm shacking. I'm slightly hyper. But mostly, I'll be a returning officer in two elections, this year.

I think I've found my birthday present.

I so hope no one else will find it. So hoping for that.

Good grief.

martedì 28 aprile 2009

Just noticed that...

... it's not like my weekly obsessions remain frozen at the time of the post. No. is not that smart. So, since I'm a biiit smarter that it but still a big air-headed fangirl, I'll add the widget in the cute column at your right.


I'm freezing, by the way.

Aw, I forgot.


You know you want them. Or, better: You still don't know you want them, but you feel unexpectedly attracted to them. Anyway, FEEL NO GUILT! FREE YOU MIND!("...and your ass will follow", catch the quote)

So...opposite results, I, rentrer from one side and Beehive from the other...uhmm...

venerdì 24 aprile 2009

DA visual shock.

Usually I don't rant about my anime obsession, my translations or such things (YES! I translate! Shocking ne?), but SEBASTIAN POUNDING A NUN deserves a post here.



I still haven't decided if this is a win or a fail, but sure it's EPIC.

Yes, Kuroshitsuji is almost old already, but I'm so interested in the RANDOMEST series ever that I prefer to follow ep by ep as I translate it. I mean, this is a light-speed DROP.

And it's annoying, since most of the gags are pretty hilarious, and the plot is intriguing, IF ONLY CERTAIN WRITERS WOULD KNOW HOW TO WRITE, or at least how to keep a decent balance in this shonen/yaoi/romance/decadent/comical/whatever MESS.

Enjoy your moment of fanservice, now:

Gross, lame, both and in loop.

mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

... Exactly, why am I here now?

No, no subtle existential crap, no no.

Like. It's half past midnight, and I'm stuck listening to Beehive's Rockin' All Night, (let's say it) a mildly crappy song.

Uhm, so, why am I listening to it so darn persistently(ah bugs bless TEH online dict inventor u_u)?

Because 02:32~02:58 IZ LUV.

That's all. Dismissed. Good night. Well, you go to bed, I stay here for some others 26 seconds more.

And it's so darn frustating since I'm probably the only human being fussing about this x°°°°D Frustating and hilarious.

"Shameless Fangirlism" is brought to you by the following sponsors:..

domenica 19 aprile 2009


So, since my precious report is not that much precious anyway and I'm already depressed enough from everyday "living", let's introduce the " Weekly Charts"! Surprised? Amused? Interested? Me neither.

sabato 11 aprile 2009

(blue lagoon) No matter...

... how much I'm raising the volume, it just sounds too much far.(yeah baby this IS fangirlism!!!)

Tour has ended about five hours ago ^^/ おめでとうございます!!!

Yes, just this.

mercoledì 8 aprile 2009

Currently doings:

- staring at that fucking shitty adsl router that SHOULD get me connected safely and fast but that's actually blinking like a Christmas Tree. AND IT'S NOT EVEN JUNE!

- making origami stars with old manga magazines. Yes, SO GIRLISH! Feeling almost accomplished as a XX chromosome representative.

- listening to The Vapors' 2nd EP. So darn boring early 80's British new wave: the absolute best u_u

recently done: changed wallpaper. And so what? Oh, nothing. It's just a scan from a interiors men magazine that shows a recording studio, its owner (in probably the most LOOKING-AWFULLY-OLDER pose ever x°D just a wide wine glass with an inch of PORTO is missing X°°°°D) aaaaaaaaaaand...

... a guitar. That actually I didn't noticed at the beginning, but which was the ONLY reason why now I've got that picture on my good ole 1024x768 pxs monolith-like monitor.

And that's why I'm feeling so satisfied right now!!! ( n_n)y

domenica 5 aprile 2009

z.e.t.s.u.b.o.u. .s.h.i.t.a.

Uhm, I've done a thing that I REALLY shouldn't have done.

Like, I knew perfectly that that thing sucked, even without listening to it, right? But I grabbed it the same (it was floating somewhere, ya no...).

Well, I'm not done. Not at all. Sure, sometimes I think: "But, exactly how did thist thing take to be done?" I mean, he re-sung the "revised" songs. ALL OF THEM. Yes, I'm doubtful about the time of the recording. Sounds older than just some months ago, especially for his voice's conditions.

Yes, too many "Murder, she wrote" episodes.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah, I'm not done at all (this should be clear at this point XD).

But mostly, the thing that's really annoying me like Hell, is the glared-like-sort-of-anyway-annoying drums, on almost every REARRANGED song.

I need a more deep study on the booklet. By the way, I DON'T have that booklet.

I agree, this laps fangirlism. Deal with it.

mercoledì 1 aprile 2009

Ah, April Fools'...

Could this be a prank?

Because, if it's a prank, a chunky skilled singer head will roll (I'm in such a mood, today-?-...).

Anyway I took the survey. Giggling all over the way, of course. I don't know, even if it's a prank, I'm finding this quite amusing x°°°°°°°D

The only thing that pissed me off a LITTLE was that "Gackt and we" that's easily read as "Gackt AND WE" from my twisted point of view.

Anyway, we shall see...