giovedì 30 agosto 2007


... a FUCKING ASSHOLE I am...?


More than this. Much more than this. A whole truck more than this.

Oh, come on, I am!!!! Stop it! I am a fucking asshole!!!


domenica 26 agosto 2007

Boku wa kimi na no?

Chacha will forgive my impudence on use his own wonderful words (^-^)

Actually, I don't really know why I used them as a title to this post. I'm tired. At least, only four weeks depart me from the end of this job. It's a madness. Maybe the problem is that I'm too naive. Maybe.


THE BOTTOM OF CHAOS has arrived on August 22nd, right before my birthday (^__________^) What happiness. AND IT'S GREAT. Well, I'm a little bit disappointed by THE ONE AND ONLY ONE postcard I found inside the package. I was expecting one for each member (ç_ç) And it comes instead with a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle pic of all of them in a typical we're-the-men pose. Still all cuties.

One of the most significant birthday of my life.

That's why I'm deciding on killing myself soon.

Currently downloading: lucky star bgm & radio bangumi DA THIRD (^______________^) Would I finally find the bgm I'm searching? Would this be called English, anyway? I don't think so.

See ya

mercoledì 22 agosto 2007

no way, man...

Watching papa to musume no nanokakan. Just this.


(there's always a but somewhere)

papa is 47 years old. And he seems a 67 years old, if we compare him to HIM.

edit: ok, he's REALLY old. papa is 57 years old. this is insane. why did they take a 57 years old to act for a 47 one?

domenica 19 agosto 2007


Bored remastered and reloaded. Gotta find those FUCKING 11th sexy voice and robo ep subs. I miss my Robo!!! I miss that little gifted girl of which I forget the name every time! I HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!!!!!!

I've eaten 11 pastries. It was my birthday party. Don't bother.

Don't wanna go to work.

Loving Chacha more than ever.

Admiring Gackt so much that I'm frightened by this. He helps me not be driven mad by this shit. Thank you.

Deep thoughs like these.

May Trickster bless you all, fella.


ps: I managed to pass by the old block without shed ANY tear. Yes, I was tearing my bag apart, but let's look at it positively.

venerdì 17 agosto 2007

Goodamn grief (=_=)

Such a waste. Nagase Tomoya looks and acting and speaking voice. Totally a waste. You think he's quite handsome, a good actor, WITH THAT NATURAL LOW VOICE OF HIM, and then...then...then he sings. AND WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THAT NERD GUITAR PLAYING????

I'm dying a little.

lunedì 13 agosto 2007

0.19 BUCKS!!!

Just looked at the adsense page XD
I'M RICH!!!!


domenica 12 agosto 2007

There are days...

... when the little good old azureus sucks bandwidth as he (?) never knew about its existence. Good grief.
I mean, it's good someway because it's running at its full potential. But I cannot even do a search on google!!!

Things are getting worse. The shit is that it's not something outdoor. But indoor. You know what? I took a trip to my hometown, this morning. As we passed by the old block, I started cry. A granny, a perfect white-haired airheaded old granny. At least my father didn't notice it ^_^

It's strange, after 15 years. Kinda weird. Really weird.

Second Japanese epals has asked me for a photo. I'd like to kill him, but I don't have the money enough for the trip. And, also, as I'll land off the plane I'll be pretty too much engulfed with various strange schizophrenic feelings to concern about the killing. Lucky guy you are, Yuji-kun. Luckiest ever.

sabato 11 agosto 2007

giovedì 9 agosto 2007


Just broke a thermometer. It happens.
My face is pretty puffy, below the right ear. It happens.
Maybe i'm too sensitive to the mouthwash I've just bought. It happens, it happens.

No, wait.

sabato 4 agosto 2007


I don't like my life, but it's not that kind of disliking that makes you aim higher. No no. It's the other kind. The one that makes you wonder about the usefullness of your existence, every single fucking day. The fact is that it's not that bad. Except for the moments when you realize that, in the real end, your birth and your death will be separated only by a terrible amount of useless days. That your life is 0 worth. Nothing more. Yes, I could spend all these days thinking about some ways to make my life suits me, or (better) the other way round. At least, I won't feel this emptyness.

May Bugs burn you all without the minimum trace of mercy, fella. And good night.

venerdì 3 agosto 2007


... the Moi Dix Mois (plus guest...I'm wondering who, man...) ticket has arrived, my ReS new album and the bento are on their way, the work goes on smooth, apparently, if we don't consider the last brandnewfresh line: "You're almost as good as XXX".

A "go fuck yourself" was needed. But I couldn't, fella. I couldn't.

Really, I cannot understand THAT woman. The others seem normal folks, let's say standard, but she is definitely an outsider. IN EVERY WAY YOU WANNA PUT IT. I'm figuring all sort of things about her, obviously.


ps: they don't pay me on every adverb I write, believe me.

ps2: who are "they"?...

giovedì 2 agosto 2007

Haruhi cookie-shaped butter recipe xD

Frankly, stay away from those little sweets. Stay away, I say.

Don't mind the cuteness, or the not-so-sweet taste, or the friable texture (maybe 200g of butter over 300g of flour are too much, don't you agree?). Stay away.


If you want to take this journey, you're welcome, of course. Sign the releasing paper before open your mouth.

Let's roll (every reference to any dumbass of an American president are purely is, this is only a recipe!):

300g flour
200g butter (yes, you're not becoming blind, it states TWO HUNDREDS of FAT BUTTER)
100g sugar
2 egg yolks
a bit of salt

Sift flour 2-3 times. Take THE WHOLE AMOUNT OF FATTY BUTTER, cut it someway (my advice: everyone who tells you to let it reaches room temperature is a PINK SUPERVISOR... it would melt and make your cookies seem EVEN MORE BUTTERY...the cooler it is the better) and stir it with a wood spoon until it becames a smooth cream. Ground the sugar and sift it, then add the sugar and the salt to the butter, take your friend the mixer, and mix them until it's kinda white. Beat the egg yolks, add them to the butter-sugar-salt mixture and stir. Take a bowl, put in it the flour, male a hole in the middle of it and add the butter etc etc mixture. Stir until it aaaaaall mix well, then you have two choices: divide the pastry, roll the pieces into cilinders and put them in the refrigeretor until they're firm, or, as I did, divide the pastry and add to two of the parts a bit of cocoa powder (A BIT!!!), then take a white and a black one, lay them one on the other to make a rectangle. Roll it from the shorter side to make a cuuuuuuuuuuuute spiral. Then put it in that darn refrigerator XD Oh, I was forgetting: two cm of diameter, please. Thank you.

Once they're firm as rock or somewhat less, took a long knife (the ones for bread are the best for this kind of things) and cut them into 5 mm slices, with an only movement of the knife (I'm running out of decent English, gomennasai...)

Bake them at 160° C for about ten minutes. Don't mind the tender texture right after they're out of the oven; they'll harden when they'll be completely cooled. THIS IS THE FRIABLE TRICK!!!

And now some shoots to make you wonder about how I spend my time instead of cleaning the house or translating Lucky Star:

it's not a pale picture, they ARE quite pale. I don't really like the refrigerator/cutting system, the shape is always bad ç_ç

Almost the whole production! Quite a number, fella, quite a number. And I'll will eat'em all! XP

mercoledì 1 agosto 2007

Leave me alone...

It's quite sad. Really. Quite sad. And I'm not talking about this strange thing here. Another kind. Yep. BUT let's talk about something serious: my copy of The bottom of Chaos and my little yellow rilakkuma bento were both shipped today. Ghiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^_______________________^

It's strange, but I hope that each one of the latest ReS singles would be in the album. Yes yes. Above all, NEGATIVE CREEP. Oh, sort of TRUZZO of a neighboor that you are XD, BEWARE.



Sorry fella, it wasn't that cool in English...