domenica 27 gennaio 2008

Bored to death.

I want to play Trickster and eat all day (and possibly night) long.
Don't want to study for that damned contest. Not even the littlest transparent particle of will.
Wanna listen to Legend until this world will be a little easier.
No, better: wanna listen to Chacha until etc etc.

That's unemploying for you!

At least the second necklace is arrived.

Still waiting for the bag. Well, the only solution is to kidnap/kill (or both) some fucking idiotic couriers, but that will be a waste of time, effort, and prison.

I have to drill Caballa up, for the time being!

Fuck off.

The last thing: I want the Follow you bootleg. N O W. Vinyl, oh dear (*______*)

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