lunedì 29 ottobre 2007


... etsymania.

I think I've already teased you about this, mummy's christmas present (day after day less sure that she will like it =_=), but there's more!
these, for the couple (I think I'll add a couple of cooking books...dunno), BUT, the very deal, the VERY BIG DEAL (not for the price, it was quite cheap) is THIS.

Don't mind, I was quite shocked too. I'm still shocked, to be true. Rhyme! xD
But I had to buy it. Dunno why. Just a feeling. I love it. Well, there's my discretion, the strange "hate" I have toward crosses and other christian icons, but still I love that necklace.


WHEN THE FUCK I'LL BE SUPPOSED TO WEAR IT???? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!! I feel ashamed just to let my parents see it xDDDDD

That concert will ruin my style xDDDDDD *runs away with her head in her hands*

Sickness is a state of mind...

... but what can you do when mucus is DEFINITELY in a huger quantity than neurons?
Too easy.
The only thing you can do, is thinking about the fact that it's already a week. And, still, I cannot believe what's happened.

My settlement from PosteIT arrived. More that what I was expecting. Cool. At least my regret for the Christmas presents is slowing down XD. Only my father lasts. Man, like every year I don't have the slightest clue about what buy him. I've already bought mine's, mum's and the two lovely parrots' xD gifts on etsy. But there's really NOTHING that can match my father there. A keychain? nah. Some other tools? Maybe earlier...but now he has ANYTHING you can this a craftman would have! Fashion? AHAHAHAHAAAHAHAH good pun. And it's such boring to buy dressing stuff to a 54 years old totally-out-of-these-kind-of-things man. I hate him but this gifts madness amuses me.

mercoledì 24 ottobre 2007

...let's try to feel better...

my first pic on a blog! Can you notice how crazy I feel in these days? XD

I made a complete crying about a hour ago. I hope it will be the last for a long time xD
I feel a little better. Well, I'm beginning to think about how dumb I am, so I think I'm feeling better. Such a great night. I didn't expect to have such a...fall-out XD Sometimes I'm scared of how much that things are important to me.


martedì 23 ottobre 2007


(pic copyright: Genogackt)

I just really don't know what to say...

The urge to cry is floating...some moments I'm on the verge of an aloud screaming cry, some others, like now, I quietly remember that yesterday night I saw one of the most important persons of my life. Live. Two meters from me. And I was there screaming and trying to move (THOSE FUCKING RETARDS) to the beat. They were wonderful. Ok, I'm not that expert in concert matters. But I enjoyed the whole night. Even the soundchecker that was OBIOUVSLY making fun of us all, keeping on go up and down the stage FOR A HOUR AND A HALF. The surfer thing on the tv. The quite expensive glass of water XDDDDDDD. The soldout medallion ç__________________ç (and why I didn't buy the backpack? WHY???)

The moment the tears were VERY near was on the train back home, this morning. Man, watching all these fucking mountains becoming more and more big and high, and thinking that ONLY some hours ago I was screaming like the bitcher of the fangirl xD towards MANA, OH MAN...I can't stand it.

But I'm so happy. I can't wait for the next time.

Thank you all, guys, hope to see you all agin VERY SOON.

ps: Mana, do something for your throwing skills XD The picks went all in the front lines!!!

ps2: I hate all kinds of fanclubs. Definitely.

lunedì 22 ottobre 2007


I don't care what will be this night, or anything else...



So no one will say that I didn't try hard.

Mana wait for me! (*___*) only six hours and half! Matteeeeeee XD

Completely insane.

domenica 21 ottobre 2007


It doesn't want to light up...., originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

That, in other terms, is ME. XD

venerdì 19 ottobre 2007

Zen and the art of unemploying.

It's sad but true.
I don't have the minimum will of doing anything. Only eat, watch anime and play trickster.


I'm getting fat, well, more fat than I am, so the first option is busted. For the second one, it's not a happy time for my anime tastes...there's really A SHORT of worthy anime. Too bad. The third: guess what? it's already crapped. It's such a marvellous game, funny, enjoyable, not so heavy to make my little cute cpu scream, but IT SUCKS when it cames to server things. That fucking launcher is driving me mad. REALLY MAD.

As usual in these dead periods, I don't wanna read. It's horrible. But at least I can cut some expenses ^_^

martedì 16 ottobre 2007


... why the hell I have to keep on crying to feel better, lately? It doesn't have any sense at all...
It's a paradox. For the ones that knows what it means xDDD Bitchy, oh my how I feel bitchy today ^_______^
I woke up at FIVE, suddently, thinking about how I suck and how my life is a total waste. Kinda strange.

domenica 14 ottobre 2007


rurururu, rurururururu...

The koi no minoru densetsu version is LOL at 100%

Had I tell you something about the clannad anime? Not yet?

Ok, I love it. But I don't really know why. Keep on thinking that many seiyuus reminds me about haruhi's ones, but really I don't know WHY I like it.

And believe me, those KyotoAni guys are really bitches/smart XDDDD Love 'em.

Wa wa wa wasuremonooooo
ore no wasuremonooooooooooo

The snoopy bento finally arrived! Safe, that's the miracle!!! The packaging lacked stuffing but was filled with optimism XD
the urara one was little;
the rilakkuma other was more little;
this one is someway near to zero O_O at least it comes with a two tiered one, even this one is little but useful for fruit and stuffy, at least is airtight for the upper conteiner ç_ç

now I'm waiting for the mum's gift to arrive...

venerdì 5 ottobre 2007


New Gonzo series.

I could have lose it, sure, but let's look at the voiceactors' list:

Ono Daisuke as Jin

*ok, let's watch it, (despise the OBVIOUS crappiness)*

but this it's not the end! Let's see...

Chihara Minori as Toa

(*__________________*) Ok, I MUST see this, even if there'll be two steady black sticks on a white background

and even MORE...

GOTO YUKO as Makina

ok, it's my favorite show of the year.

Aya-chan...ann says she's in the cast, but I could not distinguish her. and OH, Sugita-kun is there too! XDDDDDDD

Covering the crappiness with the Haruhi cast may be a good idea.


Man, only Gonzos could pop up with such a brilliant discover. I love them.

martedì 2 ottobre 2007

Powerfully moved.

Zapping on sat.
Useless network. I stop.
And it was there.

Oh my gosh. About 20 years since I've seen it for the last time *_*