sabato 28 febbraio 2009

Today I'm lurking on...

Well, actually it's like one year(or even more) that almost everyday I check this wonderful japanese blog, where I've just discovered that Ryu-san is still alive, thanks bugs for that, and where, ABOVE ALL, I discovered that my musical taste is due to a weird case of IMPRINTING.

In three days it'll be THE birthday! I was about to forget! But thanks to nono-san, well...let's say I hope to remember and check the staff blog ^^;

Last night I watched the latest appereance of the strange man on Shin Domoto Kyodai.
X°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°D Now I recall why I love that STRANGE SLEEPY man *ROTFL*

After that I was unable to sleep. As usual. Anyway I didn't dream about Tokyo. Yeah, because almost everynight I DREAM ABOUT TOKYO. Corners, shops, trains, metro, me walking, the various parks I visited, temples...

My "remember-every-fucking-thing-since-this-could-be-your-first&last-time-here" thing worked. Maybe too much.

mercoledì 25 febbraio 2009

Excuse me, I've got to arrange some old songs to fit pachinko standards.

According to Dears jp news page, also Kagero is on Gladiator Pachinko OST.

Yes, it's already unbelievable that pachinkos have their OWN soundtracks (anyway most of them are actually famous series osts, as you may see on this page), and that they're SOLD AS IT IS A NORMAL THING, but not kagero. Please, NOT KAGERO!

It's frustrating.

Essay: "What did you do during your last holidays?"
Composition: "I've arranged old tunes for Pachinko."

Come on, this LAPS lameness!!!! By two or three times!!!!

long time no see...

actually not.

But I'm taking advantage of a calm, relaxed, not too much fixed on the thought "I SHOULDN'T BE HERE!!!" moment, to announce that I will maybe MAYBE post something more readable (like that's something I can accomplish this easily...) about my journey in the Nipponland. With pics too! Quite a difficult task. Especially because I can't help weeping around every time I think for more than one minutes about it.

Notice that the calmness of this moment is brought to you by Girl U Need - Without You.

Randomity: this song is REALLY Chacha-like. HUGELY. 'Night.

martedì 17 febbraio 2009

Yamanote dreaming...

It's not like the 1053 pics I've taken in Tokyo are ALL useful or cute or anything, but I love this one.

I was in Ueno Park, on that sort of terrace on the right side of the entrance stairs, where you can see both Yodobashi and the trains coming out from the station.

Ah, Yamanote...

Anyway, all those announces were slightly ANNOYING. Usually I didn't use Ipod-chan outside the hostel, as I wanted to HEAR all I could hear. Anything, from salarymen chatting at the smoking points, to the freeters on the street corners promoting whatever, to childs crying and laughing (ME listening HAPPILY to a child's cry... a paradox u_u), to LAME officeladies on the phone...

But metro and trains were an exception.

lunedì 9 febbraio 2009


... IN THIS WORLD, no, in this UNIVERSE AND BEYOND, am I here?!

W H Y ?

Two days ago I was in Tokyo. Now I've returned to this dump. Life sure is strange.

Planning Arena lives without money is totally UNHEALTHY. Especially while feeling so sooooooo much shitty and desperate.

Nevertheless, I'm going to work in twenty minutes. Cool, with all the questions they'll make.

Oh so cool.

I was sleepless, I usually managed to eat things but without any solid effort so I felt dizzy about everyday, my feet hurt a lot, so my back, since my days went on like this: (oh you CANNOT know how pleasant is to be able again to digit a colon xD)

wake up;
swearing against the costruction site NEXT to the hostel (and next means 50 cm);
shower (this should have a paragraph alone but I'm not really in the mood);
at the conbini for some kind of breakfast(usually an anpan and water/green tea);
reaching the point of interest;
a lot of walking, taking photos, walking, maybe eating lunch, walking walking walking, photos, depachika XD walking;
metro/walking back to the hostel (usually not before 8/9 p.m., earlier during the last days).

My ankles are not the same anymore X°D

The live was astonishing. The sound was crap for most of the time, but they were great. Yes, I did like the concept but I still think they're all DEAD TIRED and not just because of their slightly xD packed schedule. I mean everything was a bit mechanical.

Ah nevermind, Chacha-san waved back in my direction as I cried out his name. AND YOU CANNOT BUY SUCH THINGS!!!!!

Yeah I was a little far. But that way I could have kept my fangirlism at a safe distance. Well, my voice was not. That nymphobachans screaming out YOUUUUUUUUUUKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN and Gacktoooooooooo all the time neither.

It's hilarious how You-san is cheered from elders XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


mercoledì 4 febbraio 2009


I know, I`m in Japan. So, basically my head is full with thoughts and thoughts and thoughts, especially now that I`m about to leave. But this

*be extremely careful, especially if you respect in some way or another Niihara-san (Marcy-san is beautiful as always n.n)*

omg. O M G. Just WHY, Niihara-san? DOOOOOOOOOOSHITE?

I`m so waiting to listen to this thing.

By the way who`s that woman?

martedì 3 febbraio 2009


I should go around carring a handkerchief or WTF it is written. Well, I`ve already ashamed myself writing about the after-concert XD But this is so ridicolous... Thinking that in three days everything will be over, that I`ll be back in that hell...



It`s just crazy...not that this was an easy journey, not at all, but now I`m SURE that I want to live here. I`ve always know it, but I thought it was just the usual fangirl whim, "Now that I`m home I`m talking this big but the real thing could be either scary or annoying or both or anything else". But it wasn`t!!!! I`m just in the place I was meant to be.

Today I walked from Asakusa to here. Why? Well it wasn`t EXACTLY was more that I thought "Why if I walk instead of taking the subway?" and, by the end of the thought, I see the "Otorijinja" sign XDDDDDD I was like "Otori...jinja?WTF? I`m already in Minowa? AH?"

Let`s keep in mind that my feet DIED last night with those fucking cute leather shoes that make my feet look so TIIIIIIIIIIIIINY that`s painful. LITERALLY.
So, this morning wasn`t THAT easy to put shoes on them. But I manage to do all that walking around so... But isn`t what I wnat to talk about. What was it? Oh, PAIN IN MY HEART, sure.

Next to my comeback from asakusa, since it was sooooooo early (about 4 p.m.), Ikebukuro. With the Nekobukuro in my mind xD I stepped out the Jr Station and then I took the wrong way as usual so I came back and took the RIGHT way. After a WHILE, since lonely planet maps are subtle and morbid xD (at least to me), I found Sunshine. Cool. Entered it. Coooool. So many bags shops and only a few bucks in my pocket (that actually have to last until friday leaving some room for narita xDDDDDDD), and the shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees x.x but anyway I found my way through the observatory`s elevator.

FREAKING HIGH!!!!! I didn`t check the height BEFORE, so I was totally out of breath. It was amazing, and I start to sigh. But the lovey dovey couples view was a bit hilarious xD But the city by night is sooooooo breathtaking. And I almost started to cry, but after yesterday I wasn`t really in that mood, and not from such a high place, you know...

But I need to return here. In some way or another. Legal ways, of course. I want to be a full-fledged resident Italian in Japan. And it`s already this late. I`m turning 25 x.x But it`s ten years that I want to come here, is it a retroactive thing? XD

It`s scaring how I knew it from the start. At some point, I thought that coming here and find this bad, annoying or something else in a negative way would have been the right thing to be. But NO. I love this place. Even Minowa. Well, I like much much more these uncrowded place than the central things... ueno is already too much crazy in my opinion.


lunedì 2 febbraio 2009

What I`m about to write, and still I didn`t really want to... that the live has killed me. Gackt-san has killed me. Chacha-san the most.

Also the LOUDEST audio system in the history of halls has killed me.

Everything else has just became USELESS.

And I DO like even Ghost, NOW. BEWARE.

I thought this would be the therapy for my fangirlism, but I was LIKE wrong.

Not that was such a great musical experience, but I`m shocked the same.
Totally shocked. Amused, but the shock is so quick and powerful that I don`t know if I could sleep tonight (as usual, recently xD) without crying more that what I cried from the metro station to here.

G O D D A M N .

domenica 1 febbraio 2009

Six days more. One day left. KARAOKE NIGHT!

Yeah, I`ll be attending karaoke with a Greek girl that in three hours will be attending gackt`s concert, and Kaoru-san, and maybe more random people that I don`t know. I`ve got to wait until tomorrow.

So, let`s explain my audience xD the "unreal feeling", that`s now it`s fully becomed "surreal".

I mean, it was so easy to get here. Yeah, after four days I can say easily that the flight was really terrifing. I`m surprised in how much I endured. I think it was only because I was alone. Well, now I know that I`m not afraid of flying. My moe points will be cut down, what a pity xD

I can`t have a "live photos show", since I didn`t buy that DARN card reader...well, you`ll see the whole package once I return. I`m taking maybe too much photos. Yesterday, in Shinjuku, I took like a hundred photos and a few are actually from the observatories xD

My foolish trip since now

- thursday; landed, get lost searching the hostel, found the hostel, many "WHAT the hell is this filthy place?!", shower, first approach (I don`t want to bore you with my like ten times getting lost in akiba xD but it was so funny...)

- friday; the ticket grabbing day, also called the "getting out of the metro in shinjuku and asking the koban directions for a shibuya place", and the "you`re sure koban nice policemen/women should know where you`re headed but YOU`RE WRONG!", and in the end "Does it have to rain this RANDOMLY??? Let`s go to Meiji jingu! In this pouring rain! YEAH!!!" and the "Harajuku beware my navi-like skills!" a tiring and expensive day xD

- saturday; the "fuck off and let me sleep", "I have to go to tokyu hands and buy a sleep mask or that fucking snoring bitch will DIE without noticing"

- sunday(until now); the "I`m running out of money, let`s head to ueno AND STOP" day ,and the "Should I sing the same?" and the "Coin laundry - THE REVENGE" day.

So, since I have to do some laundry and prepare myself for my karaoke night, bye folks!