lunedì 30 giugno 2008

Test post

one two one two

sabato 28 giugno 2008

How comes...

... that it's the third time that I'm listening to tmtip live, today?

Because I LOVE PROGRESS. Yes. It was really a fast falling in love. I was expecting some more "Hey, I am THE guitarist here" or things like that, but really is a nice nice nice live. Balanced.
PLUS, what I was really really R E A L L Y worried about was in fact Chacha-san's voice. Well, you know...But it's good! Beyond expectations! WAY TO GO TO MY FANGIRLISM!!!

Yes, it's tough. (;u_u)

The only thing that has left me a little sad was ending with Sleepless Night. Still, I'm beginning to appreciate this song, and that's good.

But I think it's still tooooooooo much short.

So...overture, step into..., progress, unknown.


AND... how fucking cool is Follow you's intro? HOW?

I don't wanna talk about work, today. Not because it went bad or anything, just I'm still floating like on the way back home listening to...well, the same song I'm listening since this morning X°D, amongst tall trees, with a soft breeze that made the heat bearable, ah... I'm in love. And I fucking miss Ryu-san. THIS MUCH.

venerdì 27 giugno 2008


(^-^), originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

[spaced out]

mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

Let me be amused,...

... because there's someone in this world that thinks that Gerard had a female vocalist.

Anesan's curse.

It's too much funny.

A less funny thing is that I've ordered Progress from that ugly ebay seller (used, no obi, somewhat under 30 euros. Shoot. Shoot, I say!).

I had a big big BIG luck finding Unknown wandering around the web as usual, maybe too much and that's why I could not find a new copy of Progress ANYWHERE. (too much of a smooth thinking xD)

Plus, my job will probably start a week earlier than expected, meaning THIS Saturday instead of the NEXT one. In three days.

Ah, we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

lunedì 23 giugno 2008

So... wasn't for the big cookies' feast, that was REALLY Rolly (ah ah, my puns are improving =_=) on Ryokiteki na kanojo!

Rolly *-*9

So, seems like I've got my final sentence, fellas...I'll be cleaning that darn hotel for the next two months. Cool. Really cool. I hoped until the last second that they won't recall me, and this morning...Ah, at least tomorrow I'll be busy choosing cheap frames in Ikea.

Quoting a really cool man, IT'S TOO DARN HOT.


venerdì 20 giugno 2008


... the old man is still wandering in Romania pretending to shooting a about some solo/former bands/anything else works?...

This hot is awfully pondering. And awfully sticky. And a large number of other awful things.

PLUS, I can't find someone willing to sell me Progress.

As if I want to pay 37 euros for a used cd!!! Moreover, without obi!!! NO WAY!!!


mercoledì 18 giugno 2008

Happy 200 posts!

.. if I can manage to make scribefire works under ff3.

Why did I install it? WHY?

domenica 15 giugno 2008

Plurk anyone?

You know... that kind of Twitter thing that get you addicted way before you understand how to use it...

I like it. More than I liked Twitter, for the few times I used it. First, it's colorful. Twitter was sad. Second, the gui is noobproof (I'm an official tester X°D), and it's easier to keep trace of conversations.

End of commercial break.

I'm starting to wonder where to find Progress.

venerdì 13 giugno 2008

*drums roll*

*drums roll*, originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

I've got to buy some protective plastic wrapper...

I'm in love.

giovedì 12 giugno 2008

I rather...

... prefer to give the usual payoff, than FEAR so much a possible return of Unknown in that wonderful place called Osaka.

How much? 20? 25? Good.


Japan Post ems tracking service: Retention O________O (FEAR)

Poste Italiane ems tracking service: null XD (it doesn't work, but I could find my package on another kind of shipping tracking service...don't even think about asking me...)

Paccocelere Internazionale tracking service: IN GIACENZA. Chiamare 803.160

Ok, I've called just now. As the operator said, Novara is facing some bad guerrila or such, since the poor courier has to revoke the delivery.
Poor dear, I hope it's all right now.

Just for fun, I called also the local post office. Ah, so much useless people around here...

(I'm already picturing my cd shaking its hand (?), from a JAL plane's little window...ah...painful...sad...but mostly untrue, I hope.)

martedì 10 giugno 2008

Got milk?

Yes, thoughtful of you asking. By the way, Puzzle is a hell of a stupid dorama.


Since I'm not in any naive community except for here, myspace and plurk, and since I must tease the world with my useless crappy thoughts about dorama that I'm watching, here you are.

What I'm currently watching and WHY:

- Atsuhime: Eita-san is THE poor thing. EVAH. And Tamaki-san didn't appear yet in his awuful-lovely-awful boldness. AND FRANKLY, this is way way more interesting than Fuurin Kazan;

- Puzzle: it's stupid, bad written, bad directed, but I love Ayukawa-sensei. Her and that magpie voice. Lovely;

- Zettai Kareshi: crappyness here too, and Aibu Saki. But it's so funny. And two of the three main actors was born in 1984, pretty rare (I was born in 1984, and that's also pretty rare). Plus, it's patisserie set;

- Last Friends: half the main cast of Nodame dorama. Nagasawa Masami beaten up well. Juri-chan with a lovely hairstyle. Eita XD. It is way depressing. Way way way waaaaaay depressing, except for the "Let's beat the soul out of Nagasawa Masami" parts;

- Binbo Danshi (but I think they've dropped it u.u): Oguri Shun.

What I've dropped recently: Rookies, just a showcase of Johnnys' like pieces of meat - and others that I don't recall now. A thing about vampires. Another too much romantic for my tomboy needs, etc etc...

Movies: Crows is weird. Maiko Haaan was pretty amusing but the subs sucked so much that I couldn't watch it to the end ç_ç Kisaragi was also weird but fun in some part and, again, OGURI SHUN. A Bara no Soretsu (one of the first Japanese movies I've ever watched, still one of my favorite.)

But I think you've already figured out that this was made all because I have to divert my attention from the EMS webpage.

Sad but true, indeed.

c'mon...other 6-8 days of pain...and THEN...

I'm reaching the peak of happy fangirlness.
Another time: KILL ME NOW.
no, wait, at least let me open the package XD

venerdì 6 giugno 2008


-. Will they ship that CD, or what? Can it be that at Osaka International Branch there's some Vienna fan?

Well, being Osaka, there are some more chance than, for example, in Tokyo.

Japan Post has spoiled me toooooooo tooooo much. Such a little (as of now) delay, and I'm sweating.

As if Italian Mail is usually more reliable and fast. As if.

*nodding* Ah, really spoiled...

You know what? I'm being hated.

X°D It's such a funny thing! Really! Everyone should experience some hate, from time to time.

Makes you feel powerful.

ps: Useless Post Of The Month! Now I'll hang the plate somewhere...