domenica 30 dicembre 2007


Right after having listened to my old music archives (O_O a Pandora's box that I wouldn't like to open again, trust me...), I MUST listen to Mizerable (of course the 6thday version). No matter what. And now I feel quite better.
I'm so far away from those years, luckily. Don't misunderstand, I still like most of them, but I definitely REGRET some choices I made, let's say that.
And now I feel like Mana-san have saved me XD, that day I stepped onto marisu *_*
I already knew about Japanese contemporary music, from laruku and other musicians anime-related (and I was pretty into shibuya-kei, at that time u.u), but THAT was the change of season. DEFINITELY. Then I discovered Gackt, and then ^___________________^ you know who I'm talking about [secretive fangirl MODE is: ON].

Ok, since I cannot write this on the Italian blog of mine (a girl talked about chacha calling him GN*CC*L*S*, what a nymphomaniac, but mostly WTF???!!!!, but I think she won't like to read this, and since we'll meet at the next DIO concert...well...):
Just stop with all that shit, nymphogirls, come on. Someone can find him cute (O_O), ok, most of the Japanese people are cute to my eyes either XD, but COME ON, HANDSOME?
Let's focus on the real matter: he's a brilliant singer and a crazy guitar player (in the best way this means), and for my personal opinion an outstanding artist, BUT I WON'T FIND HIM HANDSOME EVEN IN A MILLION YEARS! EVER!
Should I post some of his early photos? SHOULD I? Or when he's without makeup? Do you really wanna see them? Will you find him handsome after that? I DON'T THINK SO.

Well, it's true that this can go with MOST of the japanese music artists as of now...

Ok, now it's perfectly clear HOW MUCH I hate that kind of fangirlism.

By the way, whyTF I'm talking like an old man, suddenly?

giovedì 27 dicembre 2007


... dear customers of mine, fella, and everyone else:
you badly have to know that I am real GROSS
this is diverting my attention in writing this post, so...
check it out and make a sound laught X°D

It has enlighten my day, really...

I just finished to watch Good luck! drama. Soooo cute. Takuya owns it. Hugely, but it's still enjoyable.



ps. my next useful nickname will be otsukaresama_deshita. DEFINITELY.

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2007


I'm beginning to suffer because this constant short of money. Yeah. And I keep eating too, so...

lunedì 24 dicembre 2007

Netlog is madness...

...but is just so fun!!! xD
I need a break. Well, a coma would be so nice, but Santa doesn't want to help me, so...
My self-presents didn't arrive neither this morning. FUCK.
I'll have to pack up my Innonence dvd, and that will be my present. What a happy Christmas.
Now I have to go explaining my last chacha-themed dream on netlog XD.
Before this, I gotta tell that nice and kind seller on etsy that my necklace didn't arrive.

giovedì 20 dicembre 2007


bad news: the "panettone project" has failed. stupid fucking bakery owner. YOU FAIL!

good news: I'm watching dexter FROM THE BEGINNING. thank you foxcrime +1!

venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

the constant procrastinator

Don't ask me why I started with such a title, because I D O N T K N O W.

I've bought a ticket for the DIO CONCERT IN MILAN SCHEDULED ON MARCH, 11TH, and still I don't believe this will happen. Ok, I STILL don't believe that I was there (see the little gif on the right please).

This thing is really really positive for me. Earlier, MoiDixMois, then, DIO, then?

Will be possible for Kra&Kagrra to make JUST a little departure, while they come back from that FUCKING shitty far away place that's Colony?

Wanna make Yasuno-onichan feeling guilty for his hairstyle change. Just that.



giovedì 13 dicembre 2007

I feel a little guilty...

I've already talked about that italian "blog" I've just opened some weeks ago, and it's easier to post there, even if the whole thing seems to me at least a little suspicious, but THIS is my OFFICIAL XD blog. So stay tuned, my dear old fans.

One day, two job opportunities wasted. And only for one of them was my fault. The other one was almost a shock, I've already checked trains, bus, distance from rail station and gym (it was a gym). All screwed up. Oh go fuck yourself, Mister Tatooed kinnikuman. Go already.

One of the three packages left arrived two days ago. But none of my self-presents. Was I too greedy?

venerdì 7 dicembre 2007

Being a non-fangirl fan is an everyday task.


This one is cute xD

She've sent me the R&R tour, but the 2nd disc only.


Cool. And I think one of the platinum, the unplugged one. At least I'll be able to make some new chacha capts. Gotta clean the kitchen. Don't wanna to. Can't help listening to kou-san all day long. Maybe night too.


mercoledì 5 dicembre 2007

don't even think to go to spazio tokyo!BEWARE

I just wanna say that I'm officially in love with Kou Shibasaki.

Good night.

lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Only if...

He died.
That's so much bad. Really. I mean, he was one of the men I'd really like to meet, to talk with about voiceacting, and the current worsening of it, and to getting angry about this especially, the grandness of his work, his career, his importance in my childhood, how he was able to turn out every single character, even the most bitchy and nasty, into something that dragged my attention, how his skills made the "Murder she wrote"'s voiceacting work such a nice thing to hear, even if you didn't like the show. Maybe I'm frantic.

I won't see any other new Lupin related thing dubbed in Italian, ever.

I didn't think that it will turn out this way. I couldn't figure this pain. Well, I couldn't figure he would die this soon.

Ciao Roberto, e grazie. Sarà impossibile dimenticarti.

domenica 2 dicembre 2007

big, big, BIG...

... ReS pics galore from
Quite proud of myself. I know that I should support the bands I like, money on this front. Well, there's a bit of it, but it's already taken.
Gomennnnnnnnasai, minna.

I also spend about THREE HOURS, capturing pics from the chachapicksryu video, to make them into an animated gif to be proud of, buuuuuuuuuut... it sucks. Forty frames, FIVE HUNDREDS kb.

Uhm, kinda unexpected XD

I find Satsuki cute.


giovedì 29 novembre 2007

You know what?

Dear ol' fella Colonel Kurtz was pretty right.

Sure, man.

I should take a big fucking bomb and kill'em all.


poor dear kozi-san xD

I've finally managed to watch some bits of eve of destiny bugs.
That man is STOIC, to stand on a stage with that...thing. Exactly, WHAT is he?
At last I found somebody with worse hair than mine ^_^

mercoledì 28 novembre 2007

myspace attempt failed

just WTF?!
Yesterday night I spent about two hours in email that didn't arrive or arrived two or three times, layouts, profile problems, etc


All lost. The layout, the friends request, even the fake comment I made to test the layout colors.

myspace GFY

viva blogspot XD

domenica 25 novembre 2007

Useless being (or being useless)

I've opened another blog. On a strange italian portal. Obviously in Italian. Obviously it's kinda boring. Obviously I don't have the slighter clue on what is happening to me now.

I'm useless.

giovedì 22 novembre 2007

Ordinary/Unordinary people.

When they're offered a job, especially a job that they've done before, ordinary people are happy. I'M NOT.
When they're offered a job, especially one not far away from home, ordinary people are happy. I'M NOT.

So, these statements proof how UNORDINARY I am. And silly, maybe. Ok, not maybe.

This afternoon, while I was coming home from the worst mummy's birthday lunch I had in the last 23 mummy's birthday, Manpower local agency called me. For tell me about a job in the public clerking (is there in this world a word like "clerking"? Dunno and duncare) branch. My longer work experience is in the same branch, so...Yay. Location? Unknown. What the hell...? "Oh, I'm sorry. But for some privacy issues I cannot tell you."


For the interview I'll be blindfolded and moved there in the back of a unplated black car, with some Tarantino's movies tunes in the background?

^__________^ I hope so.

Oh, yes, the topic. Let's get back to it. I do need money. But if I think about what I've passed through in THAT DAMNED office, and what was the result of a year long bullshit, I'm angry. Well, I'm always angry about it. I don't want to see that dick face again. Because the next time will be the one when my feet will be on it. Stumping it repeatedly.

Nice catch, neighbour! (don't mind, I've eaten too much)

Some good point about all this shit: I will be able to test my beautiful snoopy thermal bento, if I'll be so nut to do it^^

Nice fucking night to y'all, fella.

mercoledì 21 novembre 2007


...may tell me WHY, for Bugs' sake, I have to declare my occupation to order from darts? WHY? Come on it's silly...or...maybe...they make discounts for unemployed people? XD

gimmeabreak NOW

martedì 20 novembre 2007


Can you guess that once I hated Rowan Atkinson?^^ I was so stupid, so stupid fella...

With Gackt being more and more commercial, my fangirlism has no other choice that focus itself on Chacha (as if this is a hard happening).

Can't help but hating the girl that co-stars Nagase on Utahime (so much that I don't even know her name xD). It's not such a big hit, that drama, but it's funny and the cast is well coordinated(and Tomoya is such a stupid! I think this kind of roles suits him the best, that baka...*completelyfallenforhim*). Well, actually, I love her character. But I don't love her. She's got no rhythm, and it's a pity because in a show like that I think that rhythm is so much needed, it's almost a sitcom!




sabato 17 novembre 2007

Houston, we HAD a problem...

...but I've resolved it without make the pc implode!
Quite proud of myself (u_u)
less proud for the two muffins (deaaaaaaar pal of mine) that I ate a hour ago, but come on!
Yesterday night I saw a live performance by Toshi in mid '90s...guess who was the guitarist...
It fell strange...I don't exactly know why...
Ok, I've posted only for being sure that all is running as it have to run (not that my usual post are more meaningful)

mercoledì 14 novembre 2007

Because I can part four.

(you will HATE photoshop xD)

sadness, martin, know?

I've just received a mail from the Moi dix Mois newsmail I submitted on

"Hello from CDJapan, 

This e-mail is sent to our customers who have previously
purchased an item by the Moi Dix Mois included, as well as
for subscribers of Artist Newsmail who have registered
the Moi Dix Mois.

CDJapan is pleased to announce the arrival of "DIXANADU - Limited
Instrumental Edition" from Moi Dix Mois!

The limited edition used to be available only at Midi Nette's official
website, but it is now available exclusively at CDJapan.

Place your order soon while supplies last!

DIXANADU - Limited Edition (CDA)
Price: Yen- 3800, US$(33.84)
Limited edition of "DIXANADU" including instrumental version of all
twelve tracks. Comes housed in a specially designed tall case. Includes a
compilation of PC games and desk top theme including calendar and clock for
Windows (*some of the Japanese characters may not be displayed properly on
PCs in other languages). *Set does not includes the CD with vocal tracks."

sadness...but I'm smiling thinking of it ^_______^ a pc game(rumors say that's a flash one, plus plus sadness plus xD)...and a desktop clock XDDDDDDDD

martedì 13 novembre 2007

because I can part three.

this thing is dangerous^^
AND I don't think that many can grasp the horus details =_= that little, is just a guitar...
BUT I know that's the horus n_n

edit: there's an unwanted white background ç_ç

break news

video for the gackt's ai senshi performance on heyheyhey, yesterday.
that drummer IS ryu. I know. I don't wanna bother the other forums users xD BUT THAT'S MY MASCOTTOOOOOOO!!!
kinda very happy XD fatter, with a weird bandanna, but that's ryu. At least I don't really think that he's jun O_O

uhm...there's something different otherwise...who's that bassist? Where did Ju-ken go? Are they bullying me? Ryu-san comes back, and then Ju-ken disappears?

better than cluedo, fella XDDDDDDDDD

lunedì 12 novembre 2007

because I can part two.

Ok, I've dropped the rain animation effect, simply because I CAN'T. I've spent the whole day yesterday trying to make that fucking effects, but the prettier thing I managed to create was something lighting that looked REALLY REALLY like crap.

Maybe thanks to the subject, but I like this little thingy (^-^).
Ok, you have to look at it VERY VERY VERY NEAR, but, come on! This is my first one! Have some mercy xD

You know what? The only hope that Ryu-san can come back relieves me. It's a chance. I was beginning to think of it as an impossible occurence (ç_ç) I need my mascotte!!!

ps. This graphic madness is worsening my fangirlism. Too bad ^______________________^


domenica 11 novembre 2007



funny is that I can make only this girlish stuff

Returning in oneself

Shun: There are a few goals that we have. One of them is having a tour in the USA and also throughout Europe.
Yeah, man, I have the same goal. So, it's a deal, ok?

sabato 10 novembre 2007

I suck in cg.

And in photo manipulation, drawing, writing, singing. But at least I'm pretty(?). No. Neither that one. Gosh...
I've got a simple idiotic geek graphic fangirl-related project in mind, but my incompetence it's just too much to bear. Plus, the gimp interface it's starting to annoy me more and more. Wanna switch to the good ole photoshop ç_ç At least with that I made some crappy things.

giovedì 8 novembre 2007

go(ing?) to hell

attempting to partecipate in jame contest: failed
even if I'll win I won't be able to have my first brief japanese vacation
don't even wanna bother you with details
my like is fucked up every day more

mercoledì 7 novembre 2007


Now playing: Sakurai Atsushi - Shingetsu
via FoxyTunes I could re-enable DMA *_* It's like another computer now ^_^
My jbox order is ready to ship! Would you like to know what useless things I've ordered this time? No? Who cares. I'll show you the same.
Yukari Furikake -- Beefsteak Plant & Basil

Tarako Furikake - Cod Roe

Wasabi Furikake ~ Japanese Horseradish

Noritama Furikake -- Egg & Seaweed

The sukiyaki one, now I can't find the link on site...

Insulated "TENMARI" Pet Bottle Holder ~ but the mine one is red and pink(don't ask why because I don't know xD) really need this case I'll be able to work again before retirement of course

Kit Kat -- Caramel Flavor I was very very tempted from the orange&chocolate ones, but I preferred these (^-^)

Peko-chan Milky Candy It's like a couple of years that I wanted to order these! xD Finally (*-*) And now there's even the cocoa time.

Glico Mini Milk Pocky This is absolutely a bento madness related item. I bought them especially to use with a bento. Like I'm using one xD

Hi-chew Assortment -- Fruits Mix + Peach I was about to order the banana hichew stick, but why one instead of four?

Ok, that's all. For 28,90$, that, in euro words, are less than 20 bucks!!! Go euro, go! Go euro, go! (n_n)y

martedì 6 novembre 2007


Gackt will release an album tribute to Gundam, with his original track to the recent Gundam movies and some covers of the ones from the '80s. Why? Because of the Tomino birthday.

Ok, but...WHY????
Doesn't this imply a delay on new album's release? What the hell is he thinking...? ç_ç WHOTF cares about a gundam album? I don't for sure.

source: ANN
(but gakuhai is always forward xD)

lunedì 5 novembre 2007



domenica 4 novembre 2007

"bravely fangirl" post

Since he's the same age as my brother, from now I'll call Yasuno "yasuno onichan".

Don't blame me for this.


sabato 3 novembre 2007

Me 1 - Loan shark 0

Game, set and MATCH.

So relieved. Some pounds lighter.

Some crocodile tears (soooooo cheap man), that's all. Now we are free.

Ok, maybe the lightness is because of that 2k euros I payoff, but I don't care.

venerdì 2 novembre 2007


I'm so mad about that ls (abbreviation for loan shark xD), that I forgot to make you aware about my last shopaholism crisis(NOW WITH PICTURES...yes, I'm not kidding!):

Wrist band w/ wings

Devil Wings Short Arm Warmer

School Bag w/ Rivets (there's another version with red print)

That's all. Actually, such affordable gothic apparel (any resemblance with Moi Meme Moitie things is purely coincidental^^) is TRULY dangerous. And thanks Bugs that I'm overweight, because their pants and shirts are quite lovely. So darn neat (*_*)...wahhhhhhh by the time I'll lose weight (if I'll ever be able to xD) they will be surely out of stock ç______ç Well, my purse is relieved at least (^_^;)

And don't forget! Tomorrow, around 8-8,30 in the morning...

ME vs LOAN SHARK(the stinky)


just wondering...

... how long will I be able to stand this? xD
No, there's nothing to laugh about, but... ^_________________^
Cannot help it. Loan shark. This is the English term for "usuraio". Well, it should be money-lender, but LOAN SHARK has a more powerful image.

A couple of hours ago I went to the local food shop to payoff... what there's to payoff. I KNEW that it would be fishy, because they die for every penny they can earn. And so it was. The BOSS (the loan shark xD), paid a visit about half a hour ago to this house, asking my father what's going on, if he did something wrong toward us,...



I've just come up with a thought: This village has to explode. Well, it will be too messy. Implode. Implode is the answer. Just disappear in a flash of light. Now, tomorrow in the morning I'll return to the shop and TALK TO THE BOSS.
What a silly bitch.
U S U R Y. That's all. But now I have the right side of the knife. SO FUCK OFF OLD BASTARD!!!

Talking about cheerful stuff (n_n), I just discovered (maybe not too late) exist+trace, an all-women visual jrock band. And the fact is that these girls are really cool. No, it's not pride. Mostly because I'm used to mysoginist bands, and still it feels rather strange to listen to girls rocking. And growling too! The vocalist is just amazing!!!
Takarazuka visual XDDDDDD (forgive me, I HAD to write this...)

lunedì 29 ottobre 2007


... etsymania.

I think I've already teased you about this, mummy's christmas present (day after day less sure that she will like it =_=), but there's more!
these, for the couple (I think I'll add a couple of cooking books...dunno), BUT, the very deal, the VERY BIG DEAL (not for the price, it was quite cheap) is THIS.

Don't mind, I was quite shocked too. I'm still shocked, to be true. Rhyme! xD
But I had to buy it. Dunno why. Just a feeling. I love it. Well, there's my discretion, the strange "hate" I have toward crosses and other christian icons, but still I love that necklace.


WHEN THE FUCK I'LL BE SUPPOSED TO WEAR IT???? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!! I feel ashamed just to let my parents see it xDDDDD

That concert will ruin my style xDDDDDD *runs away with her head in her hands*

Sickness is a state of mind...

... but what can you do when mucus is DEFINITELY in a huger quantity than neurons?
Too easy.
The only thing you can do, is thinking about the fact that it's already a week. And, still, I cannot believe what's happened.

My settlement from PosteIT arrived. More that what I was expecting. Cool. At least my regret for the Christmas presents is slowing down XD. Only my father lasts. Man, like every year I don't have the slightest clue about what buy him. I've already bought mine's, mum's and the two lovely parrots' xD gifts on etsy. But there's really NOTHING that can match my father there. A keychain? nah. Some other tools? Maybe earlier...but now he has ANYTHING you can this a craftman would have! Fashion? AHAHAHAHAAAHAHAH good pun. And it's such boring to buy dressing stuff to a 54 years old totally-out-of-these-kind-of-things man. I hate him but this gifts madness amuses me.

mercoledì 24 ottobre 2007

...let's try to feel better...

my first pic on a blog! Can you notice how crazy I feel in these days? XD

I made a complete crying about a hour ago. I hope it will be the last for a long time xD
I feel a little better. Well, I'm beginning to think about how dumb I am, so I think I'm feeling better. Such a great night. I didn't expect to have such a...fall-out XD Sometimes I'm scared of how much that things are important to me.


martedì 23 ottobre 2007


(pic copyright: Genogackt)

I just really don't know what to say...

The urge to cry is floating...some moments I'm on the verge of an aloud screaming cry, some others, like now, I quietly remember that yesterday night I saw one of the most important persons of my life. Live. Two meters from me. And I was there screaming and trying to move (THOSE FUCKING RETARDS) to the beat. They were wonderful. Ok, I'm not that expert in concert matters. But I enjoyed the whole night. Even the soundchecker that was OBIOUVSLY making fun of us all, keeping on go up and down the stage FOR A HOUR AND A HALF. The surfer thing on the tv. The quite expensive glass of water XDDDDDDD. The soldout medallion ç__________________ç (and why I didn't buy the backpack? WHY???)

The moment the tears were VERY near was on the train back home, this morning. Man, watching all these fucking mountains becoming more and more big and high, and thinking that ONLY some hours ago I was screaming like the bitcher of the fangirl xD towards MANA, OH MAN...I can't stand it.

But I'm so happy. I can't wait for the next time.

Thank you all, guys, hope to see you all agin VERY SOON.

ps: Mana, do something for your throwing skills XD The picks went all in the front lines!!!

ps2: I hate all kinds of fanclubs. Definitely.

lunedì 22 ottobre 2007


I don't care what will be this night, or anything else...



So no one will say that I didn't try hard.

Mana wait for me! (*___*) only six hours and half! Matteeeeeee XD

Completely insane.

domenica 21 ottobre 2007


It doesn't want to light up...., originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

That, in other terms, is ME. XD

venerdì 19 ottobre 2007

Zen and the art of unemploying.

It's sad but true.
I don't have the minimum will of doing anything. Only eat, watch anime and play trickster.


I'm getting fat, well, more fat than I am, so the first option is busted. For the second one, it's not a happy time for my anime tastes...there's really A SHORT of worthy anime. Too bad. The third: guess what? it's already crapped. It's such a marvellous game, funny, enjoyable, not so heavy to make my little cute cpu scream, but IT SUCKS when it cames to server things. That fucking launcher is driving me mad. REALLY MAD.

As usual in these dead periods, I don't wanna read. It's horrible. But at least I can cut some expenses ^_^

martedì 16 ottobre 2007


... why the hell I have to keep on crying to feel better, lately? It doesn't have any sense at all...
It's a paradox. For the ones that knows what it means xDDD Bitchy, oh my how I feel bitchy today ^_______^
I woke up at FIVE, suddently, thinking about how I suck and how my life is a total waste. Kinda strange.

domenica 14 ottobre 2007


rurururu, rurururururu...

The koi no minoru densetsu version is LOL at 100%

Had I tell you something about the clannad anime? Not yet?

Ok, I love it. But I don't really know why. Keep on thinking that many seiyuus reminds me about haruhi's ones, but really I don't know WHY I like it.

And believe me, those KyotoAni guys are really bitches/smart XDDDD Love 'em.

Wa wa wa wasuremonooooo
ore no wasuremonooooooooooo

The snoopy bento finally arrived! Safe, that's the miracle!!! The packaging lacked stuffing but was filled with optimism XD
the urara one was little;
the rilakkuma other was more little;
this one is someway near to zero O_O at least it comes with a two tiered one, even this one is little but useful for fruit and stuffy, at least is airtight for the upper conteiner ç_ç

now I'm waiting for the mum's gift to arrive...

venerdì 5 ottobre 2007


New Gonzo series.

I could have lose it, sure, but let's look at the voiceactors' list:

Ono Daisuke as Jin

*ok, let's watch it, (despise the OBVIOUS crappiness)*

but this it's not the end! Let's see...

Chihara Minori as Toa

(*__________________*) Ok, I MUST see this, even if there'll be two steady black sticks on a white background

and even MORE...

GOTO YUKO as Makina

ok, it's my favorite show of the year.

Aya-chan...ann says she's in the cast, but I could not distinguish her. and OH, Sugita-kun is there too! XDDDDDDD

Covering the crappiness with the Haruhi cast may be a good idea.


Man, only Gonzos could pop up with such a brilliant discover. I love them.

martedì 2 ottobre 2007

Powerfully moved.

Zapping on sat.
Useless network. I stop.
And it was there.

Oh my gosh. About 20 years since I've seen it for the last time *_*


venerdì 28 settembre 2007

martedì 25 settembre 2007

Tuesday will be huge...

I don't need a fucking spam mail to remind me of that, THANKS.

Meanwhile, I made my first attempt of making some onigiri... TA DAHHHHHHHHHH!!!:

ok, they're horrible. But let's take a closer look at 'em XDDDD

this is particularly terrible XDDD I didn't think that making the top was SO difficult XDDDDD

the very first one...

something close to a cylinder shape XDDDDD not so close as you may see...

this is my favourite one!!! A ball of an onigiri ball! XDDDDDDDDDD TOOOOOOO much cute

that's all

domenica 23 settembre 2007

w'e're gonna fucking leave this house or WHAT????

Yeah, that's approx my level of patience and the range of my mood these days.

Then, if you add the languid idiotic dream that I had last night, oh, you make quite a picture. It's all fault of the pizza, the icecream, the large portions of fruits I had all the day long...

I'm a waste.

martedì 18 settembre 2007

Hot chocolate milk and a bunch of cinnamon cookies

Even lucky star is ended. Oh good grief...

Today was such a hard day at work that I can't help but being this [ ] mad about it.

I hate that fucking idiot of a dwaf... well, a feminine dwarf (>_<)

Oh what an asshole!!!!!!!!!

Four days, fella, four days...

lunedì 17 settembre 2007


2008 will be the mouse year!!!! Yessssssss, finally!!! My sign! I don't really care about this kind of things, but after the pig, the dragon and all the other marvelous shining (a pork, shining...?) signs, FINALLY it comes the mouse!!!! yeah

(once a while, man, once a while...)

The rilakkuma bento arrived some days ago, and it's frightening LITTLE. Every way you put it, it's a darn little bento.

and it's awfully cute XD Dunno, but relaxguys seemed more...uhm...well less cute on the web page XDDDDDDDD
Anyway, it's kinda handy. That's important. At least I've passed through the age that someone can beat me if I go around with this thing (not very sure about my English in this sentence...)

I hope to finish that fucking (yet delicious) teriyaki cabbage&tofu this week (=_=);;;;;

And nowwwwww...waiting for the snoopy one ^_____________^

domenica 16 settembre 2007


Waiting for the chamomile to be ready.


Waiting for the next week to pass through fast.


In need to find a job that will make me able to save the family asses, most of all, to keep this roof above our heads.


If this post is definitely shittier than any else.

lunedì 10 settembre 2007

sabato 8 settembre 2007

Warning: IDOLATRY.

Loving Chacha even more.

ps: just watched mirror drugs version.

I'm such an idiot unlucky poor shitty girl.

Believe me.

I'm back. Dead, but I'm here.

That humorous post has to wait other two weeks. Yup.

This night I'm tired at my limit. Ok, it's not that much wide, I know. But I'm at a limit. Fuck every person of that office. Fuck.

Fuck and once again F U C K.

see ya

(IN HELL!!!)

venerdì 7 settembre 2007


I will write a really really really humorous post, probably entitled "Heil to the Thief!", but not now.

And thanks Bugs it remains only two weeks.

Herlock! Love him!


domenica 2 settembre 2007

gotta fewer and fewer worthy things

My brand new little one:

yes, can I put this? wrong side? Too lazy to open gimp and adjust it. gtfo, sincerely.

How comes that every day is a pain? (don't ask me where)

sabato 1 settembre 2007

With that voice...

...Mr. Poli can say anything he wants. ANYTHING. I'm watching Caterina De' Medici, Bugs bless Jimmy Channel.
I cannot understand a thing, not even a single little thin thing, but I just love the sound of his voice. Blame that shitty fairytales mcs... It was my vocal imprinting.


Why they're acting...dubbed? Dunno. Don't wanna know. Just listen.

Besides, I'm waiting for my bento. Oh yes. The last three days were quite idiotic, and-

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA love this mannnnnnn!!!!!

Sorry, we were...?

Oh, bento time. I'm getting used to the little room in it.

Uh, I got it!!! It's because he wants them to say EXACTLY what he wants. Definitely. What? Talking about the dub acting. Gomen.

I finished Rock Trip. Useless. Absolutely useless. I'm not that kind of fine smart reviewer. But why hang the readers all that time, to end it like that? Useless.


I started a huge, little typed BOOK about Third Reich and its birth. The first time I'm getting interested by a book since the introduction.

I'm getting old and dumber.

giovedì 30 agosto 2007


... a FUCKING ASSHOLE I am...?


More than this. Much more than this. A whole truck more than this.

Oh, come on, I am!!!! Stop it! I am a fucking asshole!!!


domenica 26 agosto 2007

Boku wa kimi na no?

Chacha will forgive my impudence on use his own wonderful words (^-^)

Actually, I don't really know why I used them as a title to this post. I'm tired. At least, only four weeks depart me from the end of this job. It's a madness. Maybe the problem is that I'm too naive. Maybe.


THE BOTTOM OF CHAOS has arrived on August 22nd, right before my birthday (^__________^) What happiness. AND IT'S GREAT. Well, I'm a little bit disappointed by THE ONE AND ONLY ONE postcard I found inside the package. I was expecting one for each member (ç_ç) And it comes instead with a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle pic of all of them in a typical we're-the-men pose. Still all cuties.

One of the most significant birthday of my life.

That's why I'm deciding on killing myself soon.

Currently downloading: lucky star bgm & radio bangumi DA THIRD (^______________^) Would I finally find the bgm I'm searching? Would this be called English, anyway? I don't think so.

See ya

mercoledì 22 agosto 2007

no way, man...

Watching papa to musume no nanokakan. Just this.


(there's always a but somewhere)

papa is 47 years old. And he seems a 67 years old, if we compare him to HIM.

edit: ok, he's REALLY old. papa is 57 years old. this is insane. why did they take a 57 years old to act for a 47 one?

domenica 19 agosto 2007


Bored remastered and reloaded. Gotta find those FUCKING 11th sexy voice and robo ep subs. I miss my Robo!!! I miss that little gifted girl of which I forget the name every time! I HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!!!!!!

I've eaten 11 pastries. It was my birthday party. Don't bother.

Don't wanna go to work.

Loving Chacha more than ever.

Admiring Gackt so much that I'm frightened by this. He helps me not be driven mad by this shit. Thank you.

Deep thoughs like these.

May Trickster bless you all, fella.


ps: I managed to pass by the old block without shed ANY tear. Yes, I was tearing my bag apart, but let's look at it positively.

venerdì 17 agosto 2007

Goodamn grief (=_=)

Such a waste. Nagase Tomoya looks and acting and speaking voice. Totally a waste. You think he's quite handsome, a good actor, WITH THAT NATURAL LOW VOICE OF HIM, and then...then...then he sings. AND WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THAT NERD GUITAR PLAYING????

I'm dying a little.

lunedì 13 agosto 2007

0.19 BUCKS!!!

Just looked at the adsense page XD
I'M RICH!!!!


domenica 12 agosto 2007

There are days...

... when the little good old azureus sucks bandwidth as he (?) never knew about its existence. Good grief.
I mean, it's good someway because it's running at its full potential. But I cannot even do a search on google!!!

Things are getting worse. The shit is that it's not something outdoor. But indoor. You know what? I took a trip to my hometown, this morning. As we passed by the old block, I started cry. A granny, a perfect white-haired airheaded old granny. At least my father didn't notice it ^_^

It's strange, after 15 years. Kinda weird. Really weird.

Second Japanese epals has asked me for a photo. I'd like to kill him, but I don't have the money enough for the trip. And, also, as I'll land off the plane I'll be pretty too much engulfed with various strange schizophrenic feelings to concern about the killing. Lucky guy you are, Yuji-kun. Luckiest ever.

sabato 11 agosto 2007

giovedì 9 agosto 2007


Just broke a thermometer. It happens.
My face is pretty puffy, below the right ear. It happens.
Maybe i'm too sensitive to the mouthwash I've just bought. It happens, it happens.

No, wait.

sabato 4 agosto 2007


I don't like my life, but it's not that kind of disliking that makes you aim higher. No no. It's the other kind. The one that makes you wonder about the usefullness of your existence, every single fucking day. The fact is that it's not that bad. Except for the moments when you realize that, in the real end, your birth and your death will be separated only by a terrible amount of useless days. That your life is 0 worth. Nothing more. Yes, I could spend all these days thinking about some ways to make my life suits me, or (better) the other way round. At least, I won't feel this emptyness.

May Bugs burn you all without the minimum trace of mercy, fella. And good night.

venerdì 3 agosto 2007


... the Moi Dix Mois (plus guest...I'm wondering who, man...) ticket has arrived, my ReS new album and the bento are on their way, the work goes on smooth, apparently, if we don't consider the last brandnewfresh line: "You're almost as good as XXX".

A "go fuck yourself" was needed. But I couldn't, fella. I couldn't.

Really, I cannot understand THAT woman. The others seem normal folks, let's say standard, but she is definitely an outsider. IN EVERY WAY YOU WANNA PUT IT. I'm figuring all sort of things about her, obviously.


ps: they don't pay me on every adverb I write, believe me.

ps2: who are "they"?...

giovedì 2 agosto 2007

Haruhi cookie-shaped butter recipe xD

Frankly, stay away from those little sweets. Stay away, I say.

Don't mind the cuteness, or the not-so-sweet taste, or the friable texture (maybe 200g of butter over 300g of flour are too much, don't you agree?). Stay away.


If you want to take this journey, you're welcome, of course. Sign the releasing paper before open your mouth.

Let's roll (every reference to any dumbass of an American president are purely is, this is only a recipe!):

300g flour
200g butter (yes, you're not becoming blind, it states TWO HUNDREDS of FAT BUTTER)
100g sugar
2 egg yolks
a bit of salt

Sift flour 2-3 times. Take THE WHOLE AMOUNT OF FATTY BUTTER, cut it someway (my advice: everyone who tells you to let it reaches room temperature is a PINK SUPERVISOR... it would melt and make your cookies seem EVEN MORE BUTTERY...the cooler it is the better) and stir it with a wood spoon until it becames a smooth cream. Ground the sugar and sift it, then add the sugar and the salt to the butter, take your friend the mixer, and mix them until it's kinda white. Beat the egg yolks, add them to the butter-sugar-salt mixture and stir. Take a bowl, put in it the flour, male a hole in the middle of it and add the butter etc etc mixture. Stir until it aaaaaall mix well, then you have two choices: divide the pastry, roll the pieces into cilinders and put them in the refrigeretor until they're firm, or, as I did, divide the pastry and add to two of the parts a bit of cocoa powder (A BIT!!!), then take a white and a black one, lay them one on the other to make a rectangle. Roll it from the shorter side to make a cuuuuuuuuuuuute spiral. Then put it in that darn refrigerator XD Oh, I was forgetting: two cm of diameter, please. Thank you.

Once they're firm as rock or somewhat less, took a long knife (the ones for bread are the best for this kind of things) and cut them into 5 mm slices, with an only movement of the knife (I'm running out of decent English, gomennasai...)

Bake them at 160° C for about ten minutes. Don't mind the tender texture right after they're out of the oven; they'll harden when they'll be completely cooled. THIS IS THE FRIABLE TRICK!!!

And now some shoots to make you wonder about how I spend my time instead of cleaning the house or translating Lucky Star:

it's not a pale picture, they ARE quite pale. I don't really like the refrigerator/cutting system, the shape is always bad ç_ç

Almost the whole production! Quite a number, fella, quite a number. And I'll will eat'em all! XP

mercoledì 1 agosto 2007

Leave me alone...

It's quite sad. Really. Quite sad. And I'm not talking about this strange thing here. Another kind. Yep. BUT let's talk about something serious: my copy of The bottom of Chaos and my little yellow rilakkuma bento were both shipped today. Ghiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^_______________________^

It's strange, but I hope that each one of the latest ReS singles would be in the album. Yes yes. Above all, NEGATIVE CREEP. Oh, sort of TRUZZO of a neighboor that you are XD, BEWARE.



Sorry fella, it wasn't that cool in English...

lunedì 30 luglio 2007

By George...

Watching Ranma 1/2.
Good! The dragon mustache!!! Illlllluuuvit...
I owe the post office 38,20 €.
I was wrong. Ok. I agree. But this is not a reason to lose the bus. GODDAMN.
But I don0t really care. Really.

Maybe I'm ill.


domenica 29 luglio 2007

Gekisou. II part.

My love towards Aya-chan has decreased. WTF is that vibrato? Is she dying or something? At least hare hare yukai is dubbed (^_^);;;

1st edit: Goto-san in her fake singing was more tuned than her XD

2nd edit: God knows. My favourite. And still that vibrato spoils everything that move. Bugs. I can understand that maybe she was excited, but BUGS! My notebook trembles as she sings like that! It's not only annoying it's kinda painful @_@

3rd: and then...why the guitar soloist(if ever a term like this exists XD) resembles Terajima-san THAT much??? Speaking of which, ok, haruhi plays the guitar in live alive, ok ok,'s quite understandable that she can't even keep that guitar in her, WTF?

Wa wa wa wasuremono...



venerdì 27 luglio 2007


I'm dling gekisou!!!!! I'm dling gekisou!!!!!!!!!!
And I found another japanese epal. In love with Italian culture and such. Should I reply? Uhm...

Guess yes.

Listening to(and I'm quiiiiiiiiiite proud of it): Grace Potter and The Nocturnals - Let it rain.

You've read right: their not Japanese XDDDDDDD




mercoledì 25 luglio 2007

Sad but true (^________^)

You can sing, you can play, you have the most powerful and wonderful voice I've heard so far, you're kinda handsome even if I don't like your type, you're extremely funny,

BUT, MAN, Gackto-san,

YOU CAN'T ACT!!!!! (yet)


Kinda relieved.

martedì 24 luglio 2007

Falsetto/The perfect schiscetta

Yeah, this is the perfect day for a falsetto singing. ALOUD. Yep. Gotta only find the right song.

Sayonara, sweet bento of mine. I'll use the little tupperware lunchbox for a while. How I'm supposed to open a bento and eat it with only ten minutes of time between the going out and the bus? It's painful but it has to be like this.


They forced me into opening another bank account. A postal account, if you want to know. That's pretty unfair, because it seemed that they were more interested in another account than in another worker. It gets somewhat on my nerves, but as I saw the contract, I've changed my mind. It's not that big deal of money, ok, but BUGS, they're only TWO MONTHS! Why such a cost-of-living allowance (I dini't know that even a phrase like this existed!!!)?????

This awakes the proletarian in me!!! (è__é)p

lunedì 23 luglio 2007

Too simple...

It's being too simple to come here and write some bullshits, man.

It's just a matter of clicking on the note and write. Too much simple. So simple that I don't have the time to think about something to write.

What can I say? That I've eaten pretty too much? That I won't have dinner tonight? That my father will ask me why and I'll force myself into NOT say him to mind his business?

Oh, I can't. These are not problems. THESE are the real bullshits. And the fact that my mind is stuck upon these bullshits is a bullshit itself.

Tomorrow I'll start da brand new postal teller job. BUGS.
I need to eat to calm myself. I need a life to calm myself. Food is nearer.

Is it some sort of advice that I cannot open Ca' Foscari University homepage? It can be...

domenica 22 luglio 2007


Just like the title.

I keep on giving wrong email addresses. Blame on me. But I didn't do it intentionally. Believe me.

sabato 21 luglio 2007

We're FRYING here!!!

Moi Dix Milan...late october...


There's a problem. Ticketone says that the preordering will be open on July 20th.
Uhm...What day is today? TWENTYONE. And the selling it's not open yet. Can I swear?

And so it's ALL finished. Good. Yesterday was hysterical. In the end we've started talking about the japanese dinner QUITE aloud. I already know I'm that evil, so get yourself used to it ^_____________^ I was often looking at his face that was slowly turn into a perfect knowledge of what/where/when/who about Thurday night. How can I put this into a sentence that will not make me appear as a completely evil bitch?
IT FELL GOOD. I couldn't swear to him. I couldn't take him and put him in the middle of the road waiting for some truck ti hit him. But at last I had some satisfation.

The very big big news is another one, I suppose. Since Tuesday until September 23rd, I'll be a mail office teller! Yahoooooooooo!
I don't care if it's only for two months ^______________^ The very precious thing is that is not really far from here, in the town I went to attend high school. I repeat: Yahooooooooooooo!!! Mana YOU'RE MINE!!!!! Cute useful Rilakkuma bento set that I've had to forget because of the concert, YOU'RE PRETTY MINE TOO!!!!! Yahooooooooo!!!!

You know what? Episode 15 is already out. Someone stops them.

mercoledì 18 luglio 2007

Da day after (^____^)

And I also dreamt about it!!!! Because it wasn't enough, noooooo...!!!!!


I don't know how useful will be this day off...I'm tired.

I finally managed to dl the available fuurinkazan eps so far. Quite proud of myself.

Listening to: Mind Forest. Oh, it's useful. It's needed. It's a therapy.

Ok, ok. I can't do it. I beg your pardon.

It's that I've seen myself, in him. I've seen the same loneliness, the same fear. Obviously I'm not like him, not even a micron, and neither I understand him. But being alone it's not a good thing. For anyone. I point out again: this is not some strange sort of comprehension, or simpathy. This is the explanation of WHY I hate this kind of situations.

And it's not even that I feel guilty for him. Yes, if we evaluate the whole thing, it's like is quite my fault. Right. I feel guilty for starting the fire. Not for him. I must stay quiet and bear. As I've always done.

Oh, let me making you aware of my last related paranoia(and let's see if also this one will become true XD): He blame me for everything has happend so far. He thinks that I persuaded the whole class to hate him. And that's raging in him. Frankly, I was thinking about that yesterday should was (and don't even know if exist this conjugation XD) the day he exploded in my face, at least (in his rotten mind) for asking why I act like that. So. That's the point. I can't figure the reason of his beheviour. At least send me to Hell. I don't know if it's because he knows he's wrong (but this fights with his exploit of yesterday) or because he's REALLY that mad.

So, that's all. Let's wait and see.

Zen moment: Birdcage ALOUD. It's a pity that the window is shut. I'm in Dr. Gackt's hands.

martedì 17 luglio 2007

Speechless...(Cose turche reloaded&remastered)

Seriously, I do not know what the hell I may write about all this shit. Because all the matter revolves (oh, what a cute consonance...) around the VOID. Well, not exactly the void. Something really near to it. I'm trying really hard to not pay attention to any of the circumstances that has revived the last days. I mean, COME ON. We're all legal and grown... Or maybe it's some sort of strange curse that a voodoo mama casted on these courses?

Maybe I had to keep my mouth shut and go on. Damn.
Anyhow he's wrong. He's mad. Maybe he wouldn't come to class wearing a hockey mask with a chainsaw in his hands, but I'm scared. I've got to say this. I'm really scared. The acme was when I saw him sitted there as we went out of the bar. It's something I've ever seen only in nightmares. The ones when you think: "Now I'm safe, he can't do anything weird. He's gone. Keep cool", and just when you've said this, HERE HE COMES, right there, and you think "COME OOOOOOOON!!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

Yes, this is my beloved dramatization of it. I'm aware of this. But GOOD GRIEF, it's a fact that he did some things that he mustn't did, and that he's keeping his fucking attitude again and again. There was only ONE thing needed. Apologize. Nothing more nothing less.

I think that he's now wondering about how dreadful we are. Crazy. First he says he's going to kill himself, then he's chitchatting as nothing has happened. Someone please explains me this, because maybe I'm dumb, but I really can't catch it.

But, most of all...WHY SHOULD I COME IN CONTACT WITH THESE WEIRDO ALWAYS?????? Who has decided this? When? Where?

A positive thing is that my selfconfidence is flying so high in the sky that I can almost say I'm happy to be like this. How can I referr badly to myself when these kind of freaks exist in the world? I'm sane, basically.


I also noticed that I have a vocation for seeing the future. And that some things never disappear completely. Let's say that I've already seen that kind of eyes. (put some dramatic/tragic music in here)

Ok, a Chacha-moment to relieve the night:

some explanation: I just lllllllllllllllllove this pic toooooooooooo much. In a very romantic way, I still think that was not a pose. He's actually listening to some sample and has that wonderful face because he's thinking of some wonderful ways to put that Gackt's mess into REAL music. (^_______________^)

I can't think of an end to this post. I'm sick and tired. What's for "mitomane" in English?
Uhmmmm...let's see...where's a good medical dictionary when someone needs it...oh,

Get out of here. Now.

lunedì 16 luglio 2007


I'm dead. Do you remember the pic I posted with yoshiki? My face it's like that, now.

Now. Just some silly thoughts before gym. Listen carefully.
I'm a paranoid. I'm the first who knows it well.
It doesn't feel really that much good when your paranoias become truths. No, no, no. Pretty much NO. N O. Should I repeat this last concept? I will if you ask me. Sure. You're welcome. Feel free to ask. Etc etc

It's that I just hate this situation. Why? Why me? WHYYYYYYY??????

Rumors say that he told Mr.NiceGuy that he doesn't like me: this without anyone ask him about (ç_ç). OH GOOD GOOD GRIEF. Gimme a blanket, Linus. Play me some Beethoven, Schroeder. ALOUD. Explain me my mental state, dear old Lucy. Bring Rerun here, IMMEDIATELY!!!! (gotta say that Rerun is always welcome here u___u )

Talking about love, there's only one man that can revive this night, with only a litte popup in this nonsense. Enjoy the man I would marry if only I believe in marriage and sort:

~In one of his greatest pics.~

Ah...I feel better. Much better. Ya.

sabato 14 luglio 2007

Esterno giorno.

Ore 12.00. Salgo le due rampe di scale. Sbaglio ala ma mi riprendo subito. Chi trovo alla mia sinistra, appena entrata nell'ufficio? Il visagista delle dive. Che, notoriamente, E' TRUCCATISSIMO.

I couldn't afford to write this in english, it wouldn't have any sense at all.
14th ep of Lucky Star, ALREADY OUT? Come on, I didn't start the 13th yet (X-X).

Also, I have this little big-written book to don't know if this is even the right night to begin a translation...uhmmmmmmmmm...


Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. Only one thing: WTF it is???? Can't wait for the second ep (n______n)y

It recall hugely PaniPoni, but i'm not sure if this is a good/bad thing.

Gotta go translate (ç_ç) t...aaaaah...sssssu...keeeeeee...teeeeeehhhhhhh...


Would please lift up a hand if:
- you hate your father, for known and certain reasons;
- you hate your father, because he's THE ONE who has the power to destroy anything in your life;
- you hate your father, for the simple reason that THAT night he could at least try to wear that fucking condom;
- you hate your father, and just don't know why, let's say upon trust.

If you match all the previous statements, start to clap your hands as I'm doing. It's not very useful, but at least some of the strains will be relieved. OH, BUGS.

He's trying to make me write one of his awful letters to the local newspaper. Fucking idiot. And, (the worst thing that stands above all and waves her(?) little hand to greet us, little brats) ABOUT POLITICS. That is equally disturbing and useless, at least here.

BUT let's think about cheerish things, folks. In other words, the next Jbox's order (^_____________^):

- Rilakkuma bento box set (I know, it's not that cheap of a bento, but it's dishwashable and HUGE);
- various kinds of furikake (don't mind the sauce containers in this page...I've already purchased them XD and never used it ç_ç);
- a Milky candies pack (oh, come on, I need this kind of useless things too! è_é).

That's all. Why, you may say, don't you buy something from cdjapan or similar? Well, that a good question XD. Joking. Because all the things I actually want to buy DON'T SEEM TO EXIST ANYMORE. I've got over-aged musical taste. Neither Teru knows anything about it, and he's almost ten years older than me (x_x);;;;;;;;

venerdì 13 luglio 2007


Why do I should not buy, with the 40 bucks I'll get Sunday, that KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII totoro bento just uploaded by Jbox? Why?

giovedì 12 luglio 2007


I'm tired, ok? Fucking tired today.
I'm gonna kill him. Soon. Maybe I'm a little too paranoid, ok, let's assume that. I agree, but the fact that fucking Piglet-like living being it's annoying me. He stared at me for most of the lesson, today. At least, he changed desk after the lunchbreak. I know that he noticed my little light humble behaviour towards him. At least, I HOPE THAT HE 'D NOTICED IT. And now, he's going to join the other course too. And I hope that he's not going to be hired at the shop's bargain sales. OH, BUGS. That would be perfect. Really.

I was fainting like a 1600's young pale lady, returning home. My head pulses as I do something more challenging that being here writing these nonsense. I'm tired in every way you would put it.

And with this get-the-fuck-off-you-little-piece-of-shit mood I have, I wish you a very good night, my dear little nice fella.

f u.

Gotta to some exercise to prevent fat from make me rolling like a rolling stone.

that was funny.

I wonder...

... if Gackt has really those BIG BLACK EYES, or if they're the newest pair of lenses...They're scary...I'm scary writing sentences like that...Such fangirlitic entries so early in the morning...

Gotta go.

At least save this Planet! Not for fair thoughts or sort, but for the fact that right now I'M FREEZING, an dwe're on the mids of July!!! WTF????

mercoledì 11 luglio 2007

Notiziuole varie ed eventuali.

Good afternoooooooooooon! Baka's speaking. I've got this huge burden just over the stomach. Dunno why. I cannot possibly blame that BIG nashi pear I've eaten after lunch. It was too cute. All rounded. Seemed like it was smiling at me. Yes, I ate it, but in a very respectfull way. Yup. I'm gonna die soon.

But that's not the news I wanna talk about.

Next Sunday, between 6.00 pm and 02.00 am, I'll organize (me and other people as well...)the bargain sales in a shop around here. You know what? This is a job. Honto wa, my dear fella. A job. That brings money with itself.

Listening to chacha singing about an empty lie that was once an empty dream, or the other way round, or both, gomen, can't understand a word of Japanese. Blame on me.

martedì 10 luglio 2007

Mission: Job Interview.

Accomplished. At least, for now.

Smoothly, but now I can say that I definitely hate collective j.i. I can't figure out what kind of useful meaning they can have.
ALSO, my feet hurt. Not that badly as I was afraid of, but they hurt.

Dunno why, but I'm downloading Shounen Onmyouji's 16th ep. Sasshiburidana. So sasshiburi XD then I can't recall which ep I've stopped to download it. Who cares.

I need a fucking degree. ANY type of a fucking degree. If I've had a fucking degree, now I was searching for a job to pay the plane fee to Japan, and then teaching Italian in the Nova institute (ç_ç) They didn't need Japanese. Only your native language and some sort of english. And that fucking degree.

Gotta hang out the laundry.

But first I listen to Returner ^_______________________^

ps: this last sentence WAS NEEDED

lunedì 9 luglio 2007



Perchè mi hanno rovinato l'ultima puntata di boris con quella canzone insulsa?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

L'ho trovata molto italiana, davvero. Molto italiana.

Ah, l'unica cosa decente italiana degli ultimi mille anni XD

Stroncata da un chitarrino.

Tragico epilogo.

Da cronaca nera.


Unò-duè unò-duè...


Thirteen eps to go. By George.

This morning, after a BRIEF illusion, I had to realize that THAT idiot was about to join the rest of the at least SANE umanity that composes the class (x_x)...what a painful sentence. Come on, fuck off. I'm saying this to myself (^-^) Yes, I'm a little tsundere today (sorry, I prefer this to "bipolar", in the end the meaning is the same...). But it's AAAAAAALL related to the fact that yesterday night I finished to watch My Boss My Hero. It's hard to admit that, but it's true. I'm in love with Tomoya Nagase. Completely. Of course, I feel rather ashamed for it XD. But WHO CARES? This is my late teenage!!!!

I think now more than ever that lobothomy cannot wait longer XDDDDD

Tomorrow is the day! Job interview. Varese. Sashiburi. And I have to go with my father. BY GEORGE. And that means that EVERY FUCKING TURN he'll have to repeat me again and again the story about him living there, and sort, that was my high school, this is the gas station where that pedophile that I make you live with for about six years worked. Of course he wouldn't refer to him like that (at least, it would be more interesting, a variation, for god's sake...)

Fuurin Kazan. Will it become my Moby Dick? Because that 12k bitrate doesn't make me feel very sure about it. Let's wait and see.

Listening to: L'arc~en~ciel. Driver's high. Then, Winter fall. Fangirlism has to become an ufficial disease, believe me.

I've finished My Boss My Hero so I've got to cry out loud a little.

What a great drama. Lovely. I'll miss it. Even Sakura-nanto ka. Anyway

Yoshiki is dead and he didn't notice it yet^^

Come on...I know that lately my sight has gotten worst, BUT NOW! Look at that old man! He cannot possibly be Yoshiki!


The world, has changed...
I feel it in the water...
And so on, I cannot remember anything else right now...

I guess you're waiting to know that yes, I dled a couple of TOKIO songs. They're pop. Nagase's voice is (imho) weirdly high, I'm too addicted to Makky heir-of-a-yakuza-boss' one. Strange.

As strange as I don't want to go to bed, tonight.


Fangirlism late at night is the worst.


domenica 8 luglio 2007


I've just made a terrific discovery. Have a seat, please...Ready?
T M Revolution is the Abingdon Boys School' vocalist.

Well, I'm not really smart, but THIS IS TOO MUCH. Also, I've seen them on youtube. Shit, tmr is not someone you cannot notice! With that Jacko face, come on... So, what can I do? I like them. Very much. They're a bit commercial, but you know...

Tomorrow: course. Cheer up. By the way, my dear old fellowes, can you figure out WHO THE HELL I've seen yesterday, after my shopping&hairdress journey? That fucking son of a bitch and a damned pimp. He saw me, and I saw him. For my sake I was with my mum. He SUDDENLY turned the head from me. What a pity. BUT tomorrow I'll have the pleasure to see him eight hours a day. Damn. Goddamn.

sabato 7 luglio 2007

Propositi per l'anno nuovo...

...mai cominciare una frase con apparentemente.


GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS!!! Paolo Poli on air on Jimmy channelllllllllllll.
I love the sound of his voice. Just noticed it. Must record this tomorrow.

Oh, là...

...sono una persona felice.
Sono riuscita ad aggiungere Urban Dictionary ai motori di ricerca di firefox.
Tanto felice che non riesco a scrivere in english. Troppo felice.
Già che ci siamo, chi è che va in giro a dire che opera è il miglior browser? Renato Farina? No, perchè altrimenti capirei un sacco di cose...

venerdì 6 luglio 2007

A lack of...

Stylish template. And with "stylish" I mean gacktish or (better) chachaish template. I know, I know...I can make it by myself. IF ONLY I was able to. IF ONLY blogspot allow me to do it, because MAYBE I'M STUPID, but it always repeats that there's some code to close for use the template.

Ok, I've just recalled why I haven't a stylish template. Good.

I've managed to free at least 50gb from the hd. But now I don't have any more dvds ç_ç Ten dvd-rs in two days. But at least I can open my azureus directory without the fear that it would explode...

Oh, Bugs. I've left the post like this for about three hours before noticing that I didn't post it yet XD
But I have some big news! Are you sitted somewhere? Beware...let's start!
I've just received a message. This fact itself is already a big news, I know, but just focus our sight on the sender: a former classmate of high school period. Uhm, I've only finished it four years ago. And this time was spent without a SINGLE message from them.
Today, I received the joyful news that TOMORROW (why won't you tell me this tomorrow after noon, gal?) there will be a class reunion pizza, followed by some unspecified night. GOD (yes, not Bugs, but GOD, g o d, and remember: I'm a fully Atheist), how dumb they think I am? And they told me that by MESSAGE! They're too poor to call me?
THE DAY BEFORE!!!! Oh jesus christ why didn't I kill them when I had the time and the chance to do it??????? I spent five years of agony in that fucking school, and now (NOW) they come up with this shit.

Marvelous. Really. I guess I'm recalling all the hatred and the frustration from my school years. Fuck.

giovedì 5 luglio 2007

Taste of Sun/ What for "paraculo", in English?

Gooooooooddamn. That's all.
Summer brings its fruits, literally. Plums, if you want to know. Ok, that's for the taste of sun.
Let's talk about the paraculo.
Why, when they come to describe a dog's nature, never use word like this? Because it fits perfectly my dog, and many other dogs, I guess. They say they're cute, funny, energic, and things of sort, but never tell you about the fact that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, and that they do ANYTHING to achieve it. Anything. Like this:

"My master is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! She never lets me out of here!!!!! Help me!!! I'm a sad little hungry dog! Free me!!!"
Or this:

"You're the kindest, prettiest, slimmest and smartest master I've ever had. Where's that cookie?"

Nothing is going the way it was supposed to go. WTF.

mercoledì 4 luglio 2007

Fantolin, Fantolin, viva Fantolin!!

Solo tu               Fantolin!
Sempre tu           Fantolin!

Direi che basta così.
In piena produzione dolciaria.
Perchè stasera c'è un compleanno. Alla quale ci hanno cortesemente invitato (CI, perchè parteciperà tutta La Famiglia Brambilla in vacanza), e alla quale non possiamo certo presentarci a mani vuotarelle. Giammai. Quindi, pandispagna farcito con marmellata di albicocche e crema pasticcera NONCHE', tanto per limitare le calorie che siamo in estate e c'è il bikini(seeeeeeee), ricoperto con glassa al cioccolato fondente e scritta di cioccolato bianco.
Non ce la farò mai.
Crema e pane spagnuolo ready. Manca la glassa. E poi si assembla.

Ovviamente nessuno ha chiamato da quella fabbrica sbrilluccicante splendidume da ogni mattone dove mi sarei trovata benissimo e avrei potuto mostrare le mie qualità informatiche. Figuriamoci. Sicuramente avran preso la solita troietta che sa di per certo che il computer non si aziona a manovella. Beh, avevo(ho) una torta alle fragole homemade che avrei potuto sbafarmi dalla contentezza estrema in cui ero, però non l'ho fatto. Sì, d'accordo, ne ho mangiate due fette dopo pranzo, ok. Però ero dell'umore giusto per farle la festa. Ma mi sono limitata. Che brava bambina. E C'ERA PURE LA NUTELLA!!!! Ed è ancora lì, intatta!!!!

Teru mi ha fatto notare una cosa. Lo studio del giapponese. Che è impossibile da fare da soli. Ma ci si può sempre provare. Son qui da quindici anni e non sono ancora morta nè ho ancora ammazzato nessuno, quindi anche il giapponese è una cosa fattibile.
Più che altro perchè è impossibile andare in Giappone a insegnare italiano senza laurea. Piano smontato prima di essere messo in atto. Il giapponese mi tocca. Ecco, diciamo che è più probabile che impari il giapponese da sola a casa, che prenda la laurea.

E dovrei anche magair mettermi a preparare il pranzo, che ne dite?

martedì 3 luglio 2007

Chi... non un pazzo completo, si metterebbe a scaricare un drama che durerà 50 episodi, dei quali 25 sono già usciti, sapendo perfettamente che è di una NOIA sconfortante, nonostante lo splendidume degli attori, che ci sono degli insospettabili punti di contatto con una qualsiasi tele-sbobba italica?

Naturalmente io u____u
C'erano dei dubbi in proposito?
Ma soprattutto, perchè tutto ciò?
Semplice. gakuhai dice che nel 26 il gackto recita meglio. Ogni scusa è buona. Così, pur sapendo che rischierò il coma profondo ad ogni episodio, me lo sto scaricando; senza contare che in coda ci sono ancora gli 11 episodi di nodame e my boss my hero.

Ju-ken testimonial del darts è abbastanza sganascioso. In quasi posa plastica.
EPPOI!!!!! Io mi ero accorta che c'era qualcuno di noto tra i membri di supporto degli S.K.I.N.!!! Ma non pensavo di certo al sempre bello Ju-ciccio!!!

Mettiamoci a studiare che magari per 'sta settimana li finiamo i riassunti.


lunedì 2 luglio 2007

I just want to bother other people the less possible...

Come cosa??????
I sub di sexy voice and robooooooooooooooo....
Sììììììììììì...ed è già una settimana che erano fuoriiiii ma mi son dimenticata di guardare sul sitooooooo...
no eh, finiamola.
Ah, io adoro questa serie *_* e si era arrivati a un momento topico *__________*
Ma devo finire il riassunto, prima.


...c'è della roba in sospensione nella mia coca. Questa è una rappresaglia. Solo perchè la sto USANDO per ottenere un album(che poi ieri sera mi sono abbioccata di schianto e non ho mandato il messaggio), non vuol dire che mi deve far rischiare l'avvelenamento. Che bibita maleducata.

Oh, per l'appunto. Kona-chan sta avendo effetti devastanti sulla mia personcina. Prima Sacred, poi la ltd edition dei ReS, ora i metodi scientifici per l'ottenimento dei premi xD. Ovvero preparare il messaggio con il codice e aspettare la mezzanotte (visto che le canzoni in palio sono mille al giorno, appena dopo la mezzanotte ci sarà più probabilità di beccarle, o no?) e poi inviarlo. Peccato che non funzioni molto se ci si addormenta alle dieci di sera. No no.

domenica 1 luglio 2007


Second one! Free song from ITunes! I'm getting addicted to this. Maybe I'll be able to download the entire album. Because who cares about the 80gb Ipod if I can hear a Vienna's album impossible(so far) to find? Nobody. Not me. At least the intro song is not as depressing as Legend.
The strange thing is that I'm doing this LEGALLY. It's weird.
My music interests have always been 99% illegal.
Three pages. Only three pages left. But I've already downloaded the 12th episode. I hope that they will separate first 13 episodes from the other 13 ç__________ç
Onegai shimasu.

sabato 30 giugno 2007

Franco Latini.

Sì, lo so. Non fa bene al fisico postare così tanto. Però il motivo è alto.
Se non ci fosse stato quest'uomo, sono sicura che la mia infanzia sarebbe stata un barilotto più noiosa. Già già. D'altronde, a parte il risparmio, ci sarà ben stato un motivo per cui gli facevano doppiare millemila personaggi di una stessa serie.
E per la maggior parte serie oscene. Che senza di LUI avrebbero fatto schifo al mondo. Perchè non parlo a caso: guardatevi il Rocky & Bullwinkle Show in originale. (inserire insulti a caso). O molte Looney Tunes. E gli stessi Funimation.

Ricordo estemporaneo/tragico! I pupazzetti di He-man con la banda elastica interna per fare le mosse che non venivano mai, invece gli arti dei beniamini tivvù si schiantavano sulle nostre povere nocche innocenti. Mamma mia che male!
La finisco qui perchè se vi parlo dell'odore di Brooklyn alla clorofilla che permeava(eufemisticamente) la camera di mio fratello non vi mollo più, e la cyclette non va da sola. Ma anche questa volendo è una cosa che si può risolvere.

Ma cacchio, io devo ancora finire di trascrivere la traduzione =_______= Ok, la cycletta aspetterà ancora tre pagine e un tot.

Turkish things (cose turche)

Il concerto degli S.K.I.N. è stato ritardato di tre ore. Come ENUNCIA la prima risposta del topic dedicato sul forum di ANN:
(si schiarisce la voce)
(si schiarisce la voce di nuovo)
Ok, in English now:
(just joking)
Teru-san is simply too kind. He wrote me only for tell that he cannot write my because is busy now. Toooooooooo kind.
Don't mind me. I'm just a fool that cannot stop eating. Go ahead. Leave this place. I gotta go. Lumosity is waiting. Maybe I'm the new Einstein and nobody knows it yet. Maybe. Maybe I'll discover a subliminal way to change channel when you forget the remote on the table and you're on the couch. Maybe the world will thank me for this. Maybe.
Morpheus is such a great song.

But there's a background, my dear folks.
I discovered yesterday that there's a chance to win free Itunesable songs with Coke. But I hate Coke. But this precious site tells me that Unknown from Vienna is now downloadable.
Well, let's say that if my stomach will explode with an aloud BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, it'll be only Chacha fault. For now I took the longer one ^________^ because I'm soooooo smart, they cost all the same, let's take the one that's longer, right? But, how can I put this, it's kinda a depressing mood, and not only the voice. Maybe it's just the song. But it's kinda creepy XD The longer one is called Legend. Morpheus is from Gerard's debut album. Chacha was already 24. I was just born. Crazy, man.

venerdì 29 giugno 2007

Bullshits amount: imagine a flat land.

How can she say that Japanese cannot act? O_O On which bases she says it? Only because they're not American? WTF... This is one of that times that she drives me really crazy. And she's been there TWICE. What a waste. It's not that I'm saying that we have to bow to every single Japanese we meet and thank him that Japan exists, but COME ON!!!! After all of the things she saw about Japan!!!!!! She's considering them as "different" people, AGAIN!
W H A T  A  W A S T E.
Teru-senpai ^___________^ likes Yuna Ito. He barely knows gackto, and does not know chacha. I must kill him.
English course is ended. FINALLY. Now, a free week. Then, other two courses ç_ç
The job interview went well, I suppose. It was my first time, but I think that a collective j.i. cannot show much about hirer intentions. Well, Tuesday I'll know if it really went well or not.
I have to keep my mind busy. It's the only way I have to survive this madness. It's incredible. How this went so far? No, wait, stop. I hate to write cryptic posts XD It's like that teenish blogs I hate. Let's stop it. Let's say that I got to find a work and not only to make money.

Ja neeeeee~

giovedì 28 giugno 2007


...ho la minima idea del perchè sia qui, adesso. So soltanto che ci ero venuta per un motivo, sì sì. Peccato che non mi ricordo WHY. Bah.
Devo comprarmi delle casse per il portatile.
Sì, può andare. Non è assolutamente la cosa intelligentissima che mi è sfuggita di mente, però anche questa si difende bene.

In questo momento non ho abbastanza neuroni attivi per scrivere in inglese, gomen. Non che a qualcuno possa fottergliene qualcosa. Però, nel caso...

Birdcage. Tanto per confermare la terapeuticità (ehiiiiiiiiiiiiii) del gackto e del chacha quando si impegnano. E che Ryu nun se ne doveva annà.


I knew it! I knew it !!!

My Japanese epals was an English teacher! I knew it!!!!!! May I shout it out once again?
I KNEW IT!!!!!!
Yesterday night I finished ironing at half past eleven. This is madness. I get tired more on the day off than the other normal days. Blame on me.
I'm also trying to pull through this Returner madness, that I build up alone, also. It's just too wonderful (*-*). I've got to think about how poor was the Gackt's acting on Fuurinkazan, just to offset. How can I win to fangirlism when he come out with songs like that???

Gotta go. English course. Goddamn. See ya.

mercoledì 27 giugno 2007


Let's try it again. Yes, I know, the last time I tried to write a blog in English ended up that I shut off everything and moved to another host. But now I will do the good girl. I promise. The fact is that when I write in English I feel like I'm not myself anymore. "You have to call a doctor, if it's so". Daijobu. It will be half English and half Italian. Depending on the way I wake up.

The job interview is confirmed for the next Friday, 11.00 am, with other two persons. Don't tell me who's the asshole that create this shitty things, otherwise he'll be in a GRAND danger. A collective j.i. SMART!

What can I put into my bento for tomorrow? I've already cooked a courgette (I will never use that word, you idiot), but it seems so sick that I'm feeling guilty for her (?), I don't know if tomorrow I'll have the nerves to eat it (^-^). I have some packs of three minutes noodles, but I'm not sure that after cooling down they will be edible. Rice. Gimme rice and I'll conquer the world!


Scusatemi, che ci posso fare io se la nuova canzone del Gackto è meraviglioserrima?
Venerdì ho l'ennesimo colloquio di lavoro. Alle 11 o alle 14. Impiegata. Sinceramente non so nemmeno in che paese (^_^);;;;; Tanto andrà a puttane anche questo. Lo sento come se fosse una cosa fisica. Dal momento in cui mi ha detto che al tipo ci piace il mio curriculumme. Ieri sera non dovevo vedere il Domoto scemo in quel drama!!! Ora sono in depressione! Ecco! Anzi, io non dovrei nemmeno vedere più nessun drama, almeno non vedo niente e non mi faccio illusioni, per diana cacciatrice! Devo comprarmi una di quelle cose che si mettono ai cavalli.

Tsuyoku dakishimeteeeeeeeeeeee...

Che stavo dicendo?


Ci sono delle interferenze

(immaginatevi chacha che schitarra)



martedì 26 giugno 2007

Che ammmmmore di ometto...

Il Gackto ringrazia sentitamente, dalla sua home page, tutti i fan che hanno permesso al nuovo singolo di arrivare primo in classifica appena appena uscito. Ma preeeeeeeeeeeeeeegoooooooooooooo!


Ma io non l'ho mica comprato...

Devo andare al corso! Viaaaaaaaaaaaaa

domenica 24 giugno 2007

Tra un dakishimete e l'altro(e Returner non è copiata da Mind Forest, per favore eh )...

Ero a tanto COSI' [] dall'idolatria per gli xjapan. Ora ci sono arrivata. Contenti? Io sì, francamente. Senza la vista di yoshiki_ciccio_più_che_mai che si sbatteva a destra e a mancina non credo che sarei riuscita ad arrivare ai 35 km/h di media in cyclette. Merito di un certo dvd che ho scaricato dal solito certo sito fornitissimo. Oh, la tecnologia. Io amo la tecnologia...

Praticamente un sacco bello, con tante clip del periodo indie. Cioè, wtf clips means? praticamente pv e live mischiati amabilmente assieme a qualche immaginetta votiva di making of e backstage. Hide fa male. Beh, temo sia il contrappasso. E in più è assurdamente somigliante a Mana dei tempi dorati, solo quelle sette otto spanne di differenza^^

Ok, non consiglio la visione di yoshiki in slippino nemmeno al mio peggior nemico, ma quell'ometto ha un sorriso che disarma. Anche con tre dita di cerone.

sabato 23 giugno 2007

E pensare che...

...volevo scrivere questo post in inglese. Ma ci pensate? Già sono incomprensibile in italiano, figuriamoci anglofonicamente parlando (e scrivendo). per l'amor di Zeus. Poi, lo sapessi decentemente l'inglese...è solo una frustrazione ulteriore. Arrivi qui, dai che scriviamo in inglese, e poi riesci a esprimere solo un quarto di quello che hai in testa. Vabbè.

Certo che, a pensarci, mi infilo proprio in situazioni (diciamocelo) del cazzo. Chi me l'ha fatto fare di andarglielo a dire? Ora non posso più tornare indietr, acciderbolina. Però io quello lo stronco. Non tanto per essersi strusciato addosso alla sottoscritta. No. Per aver MOLESTATO il pccino. Oh sì, oh sì sì. Solo per quello sarebbe da appendere per le tonsille. Ok, mi è tornata la voglia di sputtanarlo. Good idea, come dice il buon Shiraishi-san. o Don't touch me, che è meglio.

Intanto lunedì mattina metto su la pregiatissima magliettina di jbox con l'avvertimento contro le molestie femminili in treno. E chi capisc', capisc'.


Certo che ho proprio un carattere di merda...

...è brutto avere una inclinazione alla sottomissione così spiccata, alla fine.

A lasciar passare tutto e poi, un bel giorno, esplodere. Schifezza. Ho appena mandato una mia foto a un tizio. E' la prima volta che acconsento a ciò in una chat. Non so il perchè. Forse è la volta che la piantano di scassare i marroni glassati. Infatti il tizio si è appena sconnesso! ^_______________^/ yeah.

Chissà se la copertina dei res è già fuori?^^

See ya

venerdì 22 giugno 2007

Qua c'è qualcosa di diverso...

Avete visto il nuovo layout di gakuhai? No, perchè... QUA C'E' QUALCOSA DI DIVERSO. Oh sì sì. Ma davvero però. Premettiamo subito una cosa: a me che il gackto sia rifatto o meno non importa una sega a nastro. Però se si concia la faccia come l'omino della pillsbury inizio a preoccuparmi. Io spero che non finisca alla michael jackson. MA CHE FACCIA DA CULO HA IN 'STE FOTO?

Del taglio di capelli è inutile parlarne: deve aver fatto un abbonamento e ogni tot taglio venuto bene c'è una percentuale di tagli fatti ALLA CAZZO DI CANE da UN DOTTORE CIECO. Non c'è altra spiegazione plausibile. Mamma mia. Inguardabile. infatti ho fatto scorrere la pagina perchè non sopportavo.

Ah, oggi strani appropinquamenti di altrettanto strani individui alla mia strana persona. Che però non giustifica un cazzo. Eccheccacchio. La stessa persona che ha osato (che coraggio! che coraggio...!) sedersi al mio posto, APRIRE il mio pccino, ACCENDERLO e farci i cazzacci suoi. E' inconcepibile. Ora capisco chi ha teorizzato che probabilmente esistono altre forme di vita intelligenti ma che noi non ce ne rendiamo contro perchè la nostra struttura cognitiva non le concepisce. Perchè io L'HO VISTO e tutt'ora non lo concepisco.

La crostata ha avuto un discreto successo. Cazzarola almeno una notizia positiva. Anche perchè la sett prox c'è un'altro corso con lo stesso COGLIONE MEGANOIDE che oggi s'appoggiava. E, perdonatemi la finezza, puttana lorda. 

Eigo ga wakarimasu ka?

Hai, sukoshi wakarimasu.

Anata wa?

Non sono cazzi tuoi.

martedì 19 giugno 2007

Sono morta, sono morta, sono morta...

...e devo ancora preparare il cv per domani. Non so come abbigliarmi. Non vorrei sembrare pretenziosa. Ma nemmeno un sacco di patate as usual. Ops, lapite. Scusassero. Mi sorge un dubbio: non è che il riso maffo che ho PRESSATO (segnatevelo, nell'urara libellula NON CI STANNO 70g di riso) domani sarà cemento?


L'ordine del ciddì prosegue. Devi farmi una ricarica. I soldi sulla postepay son già finiti. Merd.

Io sarò scema, ma al corso mi diverto come un bimbino al parchetto. Vado a controllare il riso va', e poi doccia e DEVO SCRIVERE IL DECIMO EPISODIO DI LUCKY STAR, imperativo categorico assoluto che neanche il benito ai tempi d'oro.


...ecchime al secondo giorno di duro lavoro corsistico, tanto duro che...stamattina ci guardiamo Shrek.

Sì, lo so, mi son svegliata troppo presto ma almeno ho due minuti per cazzeggiare col picci, dato che a sera torno a casa alla sette...e non ho particolarmente sonno.





lunedì 18 giugno 2007

Primo giorno di corso...

...queste manifestazioni di puro incondizionato sincero sfacciato limpido assoluto indecente FANCAZZISMO mi esaltano.

sabato 16 giugno 2007


Ho appena visto un'anticipazione della recitata estemporanea del gackto in fuurinkazan. Ecco, come dire, ora non so se me la sento di vedermi tutto l'episodio. A parte che già di per sè il drama fa abbastanza cagare, se poi pure il gackto ci mette la sua perla di recitazione eccelsa metodo stanislaschi...Mamma mia. Non so se ridere o se piangere XD Per il momento rido. Immagino i bestemmioni di chi aspetta e spera il nuovo album. Io aspetto e spero che sia un po' migliore di diabolos. Eh sì eh sì.

Desperate housewife

Domani devo:

  • fare i maffi;
  • cuocere qualcosa per evitare che mio padre durante la mia assenza muoia di inedia (che non sarebbe poi sta gran perdita eh...);
  • inventarmi qualcosa da mettere nel bento (si potranno cuocere i gyoza al vapore nel micro senza causare un disastro ecologico?);
  • fare il ragù;
  • e qualcos'altro ancora che ora non ricordo ma che mi tornerà in mente lunedì accompagnata da una bestemmia.

E poi, dato l'umore VITREO degli ultimi giorni/settimane/mesi/anni, volete che per il mio compleanno non mi compri THE BOTTOM OF CHAOS by Rentrer En Soi, ltd edition (konachan docet XD), contenente le allegrissime THE ABYSS OF DESPAIR, I HATE MYSELGF AND I WANT TO..., e altre canzoncine allegrissime per trastullarmi durante quelle giornatine in cui una bomba H sarebbe più che utile se non addirittura scacciapensieri? E no! E' già in preorder. Nonstante sulla carta manchino dieci euri per coprire la spesa. Dai che magari non s'accorgono XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Mosca stronza non avrai il mio scalpo ma bensì ettolitri ed ettolitri di ddt. Preparati. ja niiiiiiii~

venerdì 15 giugno 2007

I'd like to show off, but...

E finisce con Don Camillo e l'on. Peppone, stasera, mentre guardicchio gli slide di flickr sui bento. Scusatemi, ma slide proprio non so come tradurlo. Carrellata è troppo impegnativo, potrei strozzarmi scrivendolo.

Tengo a precisare che a me della lingua italiana importa proprio poco, non è per dubbissime ragioni di italianità  che traduco le parole, se posso. E' semplicemente che questa Lapo-moda di parlare mezzo inglisc e mezzo bburino mi da proprio sui nervi. Per non dire che mi sta sui coglioni, eh.


Po' esse'...

...che a forza di pioggia mi sia filtrato qualcosa nel cervellino (in disperato bisogno di lobotomia, mettetevi una mano sulla coscienza e l'altra sul portafoglio XD) e mi sia dimenticata che l'ottimo scribefire ex performancing è qui che mi guarda, e risparmierei qualche prezioso minuto del mio prezioso tempo se non mi ostinassi ad aprire la pagina di google che mi manda alla pagina di blogger che mi manda alla mia pagina? Po' esse'.

Per l'ennesima volta Miss Detective. Certo, dopo i capolavoronionioni degli scorsi giorni bisogna un po' turarsi il naso (sparatemi), però Sandra Bullock è così cariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina... Sbaverei se fossi un maschio. Beh, e farei altre cose nel frattempo. Ma non pensiamoci. Anche Benjamin Bratt però...

Iscrizione al corso: fatta. Annegamento nel lago dato l'elevarsi del livello dell'acqua dopo le pioggie da noè di stamattina: scampato. Congelamento dovuto alla splendida idea di uscire in maglietta e pantaloni estivi: parziale. Impressione sui prossimi compagnucci di corso: clima di non cagamento reciproco, ovvero: perfetto.


giovedì 14 giugno 2007

All the things bento...

Ora, io mi domando: perchè e dico PERCHE', se una cosa l'ho sempre chiamata "formina" dacchè nacqui, ora la devo chiamare mold? E pirottino? Vogliamo parlarne? Parliamone: perchè il semprebello pirottino mi è diventato, tutt'a un tratto, CUPCAKE? Che, voglio dire, ha un suono infame. Pirottino sembra il soprannome di un amico di famiglia, qualcosa di amichevole. Santo Zeus, cupcake sembra una malattia grave. Oh, stavo dimenticando il più osceno. Tenetevi forte. Siete seduti? Avete mangiato pesante? Ok, pronti via: sidedish. Ovvero contorno. Contorno. Sidedish. Sidedish. Contorno. Porca troia. "Oh, mi sono dimenticato il sidedish". Preeeeeego? Ma cos'è? Ma perchè? Ma come? Ma Cristo...! Non capisco. Vi giuro che non capisco. Leggo certi blog e mi viene da mettere commenti pieni di insulti. No, meglio: un pernacchione sonoro lungo da qui al giorno del matrimonio di Sandra e Raimondo.
Tutto questo per annunciare al pubblico pagante che da lun a ven e poi di nuovo da lun a ven usufruirò della schiscetta giapponese durante le otto ore quotidiane di corso sulle rive del lago. Che alla fine non è malaccio. Basta che non ci sia 'sto tempo di merda. A proposito.
Affitto camera mia come fungaia. Mailatemi se la cosa interessa.

Sarà... a me Shizuku continua a far cagare, tranne Sakebi pieno FERVORE FENSABBISTICO...

mercoledì 13 giugno 2007


Ci sarebbero le casalingue. Ci sarebbero. Già. Perchè mi è capitato l'occhio su Classics. Eh. E c'è Katharine Hepburn. Beh. In un film che non ho nemmeno mai visto. Vabbè c'è Elizabeth Taylor, ma posso sopportarla. Però era proprio una gran gnocca. No, non Katharine Hepburn. La Taylor. Da quel che vedo fa la parte della ninfomane in isolamento. That's funny, man ^_______^ Ad ogni modo non ho avuto il coraggio di schiacciare su FoxLife. Ho anch'io le mie debolezze. E questa è decisamente la migliore. Saluti dal 1959. Cheers.

martedì 12 giugno 2007

A parte il fatto che la mia vita è fottuta...

...e che se davvero gli addominali migliorassero la stitichezza io dovrei cagare fiumi di mmmmmmmmmerda, qualcuno riesce a spiegarmi l'esistenza (perlomeno quella televisiva) dei Sig. Frizzi Fabrizio e Tozzi Mario?

Porco Zeus...

...(prova 2): mi sto guardando video? Comico? che il mio capo di fansub mi ha passato. Non lo sto capendo. Sarà che è Ragnarok (forse), sarà che a quest'ora non coglierei la sottile vena comica di un clown ubriaco, ma proprio...picche. Cià, mettiamogli una faccina sorridente in chat che così mi si calma. Ah, ve l'ho detto che mi picco del pregio e del privilegio nonchè del dovere e della intima soddisfazione personale di FENSABBARE? No? Non vi frega una mazza? Ah, beh. Legittimo. Cmq FENSABBO Lucky Star. E se non conoscete Lucky Star datevi pure fuoco come dice quel capellone tanto simpa di rock tv. 'Notte.

performancing ha cambiato nome, don't know why... di prova...

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lunedì 11 giugno 2007

Ah, dimenticavo...

...sono ufficialmente e molto lesbicamente innamorata persa di Bette Davis. Sì, lo so che è morta. Sì, so anche che se fosse viva la differenza di età sarebbe ridicolmente alta. Ma sto guardando Angeli con la pistola. Sì, lo so che non è il migliore dei suoi film, ma...insomma, andate un po' a cagare. Al cuor non si comanda.

Next to a blocco intestinale...I'm sorry.

Proprio mentre medito sulle possibilità di fondare un Partito del Gelato, mi capita l'occhio su una notizia del Corriere che me li fa cadere sonoramente e con relativa bocciatura del pavimento nonostante la caratteristica composizione genetica XY alla quale io appartengo. Cioè questa. Che, tutto sommato, non è una bruttissima notizia. Diciamo che il preambolo fa un po' pena. Ma è tutto negli standard di quest Paese di merda che non si merita nemmeno la p maiuscola.


...mi spiega perchè è così impossibile trovare un aladino voip? Manco fosse il telefono del secolo! Anzi, fa pure cagare se è per questo. Ma dato che ne devo aspettare ancora di mesi per restituirglielo senza dover pagare la penale, in pratica la beffa oltre al danno, mi tocca sostituirlo, perdiana. Ok, 'sta provincia del cazzo (non mi vengono in mente modi più delicati di definirla) non è il massimo in quanto a servizi pubblici in generale, ma è possibile che su CINQUE punti 187 non ce n'è UNO che mi dica: "Sì, abbiamo gli Aladino voIP, glielo vado a prendere".
Ok, in effetti uno c'è stato. Ma poi non ha potuto sostituirmelo. Perchè il codice del colore non era lo stesso. Roba da impalare Tronchetti Provera (così per simpatia, anche se non è più presidente).