mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #4

- Bloody Monday (2008, Japanese drama - what else? xD)
- starring: Haruma Miura. Haruma Miura. Haruma Miura. Anyone else? No? Good.

Some time ago, drama producers had a problem: how can we show the beautiful fangirl-catcher(and hugely talented, in my opinion) Haruma Miura-san in his wonderful appereance, building at least a bearable drama around him without making the audience notice?


Producing an action, mistery, thrilling, slightly gorish but mostly DRAMATICALLY fast-paced drama. With MILLIONS of dramatic, oblique, dark shots of our beloved Haruma-san. See? I'm not complaining about this.

Yes. Cool. Except for the fact that this drama is QUITE boring. Really. Maybe it's because I really don't like this kind of dramas, like:

A - "Shit! This bomb is about to explode! Get the people out this place! What the hell are you doing there, xxx? Didn't you listen? We're going to blow up soon!"

B - "No, wait. We have to try defuse this. IT'S OUR DUTY!!!"

and so on, always ending with the rookie successfully defusing the bomb. Gah.

Still, this review doesn't have any meaning AT ALL, since I'll watch this 'til its end.
By the way, did I already tell you that Haruma-kun is the main character?

venerdì 21 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #3

- Yasuko to Kenji (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: various people. Kidding. First: Tabe Mikako-chan (and this is one of a PROUD -chan), Matsuoka Masahiro (I thought I've finally seen all the SMAP acting, but this one is a TOKIO one... oh well...), Hirosue Ryoko, and many more. A kanjani8 included. But that's not the point.

So, this drama sucks. WIDELY. It's stupid, more than silly, Hirosue-san plays her usual role, Matsuoka...I can't say if he's acting well or if he's just a dumbass. Seriously. Sure he's not Tomoya-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. The thing that pisses me off the most is that Tabe's talent is totally wasted on a ASSHOLE role, showing what she's not: a standard teen. She's not a standard teen! At least give her a slightly darker role, not such a PINK little girl. Ah...Totally wasted.

Of course I'm still watching it. Well, it was a batch download. I don't think that I would download the next episode if it was a one by one thing. It's a sort of My boss my hero but less funny and heartwarming. It should be like that, they tried to make it like that.


lunedì 17 novembre 2008

Randomity in jobs.

I'll work tomorrow.

No, it's not a hopeful statement. The complete sentence should be: " I didn't work today, so I'll work tomorrow"

Yes, because today was supposed to be my first working day, as a pretty clean clear and crisp JOB CONTRACT states.

But it wasn't.

So, I'll work tomorrow. Yes. Cool. Straight from nine am to half past four pm. Unbelievable.

I don't want to.

There are major issues now to solve. Like Japan's technical recession. How can I work in a moment like this?!

Update: this ticket madness is unbelievable tiring. Someone is proudly selling some fc tickets for the 2/2 concert at the reasonable price of 260 EUROS. Jackals.

mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #2

- Giragira (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: Sasaki Kuranosuke, Maya Miki (let's be moved! she's at the second place in the cast list!, nevermind), and a bunch of sort-of hosts (well...would you call Abe Tsuyoshi A HOST?), Miura Shohei included.

I've recently watched The great happiness space, so I was pretty interested in a dorama about a host club, not mentioning that Ouran Host Club is one of my favorite series. Then, I looked at the cast. Sasaki-san. As a host.

After a couple of days spent laughing VERY loud, I downloaded the first episode. Mostly because, aside Sasaki-san, Miki-san was in the cast. Miki-san, you know? THAT Miki-san. MINE Miki-san. Yes, I love her.

~Little Miki-san POWA digression: she was one of the Takarazuka's Top class actresses during the 90's. Oh, this is so lovely. By the way, I've spent like a couple of hours the other night watching her performances on youtube. Ok, now I'm officially addicted. End of digression.~

Well, this is the kind of drama that's builded up in such a way that it could even talk about mosquitos and their society problems, and it would be GREAT anyway. Pay no attention to the slightly messy beginning (he loses his job, he doesn't find another one- yes, this is plausible. But that, in his mid 30's, well something more, he becomes the floor manager of a host club, WELL, THIS IS NOT SO VERY MUCH PLAUSIBLE.): this thing works. I hope it will be less "world crisis applied to the street man" and more "funny stories about an old man married with a little daughter working in a host club", since I like soooooo much Sasaki-san crazyness when it comes to gags.

Oh, synopsis you ask? Ok.
A 36 old salaryman loses is job because of some sort of mistake someone else made. Being this old, not having a degree, finding another job it's pratically impossible. But he has a cute little wife and a cute but annoying little daughter to sustain. Hopeless, he casually meets with an old friend of him, of the time when he was the Number One host in Roppongi. That's right! Why don't you ask Yuki-san (owner of the host club he was used to work for, old friend, DUMPED without him moticing it, and mostly still in love with him) to let you work again at starts with r...Rink? Anyway, let's the journey begin! Hiding the whole matter from that cuuuuuute dumb wife of him, he starts his new job, and it's not so easy, since now there's anothe Number One host at Rxxx, and he's not soooo happy to deal with this old man pretending to act as a promising newbie.

GO MIKI-SAN GO!!!!!!!!!!

Next spareable (yes, I spelled this wrong xD) review: dunno. Maybe Room of Kings(the Hiro/Ann pair is sooooo SHAMEFUL), maybe some anime. But I don't like very much to review animes. Don't know why. Not that you are less bored in reading my dorama-craps.

Stay tuned or get lost!

There's a good news and a bad news.

Good news: Obama won.

Bad news: I won't attend Gackt's concert.

lunedì 3 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #1

- Oh my girl! (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: Mocomichi, Rosa Kato, and an unbearable nasty dwarf disguised as a little girl plus a LOT of great actors totally wasted.

Mocomichi plays the role of a journalist that has to interview this nasty little lady (a little actress). Also, the dwarf is his stepsister's daughter, that apparently run away to become a star in Hollywood (like someone else we know xD). As a "last will", she entrusted her daughter to his stepbrother, so darn happy to become a full-time nanny. The COOLNESS in this is that...He hates his stepsister, since she was too busy acting to pay any visit to her parents' funeral. Wow! So original. So fresh.

NAO, Mocomichi isn't that great actor that I would like him to be, badly. And he doesn't help very much to mantain a bit steady this crappy thing. I was tricked by his performance in Zettai Kareshi. He was made for that role, and, this far, for THAT ONE only. Ah, what a pity...

But the most disappointing fact is that Rosa Kato can't act. AT ALL. So cute. SO DARN CUTE!!! I was so yearning to see her acting! Ah, cuteness is not enough...Sometimes I prefer the little dwarf o_o At least she shows some skills...

And do I have to talk about all the great costars wasted here? Like Rie Tomokasa (by the way, WHERE THE HELL IS Atsuhime?!), Yoshinori Okada ò_ò/, Arata Furuta ò__________________ò/? Ah...

Don't misunderstand me, Mocomichi is FAR BETTER that Yama-pi, but I'm starting to think that his hotness>his skills. And that's bad for my conscience. Well, at least he's not a johnny's. And that's pretty good for my conscience.

Ok, I'm satisfied. But I don't think I'll keep on watching this.

Next sparable review: Giragira - (I would follow Miki-san even in hell ò_ò/)
Stay tuned or get lost!

sabato 1 novembre 2008



Tickets are sold-out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

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Sold out.