lunedì 30 luglio 2007

By George...

Watching Ranma 1/2.
Good! The dragon mustache!!! Illlllluuuvit...
I owe the post office 38,20 €.
I was wrong. Ok. I agree. But this is not a reason to lose the bus. GODDAMN.
But I don0t really care. Really.

Maybe I'm ill.


domenica 29 luglio 2007

Gekisou. II part.

My love towards Aya-chan has decreased. WTF is that vibrato? Is she dying or something? At least hare hare yukai is dubbed (^_^);;;

1st edit: Goto-san in her fake singing was more tuned than her XD

2nd edit: God knows. My favourite. And still that vibrato spoils everything that move. Bugs. I can understand that maybe she was excited, but BUGS! My notebook trembles as she sings like that! It's not only annoying it's kinda painful @_@

3rd: and then...why the guitar soloist(if ever a term like this exists XD) resembles Terajima-san THAT much??? Speaking of which, ok, haruhi plays the guitar in live alive, ok ok,'s quite understandable that she can't even keep that guitar in her, WTF?

Wa wa wa wasuremono...



venerdì 27 luglio 2007


I'm dling gekisou!!!!! I'm dling gekisou!!!!!!!!!!
And I found another japanese epal. In love with Italian culture and such. Should I reply? Uhm...

Guess yes.

Listening to(and I'm quiiiiiiiiiite proud of it): Grace Potter and The Nocturnals - Let it rain.

You've read right: their not Japanese XDDDDDDD




mercoledì 25 luglio 2007

Sad but true (^________^)

You can sing, you can play, you have the most powerful and wonderful voice I've heard so far, you're kinda handsome even if I don't like your type, you're extremely funny,

BUT, MAN, Gackto-san,

YOU CAN'T ACT!!!!! (yet)


Kinda relieved.

martedì 24 luglio 2007

Falsetto/The perfect schiscetta

Yeah, this is the perfect day for a falsetto singing. ALOUD. Yep. Gotta only find the right song.

Sayonara, sweet bento of mine. I'll use the little tupperware lunchbox for a while. How I'm supposed to open a bento and eat it with only ten minutes of time between the going out and the bus? It's painful but it has to be like this.


They forced me into opening another bank account. A postal account, if you want to know. That's pretty unfair, because it seemed that they were more interested in another account than in another worker. It gets somewhat on my nerves, but as I saw the contract, I've changed my mind. It's not that big deal of money, ok, but BUGS, they're only TWO MONTHS! Why such a cost-of-living allowance (I dini't know that even a phrase like this existed!!!)?????

This awakes the proletarian in me!!! (è__é)p

lunedì 23 luglio 2007

Too simple...

It's being too simple to come here and write some bullshits, man.

It's just a matter of clicking on the note and write. Too much simple. So simple that I don't have the time to think about something to write.

What can I say? That I've eaten pretty too much? That I won't have dinner tonight? That my father will ask me why and I'll force myself into NOT say him to mind his business?

Oh, I can't. These are not problems. THESE are the real bullshits. And the fact that my mind is stuck upon these bullshits is a bullshit itself.

Tomorrow I'll start da brand new postal teller job. BUGS.
I need to eat to calm myself. I need a life to calm myself. Food is nearer.

Is it some sort of advice that I cannot open Ca' Foscari University homepage? It can be...

domenica 22 luglio 2007


Just like the title.

I keep on giving wrong email addresses. Blame on me. But I didn't do it intentionally. Believe me.

sabato 21 luglio 2007

We're FRYING here!!!

Moi Dix Milan...late october...


There's a problem. Ticketone says that the preordering will be open on July 20th.
Uhm...What day is today? TWENTYONE. And the selling it's not open yet. Can I swear?

And so it's ALL finished. Good. Yesterday was hysterical. In the end we've started talking about the japanese dinner QUITE aloud. I already know I'm that evil, so get yourself used to it ^_____________^ I was often looking at his face that was slowly turn into a perfect knowledge of what/where/when/who about Thurday night. How can I put this into a sentence that will not make me appear as a completely evil bitch?
IT FELL GOOD. I couldn't swear to him. I couldn't take him and put him in the middle of the road waiting for some truck ti hit him. But at last I had some satisfation.

The very big big news is another one, I suppose. Since Tuesday until September 23rd, I'll be a mail office teller! Yahoooooooooo!
I don't care if it's only for two months ^______________^ The very precious thing is that is not really far from here, in the town I went to attend high school. I repeat: Yahooooooooooooo!!! Mana YOU'RE MINE!!!!! Cute useful Rilakkuma bento set that I've had to forget because of the concert, YOU'RE PRETTY MINE TOO!!!!! Yahooooooooo!!!!

You know what? Episode 15 is already out. Someone stops them.

mercoledì 18 luglio 2007

Da day after (^____^)

And I also dreamt about it!!!! Because it wasn't enough, noooooo...!!!!!


I don't know how useful will be this day off...I'm tired.

I finally managed to dl the available fuurinkazan eps so far. Quite proud of myself.

Listening to: Mind Forest. Oh, it's useful. It's needed. It's a therapy.

Ok, ok. I can't do it. I beg your pardon.

It's that I've seen myself, in him. I've seen the same loneliness, the same fear. Obviously I'm not like him, not even a micron, and neither I understand him. But being alone it's not a good thing. For anyone. I point out again: this is not some strange sort of comprehension, or simpathy. This is the explanation of WHY I hate this kind of situations.

And it's not even that I feel guilty for him. Yes, if we evaluate the whole thing, it's like is quite my fault. Right. I feel guilty for starting the fire. Not for him. I must stay quiet and bear. As I've always done.

Oh, let me making you aware of my last related paranoia(and let's see if also this one will become true XD): He blame me for everything has happend so far. He thinks that I persuaded the whole class to hate him. And that's raging in him. Frankly, I was thinking about that yesterday should was (and don't even know if exist this conjugation XD) the day he exploded in my face, at least (in his rotten mind) for asking why I act like that. So. That's the point. I can't figure the reason of his beheviour. At least send me to Hell. I don't know if it's because he knows he's wrong (but this fights with his exploit of yesterday) or because he's REALLY that mad.

So, that's all. Let's wait and see.

Zen moment: Birdcage ALOUD. It's a pity that the window is shut. I'm in Dr. Gackt's hands.

martedì 17 luglio 2007

Speechless...(Cose turche reloaded&remastered)

Seriously, I do not know what the hell I may write about all this shit. Because all the matter revolves (oh, what a cute consonance...) around the VOID. Well, not exactly the void. Something really near to it. I'm trying really hard to not pay attention to any of the circumstances that has revived the last days. I mean, COME ON. We're all legal and grown... Or maybe it's some sort of strange curse that a voodoo mama casted on these courses?

Maybe I had to keep my mouth shut and go on. Damn.
Anyhow he's wrong. He's mad. Maybe he wouldn't come to class wearing a hockey mask with a chainsaw in his hands, but I'm scared. I've got to say this. I'm really scared. The acme was when I saw him sitted there as we went out of the bar. It's something I've ever seen only in nightmares. The ones when you think: "Now I'm safe, he can't do anything weird. He's gone. Keep cool", and just when you've said this, HERE HE COMES, right there, and you think "COME OOOOOOOON!!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

Yes, this is my beloved dramatization of it. I'm aware of this. But GOOD GRIEF, it's a fact that he did some things that he mustn't did, and that he's keeping his fucking attitude again and again. There was only ONE thing needed. Apologize. Nothing more nothing less.

I think that he's now wondering about how dreadful we are. Crazy. First he says he's going to kill himself, then he's chitchatting as nothing has happened. Someone please explains me this, because maybe I'm dumb, but I really can't catch it.

But, most of all...WHY SHOULD I COME IN CONTACT WITH THESE WEIRDO ALWAYS?????? Who has decided this? When? Where?

A positive thing is that my selfconfidence is flying so high in the sky that I can almost say I'm happy to be like this. How can I referr badly to myself when these kind of freaks exist in the world? I'm sane, basically.


I also noticed that I have a vocation for seeing the future. And that some things never disappear completely. Let's say that I've already seen that kind of eyes. (put some dramatic/tragic music in here)

Ok, a Chacha-moment to relieve the night:

some explanation: I just lllllllllllllllllove this pic toooooooooooo much. In a very romantic way, I still think that was not a pose. He's actually listening to some sample and has that wonderful face because he's thinking of some wonderful ways to put that Gackt's mess into REAL music. (^_______________^)

I can't think of an end to this post. I'm sick and tired. What's for "mitomane" in English?
Uhmmmm...let's see...where's a good medical dictionary when someone needs it...oh,

Get out of here. Now.

lunedì 16 luglio 2007


I'm dead. Do you remember the pic I posted with yoshiki? My face it's like that, now.

Now. Just some silly thoughts before gym. Listen carefully.
I'm a paranoid. I'm the first who knows it well.
It doesn't feel really that much good when your paranoias become truths. No, no, no. Pretty much NO. N O. Should I repeat this last concept? I will if you ask me. Sure. You're welcome. Feel free to ask. Etc etc

It's that I just hate this situation. Why? Why me? WHYYYYYYY??????

Rumors say that he told Mr.NiceGuy that he doesn't like me: this without anyone ask him about (ç_ç). OH GOOD GOOD GRIEF. Gimme a blanket, Linus. Play me some Beethoven, Schroeder. ALOUD. Explain me my mental state, dear old Lucy. Bring Rerun here, IMMEDIATELY!!!! (gotta say that Rerun is always welcome here u___u )

Talking about love, there's only one man that can revive this night, with only a litte popup in this nonsense. Enjoy the man I would marry if only I believe in marriage and sort:

~In one of his greatest pics.~

Ah...I feel better. Much better. Ya.

sabato 14 luglio 2007

Esterno giorno.

Ore 12.00. Salgo le due rampe di scale. Sbaglio ala ma mi riprendo subito. Chi trovo alla mia sinistra, appena entrata nell'ufficio? Il visagista delle dive. Che, notoriamente, E' TRUCCATISSIMO.

I couldn't afford to write this in english, it wouldn't have any sense at all.
14th ep of Lucky Star, ALREADY OUT? Come on, I didn't start the 13th yet (X-X).

Also, I have this little big-written book to don't know if this is even the right night to begin a translation...uhmmmmmmmmm...


Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. Only one thing: WTF it is???? Can't wait for the second ep (n______n)y

It recall hugely PaniPoni, but i'm not sure if this is a good/bad thing.

Gotta go translate (ç_ç) t...aaaaah...sssssu...keeeeeee...teeeeeehhhhhhh...


Would please lift up a hand if:
- you hate your father, for known and certain reasons;
- you hate your father, because he's THE ONE who has the power to destroy anything in your life;
- you hate your father, for the simple reason that THAT night he could at least try to wear that fucking condom;
- you hate your father, and just don't know why, let's say upon trust.

If you match all the previous statements, start to clap your hands as I'm doing. It's not very useful, but at least some of the strains will be relieved. OH, BUGS.

He's trying to make me write one of his awful letters to the local newspaper. Fucking idiot. And, (the worst thing that stands above all and waves her(?) little hand to greet us, little brats) ABOUT POLITICS. That is equally disturbing and useless, at least here.

BUT let's think about cheerish things, folks. In other words, the next Jbox's order (^_____________^):

- Rilakkuma bento box set (I know, it's not that cheap of a bento, but it's dishwashable and HUGE);
- various kinds of furikake (don't mind the sauce containers in this page...I've already purchased them XD and never used it ç_ç);
- a Milky candies pack (oh, come on, I need this kind of useless things too! è_é).

That's all. Why, you may say, don't you buy something from cdjapan or similar? Well, that a good question XD. Joking. Because all the things I actually want to buy DON'T SEEM TO EXIST ANYMORE. I've got over-aged musical taste. Neither Teru knows anything about it, and he's almost ten years older than me (x_x);;;;;;;;

venerdì 13 luglio 2007


Why do I should not buy, with the 40 bucks I'll get Sunday, that KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII totoro bento just uploaded by Jbox? Why?

giovedì 12 luglio 2007


I'm tired, ok? Fucking tired today.
I'm gonna kill him. Soon. Maybe I'm a little too paranoid, ok, let's assume that. I agree, but the fact that fucking Piglet-like living being it's annoying me. He stared at me for most of the lesson, today. At least, he changed desk after the lunchbreak. I know that he noticed my little light humble behaviour towards him. At least, I HOPE THAT HE 'D NOTICED IT. And now, he's going to join the other course too. And I hope that he's not going to be hired at the shop's bargain sales. OH, BUGS. That would be perfect. Really.

I was fainting like a 1600's young pale lady, returning home. My head pulses as I do something more challenging that being here writing these nonsense. I'm tired in every way you would put it.

And with this get-the-fuck-off-you-little-piece-of-shit mood I have, I wish you a very good night, my dear little nice fella.

f u.

Gotta to some exercise to prevent fat from make me rolling like a rolling stone.

that was funny.

I wonder...

... if Gackt has really those BIG BLACK EYES, or if they're the newest pair of lenses...They're scary...I'm scary writing sentences like that...Such fangirlitic entries so early in the morning...

Gotta go.

At least save this Planet! Not for fair thoughts or sort, but for the fact that right now I'M FREEZING, an dwe're on the mids of July!!! WTF????

mercoledì 11 luglio 2007

Notiziuole varie ed eventuali.

Good afternoooooooooooon! Baka's speaking. I've got this huge burden just over the stomach. Dunno why. I cannot possibly blame that BIG nashi pear I've eaten after lunch. It was too cute. All rounded. Seemed like it was smiling at me. Yes, I ate it, but in a very respectfull way. Yup. I'm gonna die soon.

But that's not the news I wanna talk about.

Next Sunday, between 6.00 pm and 02.00 am, I'll organize (me and other people as well...)the bargain sales in a shop around here. You know what? This is a job. Honto wa, my dear fella. A job. That brings money with itself.

Listening to chacha singing about an empty lie that was once an empty dream, or the other way round, or both, gomen, can't understand a word of Japanese. Blame on me.

martedì 10 luglio 2007

Mission: Job Interview.

Accomplished. At least, for now.

Smoothly, but now I can say that I definitely hate collective j.i. I can't figure out what kind of useful meaning they can have.
ALSO, my feet hurt. Not that badly as I was afraid of, but they hurt.

Dunno why, but I'm downloading Shounen Onmyouji's 16th ep. Sasshiburidana. So sasshiburi XD then I can't recall which ep I've stopped to download it. Who cares.

I need a fucking degree. ANY type of a fucking degree. If I've had a fucking degree, now I was searching for a job to pay the plane fee to Japan, and then teaching Italian in the Nova institute (ç_ç) They didn't need Japanese. Only your native language and some sort of english. And that fucking degree.

Gotta hang out the laundry.

But first I listen to Returner ^_______________________^

ps: this last sentence WAS NEEDED

lunedì 9 luglio 2007



Perchè mi hanno rovinato l'ultima puntata di boris con quella canzone insulsa?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

L'ho trovata molto italiana, davvero. Molto italiana.

Ah, l'unica cosa decente italiana degli ultimi mille anni XD

Stroncata da un chitarrino.

Tragico epilogo.

Da cronaca nera.


Unò-duè unò-duè...


Thirteen eps to go. By George.

This morning, after a BRIEF illusion, I had to realize that THAT idiot was about to join the rest of the at least SANE umanity that composes the class (x_x)...what a painful sentence. Come on, fuck off. I'm saying this to myself (^-^) Yes, I'm a little tsundere today (sorry, I prefer this to "bipolar", in the end the meaning is the same...). But it's AAAAAAALL related to the fact that yesterday night I finished to watch My Boss My Hero. It's hard to admit that, but it's true. I'm in love with Tomoya Nagase. Completely. Of course, I feel rather ashamed for it XD. But WHO CARES? This is my late teenage!!!!

I think now more than ever that lobothomy cannot wait longer XDDDDD

Tomorrow is the day! Job interview. Varese. Sashiburi. And I have to go with my father. BY GEORGE. And that means that EVERY FUCKING TURN he'll have to repeat me again and again the story about him living there, and sort, that was my high school, this is the gas station where that pedophile that I make you live with for about six years worked. Of course he wouldn't refer to him like that (at least, it would be more interesting, a variation, for god's sake...)

Fuurin Kazan. Will it become my Moby Dick? Because that 12k bitrate doesn't make me feel very sure about it. Let's wait and see.

Listening to: L'arc~en~ciel. Driver's high. Then, Winter fall. Fangirlism has to become an ufficial disease, believe me.

I've finished My Boss My Hero so I've got to cry out loud a little.

What a great drama. Lovely. I'll miss it. Even Sakura-nanto ka. Anyway

Yoshiki is dead and he didn't notice it yet^^

Come on...I know that lately my sight has gotten worst, BUT NOW! Look at that old man! He cannot possibly be Yoshiki!


The world, has changed...
I feel it in the water...
And so on, I cannot remember anything else right now...

I guess you're waiting to know that yes, I dled a couple of TOKIO songs. They're pop. Nagase's voice is (imho) weirdly high, I'm too addicted to Makky heir-of-a-yakuza-boss' one. Strange.

As strange as I don't want to go to bed, tonight.


Fangirlism late at night is the worst.


domenica 8 luglio 2007


I've just made a terrific discovery. Have a seat, please...Ready?
T M Revolution is the Abingdon Boys School' vocalist.

Well, I'm not really smart, but THIS IS TOO MUCH. Also, I've seen them on youtube. Shit, tmr is not someone you cannot notice! With that Jacko face, come on... So, what can I do? I like them. Very much. They're a bit commercial, but you know...

Tomorrow: course. Cheer up. By the way, my dear old fellowes, can you figure out WHO THE HELL I've seen yesterday, after my shopping&hairdress journey? That fucking son of a bitch and a damned pimp. He saw me, and I saw him. For my sake I was with my mum. He SUDDENLY turned the head from me. What a pity. BUT tomorrow I'll have the pleasure to see him eight hours a day. Damn. Goddamn.

sabato 7 luglio 2007

Propositi per l'anno nuovo...

...mai cominciare una frase con apparentemente.


GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS!!! Paolo Poli on air on Jimmy channelllllllllllll.
I love the sound of his voice. Just noticed it. Must record this tomorrow.

Oh, là...

...sono una persona felice.
Sono riuscita ad aggiungere Urban Dictionary ai motori di ricerca di firefox.
Tanto felice che non riesco a scrivere in english. Troppo felice.
Già che ci siamo, chi è che va in giro a dire che opera è il miglior browser? Renato Farina? No, perchè altrimenti capirei un sacco di cose...

venerdì 6 luglio 2007

A lack of...

Stylish template. And with "stylish" I mean gacktish or (better) chachaish template. I know, I know...I can make it by myself. IF ONLY I was able to. IF ONLY blogspot allow me to do it, because MAYBE I'M STUPID, but it always repeats that there's some code to close for use the template.

Ok, I've just recalled why I haven't a stylish template. Good.

I've managed to free at least 50gb from the hd. But now I don't have any more dvds ç_ç Ten dvd-rs in two days. But at least I can open my azureus directory without the fear that it would explode...

Oh, Bugs. I've left the post like this for about three hours before noticing that I didn't post it yet XD
But I have some big news! Are you sitted somewhere? Beware...let's start!
I've just received a message. This fact itself is already a big news, I know, but just focus our sight on the sender: a former classmate of high school period. Uhm, I've only finished it four years ago. And this time was spent without a SINGLE message from them.
Today, I received the joyful news that TOMORROW (why won't you tell me this tomorrow after noon, gal?) there will be a class reunion pizza, followed by some unspecified night. GOD (yes, not Bugs, but GOD, g o d, and remember: I'm a fully Atheist), how dumb they think I am? And they told me that by MESSAGE! They're too poor to call me?
THE DAY BEFORE!!!! Oh jesus christ why didn't I kill them when I had the time and the chance to do it??????? I spent five years of agony in that fucking school, and now (NOW) they come up with this shit.

Marvelous. Really. I guess I'm recalling all the hatred and the frustration from my school years. Fuck.

giovedì 5 luglio 2007

Taste of Sun/ What for "paraculo", in English?

Gooooooooddamn. That's all.
Summer brings its fruits, literally. Plums, if you want to know. Ok, that's for the taste of sun.
Let's talk about the paraculo.
Why, when they come to describe a dog's nature, never use word like this? Because it fits perfectly my dog, and many other dogs, I guess. They say they're cute, funny, energic, and things of sort, but never tell you about the fact that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, and that they do ANYTHING to achieve it. Anything. Like this:

"My master is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! She never lets me out of here!!!!! Help me!!! I'm a sad little hungry dog! Free me!!!"
Or this:

"You're the kindest, prettiest, slimmest and smartest master I've ever had. Where's that cookie?"

Nothing is going the way it was supposed to go. WTF.

mercoledì 4 luglio 2007

Fantolin, Fantolin, viva Fantolin!!

Solo tu               Fantolin!
Sempre tu           Fantolin!

Direi che basta così.
In piena produzione dolciaria.
Perchè stasera c'è un compleanno. Alla quale ci hanno cortesemente invitato (CI, perchè parteciperà tutta La Famiglia Brambilla in vacanza), e alla quale non possiamo certo presentarci a mani vuotarelle. Giammai. Quindi, pandispagna farcito con marmellata di albicocche e crema pasticcera NONCHE', tanto per limitare le calorie che siamo in estate e c'è il bikini(seeeeeeee), ricoperto con glassa al cioccolato fondente e scritta di cioccolato bianco.
Non ce la farò mai.
Crema e pane spagnuolo ready. Manca la glassa. E poi si assembla.

Ovviamente nessuno ha chiamato da quella fabbrica sbrilluccicante splendidume da ogni mattone dove mi sarei trovata benissimo e avrei potuto mostrare le mie qualità informatiche. Figuriamoci. Sicuramente avran preso la solita troietta che sa di per certo che il computer non si aziona a manovella. Beh, avevo(ho) una torta alle fragole homemade che avrei potuto sbafarmi dalla contentezza estrema in cui ero, però non l'ho fatto. Sì, d'accordo, ne ho mangiate due fette dopo pranzo, ok. Però ero dell'umore giusto per farle la festa. Ma mi sono limitata. Che brava bambina. E C'ERA PURE LA NUTELLA!!!! Ed è ancora lì, intatta!!!!

Teru mi ha fatto notare una cosa. Lo studio del giapponese. Che è impossibile da fare da soli. Ma ci si può sempre provare. Son qui da quindici anni e non sono ancora morta nè ho ancora ammazzato nessuno, quindi anche il giapponese è una cosa fattibile.
Più che altro perchè è impossibile andare in Giappone a insegnare italiano senza laurea. Piano smontato prima di essere messo in atto. Il giapponese mi tocca. Ecco, diciamo che è più probabile che impari il giapponese da sola a casa, che prenda la laurea.

E dovrei anche magair mettermi a preparare il pranzo, che ne dite?

martedì 3 luglio 2007

Chi... non un pazzo completo, si metterebbe a scaricare un drama che durerà 50 episodi, dei quali 25 sono già usciti, sapendo perfettamente che è di una NOIA sconfortante, nonostante lo splendidume degli attori, che ci sono degli insospettabili punti di contatto con una qualsiasi tele-sbobba italica?

Naturalmente io u____u
C'erano dei dubbi in proposito?
Ma soprattutto, perchè tutto ciò?
Semplice. gakuhai dice che nel 26 il gackto recita meglio. Ogni scusa è buona. Così, pur sapendo che rischierò il coma profondo ad ogni episodio, me lo sto scaricando; senza contare che in coda ci sono ancora gli 11 episodi di nodame e my boss my hero.

Ju-ken testimonial del darts è abbastanza sganascioso. In quasi posa plastica.
EPPOI!!!!! Io mi ero accorta che c'era qualcuno di noto tra i membri di supporto degli S.K.I.N.!!! Ma non pensavo di certo al sempre bello Ju-ciccio!!!

Mettiamoci a studiare che magari per 'sta settimana li finiamo i riassunti.


lunedì 2 luglio 2007

I just want to bother other people the less possible...

Come cosa??????
I sub di sexy voice and robooooooooooooooo....
Sììììììììììì...ed è già una settimana che erano fuoriiiii ma mi son dimenticata di guardare sul sitooooooo...
no eh, finiamola.
Ah, io adoro questa serie *_* e si era arrivati a un momento topico *__________*
Ma devo finire il riassunto, prima.


...c'è della roba in sospensione nella mia coca. Questa è una rappresaglia. Solo perchè la sto USANDO per ottenere un album(che poi ieri sera mi sono abbioccata di schianto e non ho mandato il messaggio), non vuol dire che mi deve far rischiare l'avvelenamento. Che bibita maleducata.

Oh, per l'appunto. Kona-chan sta avendo effetti devastanti sulla mia personcina. Prima Sacred, poi la ltd edition dei ReS, ora i metodi scientifici per l'ottenimento dei premi xD. Ovvero preparare il messaggio con il codice e aspettare la mezzanotte (visto che le canzoni in palio sono mille al giorno, appena dopo la mezzanotte ci sarà più probabilità di beccarle, o no?) e poi inviarlo. Peccato che non funzioni molto se ci si addormenta alle dieci di sera. No no.

domenica 1 luglio 2007


Second one! Free song from ITunes! I'm getting addicted to this. Maybe I'll be able to download the entire album. Because who cares about the 80gb Ipod if I can hear a Vienna's album impossible(so far) to find? Nobody. Not me. At least the intro song is not as depressing as Legend.
The strange thing is that I'm doing this LEGALLY. It's weird.
My music interests have always been 99% illegal.
Three pages. Only three pages left. But I've already downloaded the 12th episode. I hope that they will separate first 13 episodes from the other 13 ç__________ç
Onegai shimasu.