martedì 30 settembre 2008

This is a Beehive's Fire night.

Well, at least no one can say that I had a bad musical taste since my early childhood.

It's something that grew up later.

I was a brilliant musical critic. At the mere age of four years old. Yes yes. I knew it all already.

And that's all.

Mostly, I was ASTRAYED from some bad thin guy since then. Without even know it. Criminal, isn't it?

lunedì 29 settembre 2008

Origami shurikens & Lucky Star OVA.

Yes, I'm becoming a crafts lover.

An unrequited love, though.

BUT the Lucky Star OVA is WONDERFUL. *_*

And I need MOAR.

I heart folks at KyoAni.

martedì 23 settembre 2008


Will somebody wear me to the fair?

Will a lady pin me in her hair?

Will a child find me by a stream?

Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream.

For all of these simple things and much more a flower was born

It blooms to spread love and joy faith and hope to people


Inside every man lives the seed of a flower

If he looks within he finds beauty and power

Ring all the bells sing and tell the people that be everywhere

that the flower has come

Light up the sky with your prayers of gladness and rejoice for

the darkness is gone

Throw off your fears let your heart beat freely at the sign that

a new time is born

domenica 21 settembre 2008


Visual kei died the moment Gackt-san left Malice Mizer.

sabato 20 settembre 2008

I think...

... that the black ships issue was born because Japanese people was pissed off from these strangers that add 19 more katakana simbols to the chart.

Well, if not I'M PISSED OFF.


I'm not going to do katakana drills by any means, today.

New Lucky Star OVA cm posted!

Here, just scroll down a little would you?


Konata desu
Kagami desu
Konata desu

Kagami desu

Konata desu

Kagami desu

Konata desu

Kagami desu...


Can't wait...! CAN'T WAIT!!!


venerdì 19 settembre 2008


"Good authors too who once knew better words,

Now only use four letter words

Writing prose, Anything Goes. "

I'm not quite the quote type (yes, I was STARVING for saying these exact words, forgive me), but I feel some kind of happiness down the well, and today it's not Mr. Darjeeling's fault. Just a huge cup of green tea.

Yes my life will end in nine days, but I'm happy.

I want a pair of NewRock boots.

giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Guess what? I forgot.

As usual ç_ç

I've got the perfect idea to finish my "I miss 90's"/The crow/scary masks ACEO, just yesterday night, and I thought: "What a cool idea! It's simply to draw and fits the concept perfectly! I'm a genius! Bravo! Bravo!"

And I forgot.

Idiot. Stupid. Asshole.

Would you like... join my happiness in noticing that MyBuuf firefox template is finally ready to embellish my favorite browser?


Rather you prefer to join my sadness in NOT having my five wonderful sexpot shirts here in myyyyyyy dirty little hands.

Yes, that's better.

I want to go to Japan.

This is teasing me more and more and MORE.

mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

In short.

After FIVE (5) years of: "Come with me to Japan!" "Why don't come with me to Japan?"


Now, that I've finally some bucks to waste in a proper way, now that I can FINALLY take an airplane and go THERE.

NOW. Right now.

I cannot believe this shit.

martedì 16 settembre 2008

For the time being: WTF?!

This is all I have to say now.


(I just don't have any will to open a word processor and change my system language, a little mercy please...)

lunedì 15 settembre 2008

You shouldn't love Maths.

Because otherwise you wouldn't be gladly shocked as I was last night watching "Hakase no aishita sushiki" (The professor and his beloved equation).

Well, maybe that shocking reaction was more caused by the bottle of warm darjeeling tea that I've drunk the whole day long, ending up being TOTALLY AWAKEN at 2.45 am.

This movie is perfect. Terao-san is perfect. That moeish kawaiiiiiiiiii actress, despite my true hate towards that kind of actresses, was perfect, and mostly Equation-sama XD was astonishing.

So sad, not too much moving, funny, well acted and directed. I'm in love.

Yes, I must admit that as I saw that Koike Teppei's cosplayer playing as the grown-up Root, well, I was about to switch off.

BUT I've endured. I'm glad I've done it.

Next: the real thing. Koike Teppei. Well, I've always hated him just seeing that stupid chibikko look on his 10 years old face. AND I WASN'T TOTALLY WRONG! Yes, Shibatora isn't the perfect dorama, not at all... Still, most of the gags are hilarious X°D and Miki-san is always Miki-san u_u. Plus, Suzuka-chan in her teens!!!

Pervert, me? Nai.

domenica 14 settembre 2008

Today's issue:

Cute Toriyama-sensei's rounded mountains.

And that's all.

Oh, no wait: a thermos full of darjeeling.


sabato 13 settembre 2008



Gorgeous mask. But THAT'S ALF THE ALIEN!!!


I'm becoming aware that my last cdjapan order (four gackt's album VS five sexpot tshirts XD) was made only because...


Well, it was a bargain anyway, five shirts for 60 bucks.

How many people can cry reading a blog?

One, and that's me.

And no, I'm not moved. I'm just angry. Totally angry and sad and I'll never go to Japan once in my whole fucked life.


venerdì 12 settembre 2008


What a cool looking word.

Means "to (try to) understand"

Cool, indeed.

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

A little thought about new jgothic bands.


just throw in a little holy mary picture AND YOU GOT IT!

How I hate...

... people unable to open a myspace.

Or, better, people that wants to open a myspace but simply THIS ANNOYS THEM.

Just don't open it, isn't that easy?

Open a blog under another platform. BUY A JOURNAL! They're dramatically in, lately! Leather, lace, stuff like that! And a pen!

Just, I'm covered in acrylic paint, and you ask me how to open a myspace?

Do you want to die?

mercoledì 10 settembre 2008

everlasting katakana.

I'm tired. So full and tired of these little annoying difficult to write thingies...SO TIRED!!!
And I have still a long way to go X°D


martedì 9 settembre 2008

Just a line...

... to remark you my absolute total pathetic love towards Yuko Takeuchi.

(REALLY just a line...!)

sabato 6 settembre 2008


The first step in a proper World domination is to print a 12 inch ruler.

Ah, that darn metric system...! I've always hated it *nodding*

Well, what else?...

Oh, I safely registered myself as a seller on Etsy. Now I have to decide what exactly I can sell on it.

Hint: the inch ruler has a leading role in this Etsy journey.


Ryusan's website doesn't work.

OBVIOUSLY, I'm picturing some of the worst cases.

Like... no, nevermind.

venerdì 5 settembre 2008

It is out of the question.

I won't go out this Saturday night.

"How brave!"

"Modern times heroine!"

Yes, thanks. But it's not for that.

Italian lesson n.1


The act of being forced in a threesome night. Most of times, without any sexual implication. Just for the fun of emphasize your own loneliness. How cool. Guaranteed amusement!

giovedì 4 settembre 2008

My life was shoppingly full, right before I found...

... this .

Kill me. And do it now.


20 bucks!

And YOU know who's on backing vocals (well, backing... X°D)? included...

*searching for a sharpen knife*

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

Happiness is...

...order four Gackt's albums and five sexpot tshirts without feeling any guilt!

Ah, I've dreamed about the hotel, last night.

Actually, I dream about the hotel almost every single fucking night, since I was freed from it.

It's not painful, horrible or such. It's just ridicolous.

Sometimes I wake up and think about: "My gosh! I won't be able to make this or that in time!(always referring to foods to prepare or rooms to make ready)"


I can't calm down, at least when I'm in the middle of a nightmare.

So sad, isn't it?

No. Not at all.

So: Mars, Rebirth, Moon and Crescent. Come to me! \( *_*)/ \(*_* )/

Do I have to tease you about my intention in not buying love letter or the compilations?
No, I've teased you enough already. Goodnight.