domenica 30 dicembre 2007


Right after having listened to my old music archives (O_O a Pandora's box that I wouldn't like to open again, trust me...), I MUST listen to Mizerable (of course the 6thday version). No matter what. And now I feel quite better.
I'm so far away from those years, luckily. Don't misunderstand, I still like most of them, but I definitely REGRET some choices I made, let's say that.
And now I feel like Mana-san have saved me XD, that day I stepped onto marisu *_*
I already knew about Japanese contemporary music, from laruku and other musicians anime-related (and I was pretty into shibuya-kei, at that time u.u), but THAT was the change of season. DEFINITELY. Then I discovered Gackt, and then ^___________________^ you know who I'm talking about [secretive fangirl MODE is: ON].

Ok, since I cannot write this on the Italian blog of mine (a girl talked about chacha calling him GN*CC*L*S*, what a nymphomaniac, but mostly WTF???!!!!, but I think she won't like to read this, and since we'll meet at the next DIO concert...well...):
Just stop with all that shit, nymphogirls, come on. Someone can find him cute (O_O), ok, most of the Japanese people are cute to my eyes either XD, but COME ON, HANDSOME?
Let's focus on the real matter: he's a brilliant singer and a crazy guitar player (in the best way this means), and for my personal opinion an outstanding artist, BUT I WON'T FIND HIM HANDSOME EVEN IN A MILLION YEARS! EVER!
Should I post some of his early photos? SHOULD I? Or when he's without makeup? Do you really wanna see them? Will you find him handsome after that? I DON'T THINK SO.

Well, it's true that this can go with MOST of the japanese music artists as of now...

Ok, now it's perfectly clear HOW MUCH I hate that kind of fangirlism.

By the way, whyTF I'm talking like an old man, suddenly?

giovedì 27 dicembre 2007


... dear customers of mine, fella, and everyone else:
you badly have to know that I am real GROSS
this is diverting my attention in writing this post, so...
check it out and make a sound laught X°D

It has enlighten my day, really...

I just finished to watch Good luck! drama. Soooo cute. Takuya owns it. Hugely, but it's still enjoyable.



ps. my next useful nickname will be otsukaresama_deshita. DEFINITELY.

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2007


I'm beginning to suffer because this constant short of money. Yeah. And I keep eating too, so...

lunedì 24 dicembre 2007

Netlog is madness...

...but is just so fun!!! xD
I need a break. Well, a coma would be so nice, but Santa doesn't want to help me, so...
My self-presents didn't arrive neither this morning. FUCK.
I'll have to pack up my Innonence dvd, and that will be my present. What a happy Christmas.
Now I have to go explaining my last chacha-themed dream on netlog XD.
Before this, I gotta tell that nice and kind seller on etsy that my necklace didn't arrive.

giovedì 20 dicembre 2007


bad news: the "panettone project" has failed. stupid fucking bakery owner. YOU FAIL!

good news: I'm watching dexter FROM THE BEGINNING. thank you foxcrime +1!

venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

the constant procrastinator

Don't ask me why I started with such a title, because I D O N T K N O W.

I've bought a ticket for the DIO CONCERT IN MILAN SCHEDULED ON MARCH, 11TH, and still I don't believe this will happen. Ok, I STILL don't believe that I was there (see the little gif on the right please).

This thing is really really positive for me. Earlier, MoiDixMois, then, DIO, then?

Will be possible for Kra&Kagrra to make JUST a little departure, while they come back from that FUCKING shitty far away place that's Colony?

Wanna make Yasuno-onichan feeling guilty for his hairstyle change. Just that.



giovedì 13 dicembre 2007

I feel a little guilty...

I've already talked about that italian "blog" I've just opened some weeks ago, and it's easier to post there, even if the whole thing seems to me at least a little suspicious, but THIS is my OFFICIAL XD blog. So stay tuned, my dear old fans.

One day, two job opportunities wasted. And only for one of them was my fault. The other one was almost a shock, I've already checked trains, bus, distance from rail station and gym (it was a gym). All screwed up. Oh go fuck yourself, Mister Tatooed kinnikuman. Go already.

One of the three packages left arrived two days ago. But none of my self-presents. Was I too greedy?

venerdì 7 dicembre 2007

Being a non-fangirl fan is an everyday task.


This one is cute xD

She've sent me the R&R tour, but the 2nd disc only.


Cool. And I think one of the platinum, the unplugged one. At least I'll be able to make some new chacha capts. Gotta clean the kitchen. Don't wanna to. Can't help listening to kou-san all day long. Maybe night too.


mercoledì 5 dicembre 2007

don't even think to go to spazio tokyo!BEWARE

I just wanna say that I'm officially in love with Kou Shibasaki.

Good night.

lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Only if...

He died.
That's so much bad. Really. I mean, he was one of the men I'd really like to meet, to talk with about voiceacting, and the current worsening of it, and to getting angry about this especially, the grandness of his work, his career, his importance in my childhood, how he was able to turn out every single character, even the most bitchy and nasty, into something that dragged my attention, how his skills made the "Murder she wrote"'s voiceacting work such a nice thing to hear, even if you didn't like the show. Maybe I'm frantic.

I won't see any other new Lupin related thing dubbed in Italian, ever.

I didn't think that it will turn out this way. I couldn't figure this pain. Well, I couldn't figure he would die this soon.

Ciao Roberto, e grazie. Sarà impossibile dimenticarti.

domenica 2 dicembre 2007

big, big, BIG...

... ReS pics galore from
Quite proud of myself. I know that I should support the bands I like, money on this front. Well, there's a bit of it, but it's already taken.
Gomennnnnnnnasai, minna.

I also spend about THREE HOURS, capturing pics from the chachapicksryu video, to make them into an animated gif to be proud of, buuuuuuuuuut... it sucks. Forty frames, FIVE HUNDREDS kb.

Uhm, kinda unexpected XD

I find Satsuki cute.