sabato 26 luglio 2008


...Gackt's live that I won't join.


This work that's KILLING me.

I feel betrayed, sometimes. But most of the times I feel fucked up, as usual.

Another month. Then, back to non-reality. Yup.

lunedì 21 luglio 2008


... my life sucks.

This work sucks. I'll be very very glad to explain this all to you X°D after its end, let's say for now that they're draining me every day more +_+


I'll survive.

Thanks Bugs for wifi.

giovedì 10 luglio 2008

Journey to the north.

Bringing with me the little baby?


I'll be away for two days starting tomorrow, fellas.

See you soon.

ps. Of course, Gackt-san will blog like hell, while I'll be away from the net.

ja ni~

mercoledì 9 luglio 2008

talking about fangirlism...

A Ded Chaplin googling led me first blog.

A shamefully fangirlistic blog. Goodness. I'm astonished.
Mostly, I wasn't at all aware of it! I'm a dangerous little(?) fangirl! BEWARE!

Well, self-awareness of my own mental illness is the first step, in a honest therapy.

I'm not only self-aware I'M SCARED of myself! Totally scared! Ok, that photograph is still there, after five? four years...And I'm not going to tear it up or something, I want it to stay there.

Like a warning X°D

Ok, blog erased from this world. *relieved*

Why all this frantic spouting? Because it's actually the third time that this happens: I'm looking for something, and suddenly one of my old blogs pops up, reminding me how BOLDLY stupid I was. I never felt like a fangirl, but BUGS!!!, I was. I really was a fangirl. Goodness goodness.

Giving Egawa-san a chance, or "Deplurking"

Yes I was puzzled about this post's title. I beg your pardon.

Yes, I'll give him a try. Sounds funny aloud, though. I cannot keep on this feud. It's way too much fangirlistic and I CAN'T possibly be more fangirl than I am now, right? (just guess what I'm listening to...)

By the way Keyboards Triangle was useless but cute, so... Come on, like I need a reason to do this!

About plurk: as Twitter, it become more and more meaningless the more you use it. And I didn't like how everyone want to be the ONLY WORTH-TO-READ plurker...And working it's kind of hard to keep up with all the shit they write, because their one is the only shit worth, while your one it's only mere shit...I think the karma thing has the major fault in my decision.

I thought to hold a press conference for this, but with this heat would be too much of a hassle, you know...

lunedì 7 luglio 2008

I donìt feel like writing or anything...

... I just thought that my blog feels miserable, lately. Yes, such a lack of motivation may be the cause, but still...I'm bored.

Will I be able, one wonderful day (reminds you something?...), to find a job that doesn't involve working with sicko/psycho and such? Unless me, of course.

I mean I'M TIRED! Tired of having such hard times when things would be merrier in a very very easy way! And it's always like this, no matter what!
Oh, I forgot to mention that, although my back, my feet and (strangely) my right hand hurt, I (kinda) like this job. But it's tiring when others are there just to make me (and the other girls) work more. Just leave, you're not needed, understand?

No. They've got a contract. Oh yes. The first three days were such a heaven *_* Most probably because I don't like the job itself, and knowing WHERE I was supposed to work, frankly, I was scared. So my awful expectations were a bit cheered up by the real thing.

(caution! I'm almost in short of grammatically worth English! Be careful from this point on!)

Gackt's discography. The new deal. Another journey. And not particularly difficult as the previous ones. Well, PARTIAL discography. I won't waste money on useless albums or such, unless it involves stupid fanservice videos X°D

It will be a bleeding. And that's my fault, not doing this little by little doing these years. Stupid me.

Whoa...too much this time. cya

domenica 6 luglio 2008

My feet hurt.

But that's not the main problem. I get tired only to write these bullshits.


By the way, I'm lacking motivation, since I've completed Vienna's discography. Yep. I'm thinking about something else to tease you, but, so far, the only thing I thought of is Gackt's discography. Ya.

Let's add to cart for a better tomorrow! ^_^

(my philosophy.)