giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

japan. me lost. any meaning you would add

its so untrue xD
me in japan...
well, lets get something to eat

martedì 27 gennaio 2009

About to leave.

Put aside the fact that this is the first time I'll fly, the fact that I'm traveling alone and that I'll be so so so so far away from the house I live in (yeah this itself deserves analisys).

This time, tomorrow, I'll be in Japan. In Tokyo. THERE.


See ya.

lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

So, simply tell...





I won't own a ticket for the concert. Oh yeah. I knew this like a couple of days ago (frankly, I cannot remember x°D) but I was so MAAAAAAAAAAAAD about this that I couldn't really have the slightest will to write.
T'was a fraud. A total fraud. Fortunately, the lady who bidded for me could have her money back (at least), but I won't attend the concert. I won't laugh while buying the kitakuni keychain. I won't despise with my genetic conceit those fangirls that will buy Gackt's chocolates x°D

I'll probably lay in a corner of the hostel crouched in the dark drawing fictious circles with my index finger.

With three blue vertical lines waving next to my head. Oh yes.

*whispering*Bloody Monday. Errata corrige. Otanoshimini \(ò_ò)/

venerdì 16 gennaio 2009

More music less fangirlism.

A more serious 2009, please.

No, don't misunderstand,  I'm talking to myself.

Yeah, I should write more seriously about things that I get into my ears.

Musical things.

What else, anyway?

I don't



I'm sorry. I could not resist.

martedì 13 gennaio 2009

This deserves a post.

Do you see that little George-san picture, here at right? Yes? So, that's the value of this crappyland X°D


Fangirlism DOES HAVE a value!!!


Ah, good Lord of rock 'n' roll X°DDDDDDDDDDDDD

lunedì 12 gennaio 2009 - Overall top tracks

1. Chachamaru
2. Beehive
3. Vienna
4. Ded Chaplin
5. Vienna
6. Vienna
7. Beehive
8. Vienna / Vienna
10. Shibasaki Kou

uhm... so: 50% Vienna - 20% Beehive - 10% Ded Chaplin - 10% Chachamaru - 10% Kou Shibasaki.

Rather weird. And of course that 10% of Kou-san is just a cover-up U_U

Celebrating 1100 Vienna's listened tracks since 01/04/08!!!! ( n_n)y

domenica 11 gennaio 2009

.shamefully ashamed of my shameful fangirlsm(in a shameful way, but that goes w/out saying).

What are you, when you can tell one guitarist in particular amongst others? (well, not all at the same time, or I would be SERIOUSLY worried about myself X°D)

A fangirl. Well, a pretty sharp one U_U but nothing more than a fangirl, my friends(?).

And that's sad. So sad. Funny, weird, stupid, and a big teaspoon of sadness.

One more evidence? Without you. GirlUneed. Yep. The one with that other guy on rhythmic guitar. I didn't know the tracklist, but I easily cry out "This one is Without You!!!" as I first heard it. Because I CAN TELL. Pathetically scary X°D

And, by the way, it's the only one I listen to with some happiness, not thinking that the whole GirlUneed thing was at least a bit crappier than I expected it to be. Like: "It's catchy!", or some other boring happy adjective.
Now, guess who wrote the music? Yep.

Ah, so so so so SO sad...

It's just that (well, isn't this a shameful post? So let it be 100% shameful...) some people needs fangirls/boys, while other people not. In my fangirlistic humble opinion.

giovedì 8 gennaio 2009

Breaking news: GHOST sucks X°D

Ah, I knew it.

The cm was too much explicative(if this is even a word) already.

There was this ENORMOUS wall in front of me, while I was listening. ENORMOUS, can you figure it? A big big wall.

A big one.

Ah, so sad. Nevertheless, Jesus is way way way much a better song "comparing" the two. Yeah I know this is useless, but COME ON! What the hell is that? Is it for this...? That we've waited this much?

I'm PRAYING that nothing but Jesus will be on the new album, PRAYING.

Anyway, it's not that I really care this much. It's just that listening to Over the rain makes me way too much EMOTIONAL.


venerdì 2 gennaio 2009


1. Thank this wonderful blogger that enlightened me about the only Chacha-san work(generally known, at least) I didn't have any ANY single clue about: Girluneed.


2. Remember that this year I'll turn 25. Yup, I'm not an age-con (yes, a brand new word for a brand new year! enjoy.), but the thing scares me.

3. Beg any single deity from random cults to make that yen value INCREASE. I mean, do you know where we were just a year ago? ONE HUNDRED SIXTY!!! SIXTY, I SAY!

4. Kill the neighbor cats. I love animals, pretty all the animal kingdom. Not those demons. They're NOT animals, so I can kill them. Simple.


Now, girluneed. So... Basically, I think that Marcy-san can*cough*should*cough* sing anything he likes. His voice is like that. Astonishing, in my opinion. And it has been like that in the last...25 years? Amazing. I can even overcome his posing attitude thanks to his voice ^^;
On the other hand, girluneed suck. Yeah, I'm saying this VOLUNTARILY(don't worry, I checked for it on the dictionary). I don't know, it's not that bad, but it's not even that good. Sure I have a future as a music critic, don't you think?

Like, take Ded Chaplin. I wasn't very much enthralled at first, especially by Niihara-san's voice, but if I kept listening means that there was something I liked and I still like. Setting aside Rock 'n' Roll hero, of course X°D
This time is quite different. I can't find a reason to keep listening to them. I mean, not even Chacha-san's solo parts(nothing really thrilling about it, unfortunately)! It's so strange...Like, I prefer Earthshaker! Come on, Earthshaker...!(At least the first two albums, then all become dizzy but mostly BORING) Not mentioning Chacha-san has nothing to do with ES (really...did I have to mention it the same?)

You know? I'm beginning to like *whispering*Bloody Monday. Maybe because for the last 9 xD eps I wasn't too much focused on the plot, so now everything seems so new to me X°D

Forget that thing about killing cats: I'll kill their owners, instead.