mercoledì 29 ottobre 2008

Useless plot, useless developments, and MOE.

Clannad ~ after story.

One of my favorites, this season ^_^ Despite the baaaaad reviews all over the net. I like it. That's all.

Ok, the bad things:

- I'm afraid of Jesus. In many ways X°D. But the one that scares me the most is that I DON'T WANT to hear another Chachasan's arrangement. I want to hear a Gackt's song.

- Mana-sama is definitely getting on my nerves. Why? Vampire Knight Guilty ED. Stop this NOW, Mana-san. Please ç_ç

Ok, and Obama will lose.

+sad but true+

lunedì 27 ottobre 2008

Yes, I'm just a stupid shopaholic, but...

... I love this hat.

Blame me.

Good night.

At least...

... wait for him to be elected!

I hate Illinois Nazis...this quote was sooo needed *nodding*

venerdì 24 ottobre 2008

I'm preparing some business card.


Business cards.

Which business, you ask?



giovedì 23 ottobre 2008

A 80s compilation...

... without Huey Lewis and The News.


I mean, it's a four cds set!

I know, I know.

It's way early, but this was the FREAKEST dream I've had so far, folks.

Just be aware that it implies a certain guitarist.

GOD, freakin' stupid wildest dream EVAH.

I don't know if I can make it until 01/28.

I'm afraid not.

At least I have a very very very cute trekking backpack.

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

Sono una fangirl del cazzo (REFRAIN).

I had the slightly BAD idea of watch the platinum box IX CM.

And, as the title says:

sono una fangirl del cazzo.

martedì 21 ottobre 2008

Backpack mission: done.

Arrived just a couple of ten minutes ago ^_^


Way too much, but leaving for the land of cuteness I have to be fully prepared.

What the heck am I writing? Dunno.

See ya, 10 pages of Lucky translation are waiting for me ç_ç

lunedì 20 ottobre 2008

Italian blog opened.

Yes, what a wonderful news, ne?

Waiting for a backpack. Sad but true.

Listening to Elii "last" album, after several tries. I never noticed ALL this prog influence

Lucky star OVA: 13 minutes lasting. What a booooooooohring thing.


venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

The t in translating stands for thrill.

Yes, about 15 minutes (until the end of it) of an episode in about two hours and a half.

I'm feeling quite cool.

I want to feel the same thing working. But it won't happen. So much sad.

Note: NEVER EVER WATCH "Memories of Matsuko". NEVER. NEVER EVER. Did I say NEVER? Yes? Ok. But promise me that you'll NEVER watch that movie. It's painful in such a pathetic way.  I cried a couple of dams out of it. Good grief. Really, GOOD GRIEF.

I hate to cry like that. Looks like I'm aging (n_n)

And, MOSTLY, Kou-san appears only in 2 (TWO) scenes. Although it's a musical. Wait...! I managed to see a Japanese musical 'til the end! Coooool...I just noticed that. Yup.

AND, she doesn't sing at all. Kou-san I mean. And that's bad.

giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

Shibuya-kei revival (in my head)

Or something like that.

Anyway, I like 8otto.

Blogging from Flock.

Just testing.

Actually, I'm testing a lot in the last days.


I don't know why, ne...

... but reading that Gacktsan's new single is called "Jesus", well, doesn't light up my day.

Not even a bit. And what's that MA thing?

I'm worried. Really really worried.

AH . . .

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

Testing one-two...testing one-two

Is all right?


Looking for the exit.



Without making other people noticing.


In silence.


Breathing quietly.


Is there...! Forward...!


lunedì 13 ottobre 2008


Flight: done.
Hostel: done.
Backpack: (almost) done. I won the auction, payed, and now I'm waiting.

A few things more and I'll be ready to run away.

Ah ah ah. You don't believe it either, do you? Yeah, quite unbelievable.

giovedì 9 ottobre 2008


... I feel like I'm positive in opening a new Italian blog. But most of the times just thinking about it makes me sick. I don't know. At least this one has an educational purpose (not for you, but for me xD). I think I've tried all the Italian weblog platforms existing. And all of them suck. Not just because they're full of "hey look at me! Me! Me!" people. It's just that Italian platforms are totally closed to the rest of the Net! And that's pretty stupid!

Well, now I'm pretty tempted. I would be able to talk and discuss about Italian politic, social issues, news...Why I don't do this here? Because I don't want to bore you more than I already do. And mostly because all these bullshits, in the end, annoy me.
I want to leave, that's all. Best will be Japan, but any other country that offers more to young&willing people than Italy is totally welcome. I want to try working in UK.

mercoledì 8 ottobre 2008

Oh La La

I'm always late. That darn hotel >_<

aqui xD

domenica 5 ottobre 2008

Hi everybody!

What's the best way to start a Sunday afternoon?

OF COURSE ripping the notebook's power unit!!! Y E A H ! ! !

AND, tomorrow morning, not so early not so late, I'll be in the local Post Office paying an ABSURD amount of money for my cdjapan "I'm out of that fucking hotel" 's order.

65,01 euros.

For the ones of you that are asking themselves "But where the hell is she writing from?" (like it's something that might interests any of the billions of living creature in this world, vegetables included), well, my old desktop pc. My HUGE, OLD, SLOW, desktop.

*searching for a razor*

sabato 4 ottobre 2008

Here, kitty,


But let me first explain you what a miniconvention(in the ill mind of THAT insurance company) is:

three girls;

an insurance agent, I think some kind of boss or head of some agency...dunno;

AN OPEN WINDOW. This morning the temperature was PRETTY low.

Let's start!
... and after half a hour of "This company will save the world! We've got the higher rates in the whole category! Even banks fear us! WORLD IS OURS!!!*maniacal laughter*"

the raw truth.

All these bullshits were intended to divert our attention from the REAL meaning of them: make acceptable in our *naive* minds the fact of being part of the big insurance family, or (in other words) have ANOTHER job interview, subscribe a form and enter the Insurance Agents Register.

No, wait... WHAT? Weren't you searching for a CLERK position? Do you think that I would do 50 kms just to become part of a fraud?!

I will NEVER ever answer to any other job offer from an insurance company. N E V E R .

mercoledì 1 ottobre 2008

+headache+, it's crossover prog, uh?

Oh, as you wish.