giovedì 29 novembre 2007

You know what?

Dear ol' fella Colonel Kurtz was pretty right.

Sure, man.

I should take a big fucking bomb and kill'em all.


poor dear kozi-san xD

I've finally managed to watch some bits of eve of destiny bugs.
That man is STOIC, to stand on a stage with that...thing. Exactly, WHAT is he?
At last I found somebody with worse hair than mine ^_^

mercoledì 28 novembre 2007

myspace attempt failed

just WTF?!
Yesterday night I spent about two hours in email that didn't arrive or arrived two or three times, layouts, profile problems, etc


All lost. The layout, the friends request, even the fake comment I made to test the layout colors.

myspace GFY

viva blogspot XD

domenica 25 novembre 2007

Useless being (or being useless)

I've opened another blog. On a strange italian portal. Obviously in Italian. Obviously it's kinda boring. Obviously I don't have the slighter clue on what is happening to me now.

I'm useless.

giovedì 22 novembre 2007

Ordinary/Unordinary people.

When they're offered a job, especially a job that they've done before, ordinary people are happy. I'M NOT.
When they're offered a job, especially one not far away from home, ordinary people are happy. I'M NOT.

So, these statements proof how UNORDINARY I am. And silly, maybe. Ok, not maybe.

This afternoon, while I was coming home from the worst mummy's birthday lunch I had in the last 23 mummy's birthday, Manpower local agency called me. For tell me about a job in the public clerking (is there in this world a word like "clerking"? Dunno and duncare) branch. My longer work experience is in the same branch, so...Yay. Location? Unknown. What the hell...? "Oh, I'm sorry. But for some privacy issues I cannot tell you."


For the interview I'll be blindfolded and moved there in the back of a unplated black car, with some Tarantino's movies tunes in the background?

^__________^ I hope so.

Oh, yes, the topic. Let's get back to it. I do need money. But if I think about what I've passed through in THAT DAMNED office, and what was the result of a year long bullshit, I'm angry. Well, I'm always angry about it. I don't want to see that dick face again. Because the next time will be the one when my feet will be on it. Stumping it repeatedly.

Nice catch, neighbour! (don't mind, I've eaten too much)

Some good point about all this shit: I will be able to test my beautiful snoopy thermal bento, if I'll be so nut to do it^^

Nice fucking night to y'all, fella.

mercoledì 21 novembre 2007


...may tell me WHY, for Bugs' sake, I have to declare my occupation to order from darts? WHY? Come on it's silly...or...maybe...they make discounts for unemployed people? XD

gimmeabreak NOW

martedì 20 novembre 2007


Can you guess that once I hated Rowan Atkinson?^^ I was so stupid, so stupid fella...

With Gackt being more and more commercial, my fangirlism has no other choice that focus itself on Chacha (as if this is a hard happening).

Can't help but hating the girl that co-stars Nagase on Utahime (so much that I don't even know her name xD). It's not such a big hit, that drama, but it's funny and the cast is well coordinated(and Tomoya is such a stupid! I think this kind of roles suits him the best, that baka...*completelyfallenforhim*). Well, actually, I love her character. But I don't love her. She's got no rhythm, and it's a pity because in a show like that I think that rhythm is so much needed, it's almost a sitcom!




sabato 17 novembre 2007

Houston, we HAD a problem...

...but I've resolved it without make the pc implode!
Quite proud of myself (u_u)
less proud for the two muffins (deaaaaaaar pal of mine) that I ate a hour ago, but come on!
Yesterday night I saw a live performance by Toshi in mid '90s...guess who was the guitarist...
It fell strange...I don't exactly know why...
Ok, I've posted only for being sure that all is running as it have to run (not that my usual post are more meaningful)

mercoledì 14 novembre 2007

Because I can part four.

(you will HATE photoshop xD)

sadness, martin, know?

I've just received a mail from the Moi dix Mois newsmail I submitted on

"Hello from CDJapan, 

This e-mail is sent to our customers who have previously
purchased an item by the Moi Dix Mois included, as well as
for subscribers of Artist Newsmail who have registered
the Moi Dix Mois.

CDJapan is pleased to announce the arrival of "DIXANADU - Limited
Instrumental Edition" from Moi Dix Mois!

The limited edition used to be available only at Midi Nette's official
website, but it is now available exclusively at CDJapan.

Place your order soon while supplies last!

DIXANADU - Limited Edition (CDA)
Price: Yen- 3800, US$(33.84)
Limited edition of "DIXANADU" including instrumental version of all
twelve tracks. Comes housed in a specially designed tall case. Includes a
compilation of PC games and desk top theme including calendar and clock for
Windows (*some of the Japanese characters may not be displayed properly on
PCs in other languages). *Set does not includes the CD with vocal tracks."

sadness...but I'm smiling thinking of it ^_______^ a pc game(rumors say that's a flash one, plus plus sadness plus xD)...and a desktop clock XDDDDDDDD

martedì 13 novembre 2007

because I can part three.

this thing is dangerous^^
AND I don't think that many can grasp the horus details =_= that little, is just a guitar...
BUT I know that's the horus n_n

edit: there's an unwanted white background ç_ç

break news

video for the gackt's ai senshi performance on heyheyhey, yesterday.
that drummer IS ryu. I know. I don't wanna bother the other forums users xD BUT THAT'S MY MASCOTTOOOOOOO!!!
kinda very happy XD fatter, with a weird bandanna, but that's ryu. At least I don't really think that he's jun O_O

uhm...there's something different otherwise...who's that bassist? Where did Ju-ken go? Are they bullying me? Ryu-san comes back, and then Ju-ken disappears?

better than cluedo, fella XDDDDDDDDD

lunedì 12 novembre 2007

because I can part two.

Ok, I've dropped the rain animation effect, simply because I CAN'T. I've spent the whole day yesterday trying to make that fucking effects, but the prettier thing I managed to create was something lighting that looked REALLY REALLY like crap.

Maybe thanks to the subject, but I like this little thingy (^-^).
Ok, you have to look at it VERY VERY VERY NEAR, but, come on! This is my first one! Have some mercy xD

You know what? The only hope that Ryu-san can come back relieves me. It's a chance. I was beginning to think of it as an impossible occurence (ç_ç) I need my mascotte!!!

ps. This graphic madness is worsening my fangirlism. Too bad ^______________________^


domenica 11 novembre 2007



funny is that I can make only this girlish stuff

Returning in oneself

Shun: There are a few goals that we have. One of them is having a tour in the USA and also throughout Europe.
Yeah, man, I have the same goal. So, it's a deal, ok?

sabato 10 novembre 2007

I suck in cg.

And in photo manipulation, drawing, writing, singing. But at least I'm pretty(?). No. Neither that one. Gosh...
I've got a simple idiotic geek graphic fangirl-related project in mind, but my incompetence it's just too much to bear. Plus, the gimp interface it's starting to annoy me more and more. Wanna switch to the good ole photoshop ç_ç At least with that I made some crappy things.

giovedì 8 novembre 2007

go(ing?) to hell

attempting to partecipate in jame contest: failed
even if I'll win I won't be able to have my first brief japanese vacation
don't even wanna bother you with details
my like is fucked up every day more

mercoledì 7 novembre 2007


Now playing: Sakurai Atsushi - Shingetsu
via FoxyTunes I could re-enable DMA *_* It's like another computer now ^_^
My jbox order is ready to ship! Would you like to know what useless things I've ordered this time? No? Who cares. I'll show you the same.
Yukari Furikake -- Beefsteak Plant & Basil

Tarako Furikake - Cod Roe

Wasabi Furikake ~ Japanese Horseradish

Noritama Furikake -- Egg & Seaweed

The sukiyaki one, now I can't find the link on site...

Insulated "TENMARI" Pet Bottle Holder ~ but the mine one is red and pink(don't ask why because I don't know xD) really need this case I'll be able to work again before retirement of course

Kit Kat -- Caramel Flavor I was very very tempted from the orange&chocolate ones, but I preferred these (^-^)

Peko-chan Milky Candy It's like a couple of years that I wanted to order these! xD Finally (*-*) And now there's even the cocoa time.

Glico Mini Milk Pocky This is absolutely a bento madness related item. I bought them especially to use with a bento. Like I'm using one xD

Hi-chew Assortment -- Fruits Mix + Peach I was about to order the banana hichew stick, but why one instead of four?

Ok, that's all. For 28,90$, that, in euro words, are less than 20 bucks!!! Go euro, go! Go euro, go! (n_n)y

martedì 6 novembre 2007


Gackt will release an album tribute to Gundam, with his original track to the recent Gundam movies and some covers of the ones from the '80s. Why? Because of the Tomino birthday.

Ok, but...WHY????
Doesn't this imply a delay on new album's release? What the hell is he thinking...? ç_ç WHOTF cares about a gundam album? I don't for sure.

source: ANN
(but gakuhai is always forward xD)

lunedì 5 novembre 2007



domenica 4 novembre 2007

"bravely fangirl" post

Since he's the same age as my brother, from now I'll call Yasuno "yasuno onichan".

Don't blame me for this.


sabato 3 novembre 2007

Me 1 - Loan shark 0

Game, set and MATCH.

So relieved. Some pounds lighter.

Some crocodile tears (soooooo cheap man), that's all. Now we are free.

Ok, maybe the lightness is because of that 2k euros I payoff, but I don't care.

venerdì 2 novembre 2007


I'm so mad about that ls (abbreviation for loan shark xD), that I forgot to make you aware about my last shopaholism crisis(NOW WITH PICTURES...yes, I'm not kidding!):

Wrist band w/ wings

Devil Wings Short Arm Warmer

School Bag w/ Rivets (there's another version with red print)

That's all. Actually, such affordable gothic apparel (any resemblance with Moi Meme Moitie things is purely coincidental^^) is TRULY dangerous. And thanks Bugs that I'm overweight, because their pants and shirts are quite lovely. So darn neat (*_*)...wahhhhhhh by the time I'll lose weight (if I'll ever be able to xD) they will be surely out of stock ç______ç Well, my purse is relieved at least (^_^;)

And don't forget! Tomorrow, around 8-8,30 in the morning...

ME vs LOAN SHARK(the stinky)


just wondering...

... how long will I be able to stand this? xD
No, there's nothing to laugh about, but... ^_________________^
Cannot help it. Loan shark. This is the English term for "usuraio". Well, it should be money-lender, but LOAN SHARK has a more powerful image.

A couple of hours ago I went to the local food shop to payoff... what there's to payoff. I KNEW that it would be fishy, because they die for every penny they can earn. And so it was. The BOSS (the loan shark xD), paid a visit about half a hour ago to this house, asking my father what's going on, if he did something wrong toward us,...



I've just come up with a thought: This village has to explode. Well, it will be too messy. Implode. Implode is the answer. Just disappear in a flash of light. Now, tomorrow in the morning I'll return to the shop and TALK TO THE BOSS.
What a silly bitch.
U S U R Y. That's all. But now I have the right side of the knife. SO FUCK OFF OLD BASTARD!!!

Talking about cheerful stuff (n_n), I just discovered (maybe not too late) exist+trace, an all-women visual jrock band. And the fact is that these girls are really cool. No, it's not pride. Mostly because I'm used to mysoginist bands, and still it feels rather strange to listen to girls rocking. And growling too! The vocalist is just amazing!!!
Takarazuka visual XDDDDDD (forgive me, I HAD to write this...)