lunedì 29 dicembre 2008

Teasing my ears with flumpool.

Yeah. Jpop. 100% jpop. But I don't know, there's something recalling mr.children, I don't know.

And yes, it's all *whispering*Bloody Monday's fault. Listening flumpool and the fact that NOW I want a netbook.

And other TRIVIAL things x°D

It's cold outside inside and all around. I'M FREEZING.

sabato 27 dicembre 2008


I don't think Genet-san is Kiss Relish vocalist.

Since Genet-san (if my ears work properly, and that's not quite sure) has some kind of speech impediment on s...or sort of... that Kiss Relish singer didn't have.

So tricky!

So useless fangirlism!

If Kagamin read this, I'm sure she would complain on how much I'm wasting energy on this instead of study/work properly.

Yes, I need a Lucky Star 2nd season.

Ghost cm posted -stop-

me watched -stop-

something's wrong -stop-

but I don't know exactly what -stop-

just in case here's the link -stop-

lunedì 22 dicembre 2008

And if...

I rejoin Livejournal?

Ok, I mentally cried a big NO as I was writing. What a good girl I am. RESISTANCE!

Now, for the breaking news (well not so breaking, since it's something from last night): IT'S TRUE!!! IT WAS imprinting, after all!
I'm scared actually X°D

I already knew that was true (never mistrusting Wikipedia...), but I was SO hoping of the opposite(it's just toooooo fangirlistic, tooooooo muuuuuuuch fangirlistic ç_ç...).
And by the way, I didn't know that another lp from Ai Takano & Beehive existed. Wow, so commercial XD With brand new songs! Waaaaaaaah I want to hear them *_* Yes, this is becoming quite a fetish, I know +_+

I'll tip over every single record shop I'll find ò_ò/ EVERY SINGLE ONE!

But, first, I want a HIGH RESOLUTION pic of that sleeve. NOW. Both front and back.

venerdì 19 dicembre 2008

Because WE CAN!...

... comment on Gackt-san blog. And I just did it.

Don't blame me, blame society.

Well blame whatever you want, just don't blame this little stressed dumb fangirl.

giovedì 18 dicembre 2008

Speedoed Rolly and others cool things.

Yes, I've just seen a Scanch's Christmas-ish pv. And Rolly wearing a Speedo. My Christmas(way scary) present.

But I've already finished Kuroshitsuji's 4 ep translation! Am I going to die soon? What's with this BUSYNESS?

I don't know.

Why every job I found sucks, after a while?

People will start pity me. I don't want that to happen! No no.

Seriously, I want a serious job.


lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

Deal with it.

Taking advantage of the recent peak of fangirlism, I would like to begin this post with a very very very appropriate musical quote:

"It can't be true,
it can't be true,
it can't be true,
it can't be true.
It can't be true,
it can't be true,
it can't be true,
it can't be true..."

And so on. Got the subtle message?


Kuroshitsuji has turned into a 26 eps series. I strongly hope it's a typo. Or a time-space distortion. Armageddon. A Visitors plane to destroy Earth and humanity. BUT NOT 23 MORE EPS TO TRANSLATE!!!!

sabato 13 dicembre 2008


... renewed Dears site is finally up. *imagine this said with the PLAINEST tone ever*

Well, the RPG-like thing is cute, heavy of course xD but, at least, don't show all your overseas fans things that they cannot achieve, thank you.

I feel way pissed off, seeing things like "Chacha's house" (I beg your pardon, but X°DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hilarious is not enough, definitely not enough), or You one, or all the other things and not being able to enter is like when you were a little child and older ones played all those wonderful "grown-up" games (in my case was monopoly) and you're not allowed to join the fun.

It's so pathetically sad.

I mean, I don't give a damn in being a FULL FLEDGED Gackt fan, I'm happy enough to being able to listen to his music from enough far for not caring about ALL the commercial things that sorrounds him, thanks, but come on!

Such a neat work *-* Yes I'm fighting between anger and delighment X°D

I mean II, this thing is really well done! Good job staff!

Well, let the sad music fade in as I leave the room with a sad look on my face, a tear slowly wetting my PALE xD cheek and my head low. Obviously walking SLOWLY, and sighing.


mercoledì 10 dicembre 2008


I would like to see certain musicians in their brand new (just a bit) nazish doublebreast black trenches, really, but...

STILL!!! Would you stand still for a pretty second?!

54 dates, right? Uhm...hope all the other songs will be acoustic xD


Dunno, I feel less fangirlistic than usual. But still I'm doing avatars, so...not so LESS fangirlistic X°D
By the way trying to sort some neat screen from the ones I took last night on the better quality is DIFFICULT.

I want that boots now. WHEN I don't want some kind of boots, when???

lunedì 8 dicembre 2008

It's not like...

... I'm a bad person. Well, I know there are SO MANY better persons than me in this world and beyond.

I'm just tired. Deadly tired (so snuuuuuuub). But I'm really tired. And why? I need a work. What a grey reason. And that what makes me pissed off the most.


By the way, Toradora is lovely.

martedì 2 dicembre 2008


My life?

My role in the celestial project?

My fatty bottom?

No, something more important.

Early Chacha-san's "role" in Gerard and latter Gerard attempts in replacing him(both in terms of singing and "yeah-seems-like-a-guitar-BUT-it's-actually-a-keyboard-since-I'm-a-stubborn-man-deal-with-it" thing).

Matters of GLOBAL priority, don't you think so? What is worldwide recession compared to this?

Yesterday I've listened to Meridian, with the PEAK of uselessness reached through Orpheus ENGLISH VERSION (still laughing now).

Now, I've just listened to an Empty Lie, Empty Dream that I would really REALLY REALLY 10x like to forget...and Orpheus in englih once again ( ç_ç)...the "new" tracks are not that bad, anyway. Certainly this is not the band I was expecting from the early works, and this is also A BAD THING for my inner(?) fangirlism (u_u ;;;;;). So bad.

But there's a guitar somewhere!!! I can hear it...!

mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #4

- Bloody Monday (2008, Japanese drama - what else? xD)
- starring: Haruma Miura. Haruma Miura. Haruma Miura. Anyone else? No? Good.

Some time ago, drama producers had a problem: how can we show the beautiful fangirl-catcher(and hugely talented, in my opinion) Haruma Miura-san in his wonderful appereance, building at least a bearable drama around him without making the audience notice?


Producing an action, mistery, thrilling, slightly gorish but mostly DRAMATICALLY fast-paced drama. With MILLIONS of dramatic, oblique, dark shots of our beloved Haruma-san. See? I'm not complaining about this.

Yes. Cool. Except for the fact that this drama is QUITE boring. Really. Maybe it's because I really don't like this kind of dramas, like:

A - "Shit! This bomb is about to explode! Get the people out this place! What the hell are you doing there, xxx? Didn't you listen? We're going to blow up soon!"

B - "No, wait. We have to try defuse this. IT'S OUR DUTY!!!"

and so on, always ending with the rookie successfully defusing the bomb. Gah.

Still, this review doesn't have any meaning AT ALL, since I'll watch this 'til its end.
By the way, did I already tell you that Haruma-kun is the main character?

venerdì 21 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #3

- Yasuko to Kenji (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: various people. Kidding. First: Tabe Mikako-chan (and this is one of a PROUD -chan), Matsuoka Masahiro (I thought I've finally seen all the SMAP acting, but this one is a TOKIO one... oh well...), Hirosue Ryoko, and many more. A kanjani8 included. But that's not the point.

So, this drama sucks. WIDELY. It's stupid, more than silly, Hirosue-san plays her usual role, Matsuoka...I can't say if he's acting well or if he's just a dumbass. Seriously. Sure he's not Tomoya-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. The thing that pisses me off the most is that Tabe's talent is totally wasted on a ASSHOLE role, showing what she's not: a standard teen. She's not a standard teen! At least give her a slightly darker role, not such a PINK little girl. Ah...Totally wasted.

Of course I'm still watching it. Well, it was a batch download. I don't think that I would download the next episode if it was a one by one thing. It's a sort of My boss my hero but less funny and heartwarming. It should be like that, they tried to make it like that.


lunedì 17 novembre 2008

Randomity in jobs.

I'll work tomorrow.

No, it's not a hopeful statement. The complete sentence should be: " I didn't work today, so I'll work tomorrow"

Yes, because today was supposed to be my first working day, as a pretty clean clear and crisp JOB CONTRACT states.

But it wasn't.

So, I'll work tomorrow. Yes. Cool. Straight from nine am to half past four pm. Unbelievable.

I don't want to.

There are major issues now to solve. Like Japan's technical recession. How can I work in a moment like this?!

Update: this ticket madness is unbelievable tiring. Someone is proudly selling some fc tickets for the 2/2 concert at the reasonable price of 260 EUROS. Jackals.

mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #2

- Giragira (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: Sasaki Kuranosuke, Maya Miki (let's be moved! she's at the second place in the cast list!, nevermind), and a bunch of sort-of hosts (well...would you call Abe Tsuyoshi A HOST?), Miura Shohei included.

I've recently watched The great happiness space, so I was pretty interested in a dorama about a host club, not mentioning that Ouran Host Club is one of my favorite series. Then, I looked at the cast. Sasaki-san. As a host.

After a couple of days spent laughing VERY loud, I downloaded the first episode. Mostly because, aside Sasaki-san, Miki-san was in the cast. Miki-san, you know? THAT Miki-san. MINE Miki-san. Yes, I love her.

~Little Miki-san POWA digression: she was one of the Takarazuka's Top class actresses during the 90's. Oh, this is so lovely. By the way, I've spent like a couple of hours the other night watching her performances on youtube. Ok, now I'm officially addicted. End of digression.~

Well, this is the kind of drama that's builded up in such a way that it could even talk about mosquitos and their society problems, and it would be GREAT anyway. Pay no attention to the slightly messy beginning (he loses his job, he doesn't find another one- yes, this is plausible. But that, in his mid 30's, well something more, he becomes the floor manager of a host club, WELL, THIS IS NOT SO VERY MUCH PLAUSIBLE.): this thing works. I hope it will be less "world crisis applied to the street man" and more "funny stories about an old man married with a little daughter working in a host club", since I like soooooo much Sasaki-san crazyness when it comes to gags.

Oh, synopsis you ask? Ok.
A 36 old salaryman loses is job because of some sort of mistake someone else made. Being this old, not having a degree, finding another job it's pratically impossible. But he has a cute little wife and a cute but annoying little daughter to sustain. Hopeless, he casually meets with an old friend of him, of the time when he was the Number One host in Roppongi. That's right! Why don't you ask Yuki-san (owner of the host club he was used to work for, old friend, DUMPED without him moticing it, and mostly still in love with him) to let you work again at starts with r...Rink? Anyway, let's the journey begin! Hiding the whole matter from that cuuuuuute dumb wife of him, he starts his new job, and it's not so easy, since now there's anothe Number One host at Rxxx, and he's not soooo happy to deal with this old man pretending to act as a promising newbie.

GO MIKI-SAN GO!!!!!!!!!!

Next spareable (yes, I spelled this wrong xD) review: dunno. Maybe Room of Kings(the Hiro/Ann pair is sooooo SHAMEFUL), maybe some anime. But I don't like very much to review animes. Don't know why. Not that you are less bored in reading my dorama-craps.

Stay tuned or get lost!

There's a good news and a bad news.

Good news: Obama won.

Bad news: I won't attend Gackt's concert.

lunedì 3 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #1

- Oh my girl! (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: Mocomichi, Rosa Kato, and an unbearable nasty dwarf disguised as a little girl plus a LOT of great actors totally wasted.

Mocomichi plays the role of a journalist that has to interview this nasty little lady (a little actress). Also, the dwarf is his stepsister's daughter, that apparently run away to become a star in Hollywood (like someone else we know xD). As a "last will", she entrusted her daughter to his stepbrother, so darn happy to become a full-time nanny. The COOLNESS in this is that...He hates his stepsister, since she was too busy acting to pay any visit to her parents' funeral. Wow! So original. So fresh.

NAO, Mocomichi isn't that great actor that I would like him to be, badly. And he doesn't help very much to mantain a bit steady this crappy thing. I was tricked by his performance in Zettai Kareshi. He was made for that role, and, this far, for THAT ONE only. Ah, what a pity...

But the most disappointing fact is that Rosa Kato can't act. AT ALL. So cute. SO DARN CUTE!!! I was so yearning to see her acting! Ah, cuteness is not enough...Sometimes I prefer the little dwarf o_o At least she shows some skills...

And do I have to talk about all the great costars wasted here? Like Rie Tomokasa (by the way, WHERE THE HELL IS Atsuhime?!), Yoshinori Okada ò_ò/, Arata Furuta ò__________________ò/? Ah...

Don't misunderstand me, Mocomichi is FAR BETTER that Yama-pi, but I'm starting to think that his hotness>his skills. And that's bad for my conscience. Well, at least he's not a johnny's. And that's pretty good for my conscience.

Ok, I'm satisfied. But I don't think I'll keep on watching this.

Next sparable review: Giragira - (I would follow Miki-san even in hell ò_ò/)
Stay tuned or get lost!

sabato 1 novembre 2008



Tickets are sold-out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

Sold out.

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2008

Useless plot, useless developments, and MOE.

Clannad ~ after story.

One of my favorites, this season ^_^ Despite the baaaaad reviews all over the net. I like it. That's all.

Ok, the bad things:

- I'm afraid of Jesus. In many ways X°D. But the one that scares me the most is that I DON'T WANT to hear another Chachasan's arrangement. I want to hear a Gackt's song.

- Mana-sama is definitely getting on my nerves. Why? Vampire Knight Guilty ED. Stop this NOW, Mana-san. Please ç_ç

Ok, and Obama will lose.

+sad but true+

lunedì 27 ottobre 2008

Yes, I'm just a stupid shopaholic, but...

... I love this hat.

Blame me.

Good night.

At least...

... wait for him to be elected!

I hate Illinois Nazis...this quote was sooo needed *nodding*

venerdì 24 ottobre 2008

I'm preparing some business card.


Business cards.

Which business, you ask?



giovedì 23 ottobre 2008

A 80s compilation...

... without Huey Lewis and The News.


I mean, it's a four cds set!

I know, I know.

It's way early, but this was the FREAKEST dream I've had so far, folks.

Just be aware that it implies a certain guitarist.

GOD, freakin' stupid wildest dream EVAH.

I don't know if I can make it until 01/28.

I'm afraid not.

At least I have a very very very cute trekking backpack.

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

Sono una fangirl del cazzo (REFRAIN).

I had the slightly BAD idea of watch the platinum box IX CM.

And, as the title says:

sono una fangirl del cazzo.

martedì 21 ottobre 2008

Backpack mission: done.

Arrived just a couple of ten minutes ago ^_^


Way too much, but leaving for the land of cuteness I have to be fully prepared.

What the heck am I writing? Dunno.

See ya, 10 pages of Lucky translation are waiting for me ç_ç

lunedì 20 ottobre 2008

Italian blog opened.

Yes, what a wonderful news, ne?

Waiting for a backpack. Sad but true.

Listening to Elii "last" album, after several tries. I never noticed ALL this prog influence

Lucky star OVA: 13 minutes lasting. What a booooooooohring thing.


venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

The t in translating stands for thrill.

Yes, about 15 minutes (until the end of it) of an episode in about two hours and a half.

I'm feeling quite cool.

I want to feel the same thing working. But it won't happen. So much sad.

Note: NEVER EVER WATCH "Memories of Matsuko". NEVER. NEVER EVER. Did I say NEVER? Yes? Ok. But promise me that you'll NEVER watch that movie. It's painful in such a pathetic way.  I cried a couple of dams out of it. Good grief. Really, GOOD GRIEF.

I hate to cry like that. Looks like I'm aging (n_n)

And, MOSTLY, Kou-san appears only in 2 (TWO) scenes. Although it's a musical. Wait...! I managed to see a Japanese musical 'til the end! Coooool...I just noticed that. Yup.

AND, she doesn't sing at all. Kou-san I mean. And that's bad.

giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

Shibuya-kei revival (in my head)

Or something like that.

Anyway, I like 8otto.

Blogging from Flock.

Just testing.

Actually, I'm testing a lot in the last days.


I don't know why, ne...

... but reading that Gacktsan's new single is called "Jesus", well, doesn't light up my day.

Not even a bit. And what's that MA thing?

I'm worried. Really really worried.

AH . . .

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

Testing one-two...testing one-two

Is all right?


Looking for the exit.



Without making other people noticing.


In silence.


Breathing quietly.


Is there...! Forward...!


lunedì 13 ottobre 2008


Flight: done.
Hostel: done.
Backpack: (almost) done. I won the auction, payed, and now I'm waiting.

A few things more and I'll be ready to run away.

Ah ah ah. You don't believe it either, do you? Yeah, quite unbelievable.

giovedì 9 ottobre 2008


... I feel like I'm positive in opening a new Italian blog. But most of the times just thinking about it makes me sick. I don't know. At least this one has an educational purpose (not for you, but for me xD). I think I've tried all the Italian weblog platforms existing. And all of them suck. Not just because they're full of "hey look at me! Me! Me!" people. It's just that Italian platforms are totally closed to the rest of the Net! And that's pretty stupid!

Well, now I'm pretty tempted. I would be able to talk and discuss about Italian politic, social issues, news...Why I don't do this here? Because I don't want to bore you more than I already do. And mostly because all these bullshits, in the end, annoy me.
I want to leave, that's all. Best will be Japan, but any other country that offers more to young&willing people than Italy is totally welcome. I want to try working in UK.

mercoledì 8 ottobre 2008

Oh La La

I'm always late. That darn hotel >_<

aqui xD

domenica 5 ottobre 2008

Hi everybody!

What's the best way to start a Sunday afternoon?

OF COURSE ripping the notebook's power unit!!! Y E A H ! ! !

AND, tomorrow morning, not so early not so late, I'll be in the local Post Office paying an ABSURD amount of money for my cdjapan "I'm out of that fucking hotel" 's order.

65,01 euros.

For the ones of you that are asking themselves "But where the hell is she writing from?" (like it's something that might interests any of the billions of living creature in this world, vegetables included), well, my old desktop pc. My HUGE, OLD, SLOW, desktop.

*searching for a razor*

sabato 4 ottobre 2008

Here, kitty,


But let me first explain you what a miniconvention(in the ill mind of THAT insurance company) is:

three girls;

an insurance agent, I think some kind of boss or head of some agency...dunno;

AN OPEN WINDOW. This morning the temperature was PRETTY low.

Let's start!
... and after half a hour of "This company will save the world! We've got the higher rates in the whole category! Even banks fear us! WORLD IS OURS!!!*maniacal laughter*"

the raw truth.

All these bullshits were intended to divert our attention from the REAL meaning of them: make acceptable in our *naive* minds the fact of being part of the big insurance family, or (in other words) have ANOTHER job interview, subscribe a form and enter the Insurance Agents Register.

No, wait... WHAT? Weren't you searching for a CLERK position? Do you think that I would do 50 kms just to become part of a fraud?!

I will NEVER ever answer to any other job offer from an insurance company. N E V E R .

mercoledì 1 ottobre 2008

+headache+, it's crossover prog, uh?

Oh, as you wish.

martedì 30 settembre 2008

This is a Beehive's Fire night.

Well, at least no one can say that I had a bad musical taste since my early childhood.

It's something that grew up later.

I was a brilliant musical critic. At the mere age of four years old. Yes yes. I knew it all already.

And that's all.

Mostly, I was ASTRAYED from some bad thin guy since then. Without even know it. Criminal, isn't it?

lunedì 29 settembre 2008

Origami shurikens & Lucky Star OVA.

Yes, I'm becoming a crafts lover.

An unrequited love, though.

BUT the Lucky Star OVA is WONDERFUL. *_*

And I need MOAR.

I heart folks at KyoAni.

martedì 23 settembre 2008


Will somebody wear me to the fair?

Will a lady pin me in her hair?

Will a child find me by a stream?

Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream.

For all of these simple things and much more a flower was born

It blooms to spread love and joy faith and hope to people


Inside every man lives the seed of a flower

If he looks within he finds beauty and power

Ring all the bells sing and tell the people that be everywhere

that the flower has come

Light up the sky with your prayers of gladness and rejoice for

the darkness is gone

Throw off your fears let your heart beat freely at the sign that

a new time is born

domenica 21 settembre 2008


Visual kei died the moment Gackt-san left Malice Mizer.

sabato 20 settembre 2008

I think...

... that the black ships issue was born because Japanese people was pissed off from these strangers that add 19 more katakana simbols to the chart.

Well, if not I'M PISSED OFF.


I'm not going to do katakana drills by any means, today.

New Lucky Star OVA cm posted!

Here, just scroll down a little would you?


Konata desu
Kagami desu
Konata desu

Kagami desu

Konata desu

Kagami desu

Konata desu

Kagami desu...


Can't wait...! CAN'T WAIT!!!


venerdì 19 settembre 2008


"Good authors too who once knew better words,

Now only use four letter words

Writing prose, Anything Goes. "

I'm not quite the quote type (yes, I was STARVING for saying these exact words, forgive me), but I feel some kind of happiness down the well, and today it's not Mr. Darjeeling's fault. Just a huge cup of green tea.

Yes my life will end in nine days, but I'm happy.

I want a pair of NewRock boots.

giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Guess what? I forgot.

As usual ç_ç

I've got the perfect idea to finish my "I miss 90's"/The crow/scary masks ACEO, just yesterday night, and I thought: "What a cool idea! It's simply to draw and fits the concept perfectly! I'm a genius! Bravo! Bravo!"

And I forgot.

Idiot. Stupid. Asshole.

Would you like... join my happiness in noticing that MyBuuf firefox template is finally ready to embellish my favorite browser?


Rather you prefer to join my sadness in NOT having my five wonderful sexpot shirts here in myyyyyyy dirty little hands.

Yes, that's better.

I want to go to Japan.

This is teasing me more and more and MORE.

mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

In short.

After FIVE (5) years of: "Come with me to Japan!" "Why don't come with me to Japan?"


Now, that I've finally some bucks to waste in a proper way, now that I can FINALLY take an airplane and go THERE.

NOW. Right now.

I cannot believe this shit.

martedì 16 settembre 2008

For the time being: WTF?!

This is all I have to say now.


(I just don't have any will to open a word processor and change my system language, a little mercy please...)

lunedì 15 settembre 2008

You shouldn't love Maths.

Because otherwise you wouldn't be gladly shocked as I was last night watching "Hakase no aishita sushiki" (The professor and his beloved equation).

Well, maybe that shocking reaction was more caused by the bottle of warm darjeeling tea that I've drunk the whole day long, ending up being TOTALLY AWAKEN at 2.45 am.

This movie is perfect. Terao-san is perfect. That moeish kawaiiiiiiiiii actress, despite my true hate towards that kind of actresses, was perfect, and mostly Equation-sama XD was astonishing.

So sad, not too much moving, funny, well acted and directed. I'm in love.

Yes, I must admit that as I saw that Koike Teppei's cosplayer playing as the grown-up Root, well, I was about to switch off.

BUT I've endured. I'm glad I've done it.

Next: the real thing. Koike Teppei. Well, I've always hated him just seeing that stupid chibikko look on his 10 years old face. AND I WASN'T TOTALLY WRONG! Yes, Shibatora isn't the perfect dorama, not at all... Still, most of the gags are hilarious X°D and Miki-san is always Miki-san u_u. Plus, Suzuka-chan in her teens!!!

Pervert, me? Nai.

domenica 14 settembre 2008

Today's issue:

Cute Toriyama-sensei's rounded mountains.

And that's all.

Oh, no wait: a thermos full of darjeeling.


sabato 13 settembre 2008



Gorgeous mask. But THAT'S ALF THE ALIEN!!!


I'm becoming aware that my last cdjapan order (four gackt's album VS five sexpot tshirts XD) was made only because...


Well, it was a bargain anyway, five shirts for 60 bucks.

How many people can cry reading a blog?

One, and that's me.

And no, I'm not moved. I'm just angry. Totally angry and sad and I'll never go to Japan once in my whole fucked life.


venerdì 12 settembre 2008


What a cool looking word.

Means "to (try to) understand"

Cool, indeed.

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

A little thought about new jgothic bands.


just throw in a little holy mary picture AND YOU GOT IT!

How I hate...

... people unable to open a myspace.

Or, better, people that wants to open a myspace but simply THIS ANNOYS THEM.

Just don't open it, isn't that easy?

Open a blog under another platform. BUY A JOURNAL! They're dramatically in, lately! Leather, lace, stuff like that! And a pen!

Just, I'm covered in acrylic paint, and you ask me how to open a myspace?

Do you want to die?

mercoledì 10 settembre 2008

everlasting katakana.

I'm tired. So full and tired of these little annoying difficult to write thingies...SO TIRED!!!
And I have still a long way to go X°D


martedì 9 settembre 2008

Just a line...

... to remark you my absolute total pathetic love towards Yuko Takeuchi.

(REALLY just a line...!)

sabato 6 settembre 2008


The first step in a proper World domination is to print a 12 inch ruler.

Ah, that darn metric system...! I've always hated it *nodding*

Well, what else?...

Oh, I safely registered myself as a seller on Etsy. Now I have to decide what exactly I can sell on it.

Hint: the inch ruler has a leading role in this Etsy journey.


Ryusan's website doesn't work.

OBVIOUSLY, I'm picturing some of the worst cases.

Like... no, nevermind.

venerdì 5 settembre 2008

It is out of the question.

I won't go out this Saturday night.

"How brave!"

"Modern times heroine!"

Yes, thanks. But it's not for that.

Italian lesson n.1


The act of being forced in a threesome night. Most of times, without any sexual implication. Just for the fun of emphasize your own loneliness. How cool. Guaranteed amusement!

giovedì 4 settembre 2008

My life was shoppingly full, right before I found...

... this .

Kill me. And do it now.


20 bucks!

And YOU know who's on backing vocals (well, backing... X°D)? included...

*searching for a sharpen knife*

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

Happiness is...

...order four Gackt's albums and five sexpot tshirts without feeling any guilt!

Ah, I've dreamed about the hotel, last night.

Actually, I dream about the hotel almost every single fucking night, since I was freed from it.

It's not painful, horrible or such. It's just ridicolous.

Sometimes I wake up and think about: "My gosh! I won't be able to make this or that in time!(always referring to foods to prepare or rooms to make ready)"


I can't calm down, at least when I'm in the middle of a nightmare.

So sad, isn't it?

No. Not at all.

So: Mars, Rebirth, Moon and Crescent. Come to me! \( *_*)/ \(*_* )/

Do I have to tease you about my intention in not buying love letter or the compilations?
No, I've teased you enough already. Goodnight.

domenica 31 agosto 2008

Go fag yourself! I'll follow.

Stupid title as stupid is the way blogger eats my posts.

Something like 1 euro per hour for the extra time I worked in the hotel.

Cool. I came up with a good pun, in the GOBBLED UP post, and now I forgot it.

Think about how lucky you all are, now.

venerdì 29 agosto 2008


Just this.
And this experience will be over. This journey, I mean. I'm waiting for a call that won't come. Cool.
Still, my back fucking hurts X°D

Ah, how lightly I take serious matters, lately...

Let's go hanging some clothes, right?

lunedì 25 agosto 2008

How weird is...

... coming back home after almost two months of suffer and pain X°D


It's not ended yet! At least not until next Sunday! GODDAMN! And I'm an atheist!

My, I was dying in that damn attic. And tomorrow we'll know how much they paid me for this madness.

Godness it doesn't even seem the same house! X°DDDDD


martedì 19 agosto 2008

Facts. Mere facts.

I work about 12 hours a day.


I wake up at 6:30 am.


I'm not having a serious breakfast since I've start working/living in the hotel.


I wake up every single day with:

a. My head pulsing.
b. My feet that hurt.
c. My ankles wandering around the room screaming.


Living in a attic, I can't keep a vertical position not even when I'm "showering" (since it's not a proper shower but just a tiny bathtub), and this is getting on my nerves more and more AND MORE.


And still, I like living(?) here. I'm dumb, mad and lone. And Chacha-san didn't use this loooooong time for doing something properly useful. Dumb lovely old man.

sabato 26 luglio 2008


...Gackt's live that I won't join.


This work that's KILLING me.

I feel betrayed, sometimes. But most of the times I feel fucked up, as usual.

Another month. Then, back to non-reality. Yup.

lunedì 21 luglio 2008


... my life sucks.

This work sucks. I'll be very very glad to explain this all to you X°D after its end, let's say for now that they're draining me every day more +_+


I'll survive.

Thanks Bugs for wifi.

giovedì 10 luglio 2008

Journey to the north.

Bringing with me the little baby?


I'll be away for two days starting tomorrow, fellas.

See you soon.

ps. Of course, Gackt-san will blog like hell, while I'll be away from the net.

ja ni~

mercoledì 9 luglio 2008

talking about fangirlism...

A Ded Chaplin googling led me first blog.

A shamefully fangirlistic blog. Goodness. I'm astonished.
Mostly, I wasn't at all aware of it! I'm a dangerous little(?) fangirl! BEWARE!

Well, self-awareness of my own mental illness is the first step, in a honest therapy.

I'm not only self-aware I'M SCARED of myself! Totally scared! Ok, that photograph is still there, after five? four years...And I'm not going to tear it up or something, I want it to stay there.

Like a warning X°D

Ok, blog erased from this world. *relieved*

Why all this frantic spouting? Because it's actually the third time that this happens: I'm looking for something, and suddenly one of my old blogs pops up, reminding me how BOLDLY stupid I was. I never felt like a fangirl, but BUGS!!!, I was. I really was a fangirl. Goodness goodness.

Giving Egawa-san a chance, or "Deplurking"

Yes I was puzzled about this post's title. I beg your pardon.

Yes, I'll give him a try. Sounds funny aloud, though. I cannot keep on this feud. It's way too much fangirlistic and I CAN'T possibly be more fangirl than I am now, right? (just guess what I'm listening to...)

By the way Keyboards Triangle was useless but cute, so... Come on, like I need a reason to do this!

About plurk: as Twitter, it become more and more meaningless the more you use it. And I didn't like how everyone want to be the ONLY WORTH-TO-READ plurker...And working it's kind of hard to keep up with all the shit they write, because their one is the only shit worth, while your one it's only mere shit...I think the karma thing has the major fault in my decision.

I thought to hold a press conference for this, but with this heat would be too much of a hassle, you know...

lunedì 7 luglio 2008

I donìt feel like writing or anything...

... I just thought that my blog feels miserable, lately. Yes, such a lack of motivation may be the cause, but still...I'm bored.

Will I be able, one wonderful day (reminds you something?...), to find a job that doesn't involve working with sicko/psycho and such? Unless me, of course.

I mean I'M TIRED! Tired of having such hard times when things would be merrier in a very very easy way! And it's always like this, no matter what!
Oh, I forgot to mention that, although my back, my feet and (strangely) my right hand hurt, I (kinda) like this job. But it's tiring when others are there just to make me (and the other girls) work more. Just leave, you're not needed, understand?

No. They've got a contract. Oh yes. The first three days were such a heaven *_* Most probably because I don't like the job itself, and knowing WHERE I was supposed to work, frankly, I was scared. So my awful expectations were a bit cheered up by the real thing.

(caution! I'm almost in short of grammatically worth English! Be careful from this point on!)

Gackt's discography. The new deal. Another journey. And not particularly difficult as the previous ones. Well, PARTIAL discography. I won't waste money on useless albums or such, unless it involves stupid fanservice videos X°D

It will be a bleeding. And that's my fault, not doing this little by little doing these years. Stupid me.

Whoa...too much this time. cya

domenica 6 luglio 2008

My feet hurt.

But that's not the main problem. I get tired only to write these bullshits.


By the way, I'm lacking motivation, since I've completed Vienna's discography. Yep. I'm thinking about something else to tease you, but, so far, the only thing I thought of is Gackt's discography. Ya.

Let's add to cart for a better tomorrow! ^_^

(my philosophy.)

lunedì 30 giugno 2008

Test post

one two one two

sabato 28 giugno 2008

How comes...

... that it's the third time that I'm listening to tmtip live, today?

Because I LOVE PROGRESS. Yes. It was really a fast falling in love. I was expecting some more "Hey, I am THE guitarist here" or things like that, but really is a nice nice nice live. Balanced.
PLUS, what I was really really R E A L L Y worried about was in fact Chacha-san's voice. Well, you know...But it's good! Beyond expectations! WAY TO GO TO MY FANGIRLISM!!!

Yes, it's tough. (;u_u)

The only thing that has left me a little sad was ending with Sleepless Night. Still, I'm beginning to appreciate this song, and that's good.

But I think it's still tooooooooo much short.

So...overture, step into..., progress, unknown.


AND... how fucking cool is Follow you's intro? HOW?

I don't wanna talk about work, today. Not because it went bad or anything, just I'm still floating like on the way back home listening to...well, the same song I'm listening since this morning X°D, amongst tall trees, with a soft breeze that made the heat bearable, ah... I'm in love. And I fucking miss Ryu-san. THIS MUCH.

venerdì 27 giugno 2008


(^-^), originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

[spaced out]

mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

Let me be amused,...

... because there's someone in this world that thinks that Gerard had a female vocalist.

Anesan's curse.

It's too much funny.

A less funny thing is that I've ordered Progress from that ugly ebay seller (used, no obi, somewhat under 30 euros. Shoot. Shoot, I say!).

I had a big big BIG luck finding Unknown wandering around the web as usual, maybe too much and that's why I could not find a new copy of Progress ANYWHERE. (too much of a smooth thinking xD)

Plus, my job will probably start a week earlier than expected, meaning THIS Saturday instead of the NEXT one. In three days.

Ah, we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

lunedì 23 giugno 2008

So... wasn't for the big cookies' feast, that was REALLY Rolly (ah ah, my puns are improving =_=) on Ryokiteki na kanojo!

Rolly *-*9

So, seems like I've got my final sentence, fellas...I'll be cleaning that darn hotel for the next two months. Cool. Really cool. I hoped until the last second that they won't recall me, and this morning...Ah, at least tomorrow I'll be busy choosing cheap frames in Ikea.

Quoting a really cool man, IT'S TOO DARN HOT.


venerdì 20 giugno 2008


... the old man is still wandering in Romania pretending to shooting a about some solo/former bands/anything else works?...

This hot is awfully pondering. And awfully sticky. And a large number of other awful things.

PLUS, I can't find someone willing to sell me Progress.

As if I want to pay 37 euros for a used cd!!! Moreover, without obi!!! NO WAY!!!


mercoledì 18 giugno 2008

Happy 200 posts!

.. if I can manage to make scribefire works under ff3.

Why did I install it? WHY?

domenica 15 giugno 2008

Plurk anyone?

You know... that kind of Twitter thing that get you addicted way before you understand how to use it...

I like it. More than I liked Twitter, for the few times I used it. First, it's colorful. Twitter was sad. Second, the gui is noobproof (I'm an official tester X°D), and it's easier to keep trace of conversations.

End of commercial break.

I'm starting to wonder where to find Progress.

venerdì 13 giugno 2008

*drums roll*

*drums roll*, originally uploaded by iluvgirlswithglasses.

I've got to buy some protective plastic wrapper...

I'm in love.

giovedì 12 giugno 2008

I rather...

... prefer to give the usual payoff, than FEAR so much a possible return of Unknown in that wonderful place called Osaka.

How much? 20? 25? Good.


Japan Post ems tracking service: Retention O________O (FEAR)

Poste Italiane ems tracking service: null XD (it doesn't work, but I could find my package on another kind of shipping tracking service...don't even think about asking me...)

Paccocelere Internazionale tracking service: IN GIACENZA. Chiamare 803.160

Ok, I've called just now. As the operator said, Novara is facing some bad guerrila or such, since the poor courier has to revoke the delivery.
Poor dear, I hope it's all right now.

Just for fun, I called also the local post office. Ah, so much useless people around here...

(I'm already picturing my cd shaking its hand (?), from a JAL plane's little window...ah...painful...sad...but mostly untrue, I hope.)

martedì 10 giugno 2008

Got milk?

Yes, thoughtful of you asking. By the way, Puzzle is a hell of a stupid dorama.


Since I'm not in any naive community except for here, myspace and plurk, and since I must tease the world with my useless crappy thoughts about dorama that I'm watching, here you are.

What I'm currently watching and WHY:

- Atsuhime: Eita-san is THE poor thing. EVAH. And Tamaki-san didn't appear yet in his awuful-lovely-awful boldness. AND FRANKLY, this is way way more interesting than Fuurin Kazan;

- Puzzle: it's stupid, bad written, bad directed, but I love Ayukawa-sensei. Her and that magpie voice. Lovely;

- Zettai Kareshi: crappyness here too, and Aibu Saki. But it's so funny. And two of the three main actors was born in 1984, pretty rare (I was born in 1984, and that's also pretty rare). Plus, it's patisserie set;

- Last Friends: half the main cast of Nodame dorama. Nagasawa Masami beaten up well. Juri-chan with a lovely hairstyle. Eita XD. It is way depressing. Way way way waaaaaay depressing, except for the "Let's beat the soul out of Nagasawa Masami" parts;

- Binbo Danshi (but I think they've dropped it u.u): Oguri Shun.

What I've dropped recently: Rookies, just a showcase of Johnnys' like pieces of meat - and others that I don't recall now. A thing about vampires. Another too much romantic for my tomboy needs, etc etc...

Movies: Crows is weird. Maiko Haaan was pretty amusing but the subs sucked so much that I couldn't watch it to the end ç_ç Kisaragi was also weird but fun in some part and, again, OGURI SHUN. A Bara no Soretsu (one of the first Japanese movies I've ever watched, still one of my favorite.)

But I think you've already figured out that this was made all because I have to divert my attention from the EMS webpage.

Sad but true, indeed.

c'mon...other 6-8 days of pain...and THEN...

I'm reaching the peak of happy fangirlness.
Another time: KILL ME NOW.
no, wait, at least let me open the package XD

venerdì 6 giugno 2008


-. Will they ship that CD, or what? Can it be that at Osaka International Branch there's some Vienna fan?

Well, being Osaka, there are some more chance than, for example, in Tokyo.

Japan Post has spoiled me toooooooo tooooo much. Such a little (as of now) delay, and I'm sweating.

As if Italian Mail is usually more reliable and fast. As if.

*nodding* Ah, really spoiled...

You know what? I'm being hated.

X°D It's such a funny thing! Really! Everyone should experience some hate, from time to time.

Makes you feel powerful.

ps: Useless Post Of The Month! Now I'll hang the plate somewhere...

sabato 31 maggio 2008

Ok, all together now:


I don't know why but listening to this album in a legal way makes me...kinda...proud of myself X°D

I realize know that, as usual, the previous post was totally useless, since I didn't write the most important thing: Irony of Fate is here (that's where the "One for my baby(and one more for the road)" pun came from...).

I don't really catch the reason of a papersleeve reissue, but I didn't want a SPALAX one, so...
Yes, I'm weird.
And I can assure you all on this, since, in my humble idiotic fangirlistic opinion, this pic: totally moe.

A fanservice purchase X°DDDDDDDDDDDD

BY ACCIDENT, I'm listening to Heaven right now.

K I L L M E .

One for my baby...

... and one more is still on the road!
(this is such a smooth and polished quote that it's almost embarrassing...well, nevermind the last sentence)

Yes, it's not that I can pretend to hurry them up just because I've ordered it last Wednesday, but since my virtual purse feels lighter already from this purchase...even a little "processing" on the order page will work...come on...

*this wait is killing me*

venerdì 30 maggio 2008

Just why...

... did I say yes?

Explain to me.

I don't want to do that job (yes quite a cacophonic sentence, thanks.), but still I said: "Yes, of course."

Ok, my gray situation doesn't allow me to be so picky about jobs, I know. But still... WHY?

mercoledì 28 maggio 2008

Uhm, so...

... it seems that I've found Unknown here .

And it also seems that I've just ordered it.



Did I really do that? Isn't it just a mere hallucination? Maybe I'm sleeping...

I was fooling around indie progrock japanese band websites, and this musicterm popped out. "Come on, I know they haven't Vienna, why should I search for them?". But I did that the same.


My NEET proudness has definitely reached its MAXIMUM. I won't feel this proud in being a geek anymore EVAH.
Yes, sure, they have quite a weird order system, and a weirder pwd input, buuuuut...

how could I possibly resist?
And the only option was EMS? A week! A single week, some customs payoff, but I was payed yesterday so I DON'T CARE AT ALL!!!!

*dancing on the table*

martedì 27 maggio 2008

lunedì 26 maggio 2008

Depression. (with a cheerful update at the bottom xD)

Progress is out of stock.


The MAGNIFICENT post I was...posting earlier could not be posted.


With this, it's a 2 : 2 . Two catched and two missed. I thought that I would reach a 3 : 1, at least.



No, wait. Musea has just answered me back. Chotto matte kudasai (as I told earlier I use romanji when I'm in a bad

MOVINGNEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, er... EMOTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON (movingness was more catchy, by the way...)

They'll ship Irony of Fate (papersleeve, because I'm in the mood for trash, fella) TOMORROW (*_*)

HOW I love these guys!

Now let me be moved for at least a couple of minutes...

domenica 25 maggio 2008

Don't you...

... feel dumb, sometimes?

I do. I really do.

And that isn't involved at all with the fact that this afternoon I've cleaned my room.
I mean, of course I still think that's just a waste of time that I can profitably use depressing myself even more, but that's not this post's main point.

What's the main point?


I forgot. But I'll keep listen to Bow Vow, anyway.


venerdì 23 maggio 2008


(House indoor, afternoon)

As she opens the door, she sees a package lying on the table.

A glimpse to the sender: "Musea Records". Or something like that. Actually, she's just way tooooo much excited to grasp the details.

But nevermind.

She takes the package, and runs towards the kitchen. Leaned the package on the kitchen table, she starts to jump.

After a while, she finally open the package. The cd is still in the bubble wrap, but the picture she can guess through it is QUITE TOO MUCH FAMILIAR, MAN.

She starts to SCOWL.

The bubble package is open, and there, sparkling, in her hands lies...

(dramatic strings' crescendo)

OVERTURE!!!! Yes, you get it right, O V E R T U R E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What did I do wrong? What? WHAT????????

Plus, THE NEXUS REISSUE!!!!! At least, send me the first King's release, with that lovely poster! I was already thinking about where hang it, but I noticed that was the Nexus'...

Ah, an epic journey...

giovedì 22 maggio 2008


I'm trying to be the usual annoying asshole, today, buuuuut...I can't, actually.

I've spent like four hours assembling the gackt's jigsaw, to discover that...a piece is missing.

I was like: ^_______________________^ "I knew it"

And all this while listening to Moon, the whole thing! Not just luna-fragrance-death wish, the entire album!

Egoist, yeah.

mercoledì 21 maggio 2008


My Verve's visit jump by 10-12 in about three days (and that's HUGE, in my opinion).

Whoah, thanks. I don't really get the reason. But thanks ^-^

Actually, verve is great, just...I feel a bit lonely from time to time.

Yes, my mood is increasing is cheerfulness, and who cares how long it will last u_u.

Egoist, me? Nah.

Some fangirlism, a LOT of laughs...

... that's PLATINUM BOX VII for you!

And you know what? I'll save until I'll be able to order the eighth one. Yes, I know, I sweared that "such a DEARS ONLY item is, as it states, intended ONLY FOR DEARS", but, come on...I love these guys. Definitely. Now that I can keep the "Gackt no coordinator" part with me and watch it whenever I want... my life is accomplished.

...ureshii da yo!!!

Yes, there are problems in the air ^_______________^

Breaking news: Progress is floating gently to me from that enchanted land called "France".


...or not.

domenica 18 maggio 2008

What's the point...

... in listening to some japanese musical drama cd, when you don't seem to understand A THING of what they're saying?

No one. Really no one at all.

But still they're some cool pieces in it.

Anyway, Romaria Crusade, fella.

...well the fact is that I've just fallen in love with the male protagonist (well, the one I suppose is the protagonist...) ^_^;

sabato 17 maggio 2008

2nd mail to musea...

... but not concerning the UNKNOWN CASE xD

Maybe I'll send one about that tomorrow


My mood is the worst ever lately.

"Lately" X°D


Don't come to Europe any soon. Not this year. Please, I'm begging you. Shot that movie, do your national fangirlish usual tour, MAYBE put out that album, but don't come to Europe.

I'm not in the right mood.

some other words with *ood?

venerdì 16 maggio 2008

Let's begin the prayers...

... Platinum box VII and tshirt arrived today at customs.

And someone told me I was crazy when I stuck my juzu (it's too big for my feminine - the only feminine thing I have and I'm quite proud of it xD- wrist ç_ç) onto my bag...

Well, this actually has never happened but I'm in the mood for pranking. Maybe it's the cold, gray, rainy weather (WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? LONDON???? No, I T A L Y. And it's mid May.) I'm always pumped up when weather seems to tell you: "GET AWAY FROM THIS WORLD NOW!!!".

It's really cherishing ^-^9

Does a word like "cherishing" exist?
Oh, nevermind.

No books shopping today, but the perfect Emo's cardigan (obviously gray, black it's too much of a statement for an emo)xD and "To catch a thief" on DVD. Question: is it more for Cary Grant, or more for Grace Kelly?

You choose the answer.

Anyway, it'll be the right one ^____________^

ps. see? a WHOLE post without naming chacha. Kinda scary X°D

lunedì 12 maggio 2008

Will I...

... receive that darn cdjapan order? I don't know. Now they're telling me that the shirt is on shortage, and it will take 5-10 O_O business days to be ready to ship.

Ah, I'm such a little pretty paaaaaaaatient girl. Yup.

More disturbing and frightening is the COMPLETE SILENCE from musea. But not from LorraineChampagne Bank =_=
Well, they're glad I've paid my order. So much glad that they ALREADY took the amount from my visa account. Still, I don't know if my little cute live cd is ACTUALLY shipping or not. Five days FROM WHEN?

Ah, I'm such a...nevermind.

domenica 4 maggio 2008

*depressive idiocy*

Free Image Hosting

( ç_ç)

ps. I think that blogspot detects fangirlism since posting this was kinda DIFFICULT.

sabato 3 maggio 2008


Check it out. (so eighties! *_*)

I'm not an affiliate or anything, just this shirt is freaking AMUSING.

venerdì 25 aprile 2008

The thing that really pisses me off...

... is that it's like EVERYONE is SO HAPPY about Gacktsan joining this movie. What a chance! How cool!
Really, did you ever seen AND LISTEN Gacktsan acting? I know that man can do anything, but acting isn't on the list, not yet at least.


They've just finished recording. What about promotion? Are you telling me that the whole thing will be putted on hiatus as long as the movie will occupy him(I don't even know if "occupy" exist...)? And how long this will going on? Three, four months? And then? Venice Festival anyone? (goodness that will be really really AMUSING X°D)

*headache, not related to this, BAKAYAROU*

*just those f*cking pills DIDN'T WORK*

giovedì 24 aprile 2008


Being this nasty, I've just ordered the seventh platinum box and the doraemon/dorayaki plush cushion.

And I feel better (n_n)y

NAO, I'm starting to wonder about Monsieur Pourcheron and his mail. That still hasn't reached my inbox.

Uhmmmm...How long that shitty movie will take for being done? I mean...Weren't they recording?


mercoledì 23 aprile 2008

It is not very good.

Yep, crappy title for a crappy post about a CRAPPY man.
Who hits Hollywood.
But, well, I preferred when he hit Paris, in some strange way that I'm quite sure are related to the fact that I'm awake for less then a hour.
Ah, I can't really understand.

Well, that's no surprise.

lunedì 21 aprile 2008


Dear Mr. Pourcheron,

Is there any chance that Musea Online Shop will re-stock Vienna's Unknown album (PCDZ-1572)?

right about to order Progress - Last Live, and it would be great if
I'll be able to order the two albums together(so I'll complete their

Thanks in advance for your answer!



Stay tuned for the next episode! x°D

giovedì 17 aprile 2008

bullsh*ts on myspace

Ah, three blogs. Kinda troublesome.
Just find the official Loudness blog. Updated frequently. By Niiharasan too. Who talked some post ago about his encounter with Chachasan.

Gah. In Japanese of course.

Chachasan&Niiharasan, playing at a school festival.

Am I dreaming?

(gosh, an unwanted quote x°D how siiiiiiiiiilly I am...)

I'm soooooooooo near to order "Progress" from musea online shop... badly "unknown" isn't available ç_______ç


Aren't they forgetting something? Well, let's wait and see...

martedì 15 aprile 2008

Soul Eater.

I'm done.

Quite done.

Pretty like done.

And I like it ò_ò/

FINALLY, Soul Eater from Bones.


*jumping around*

Wanna sub iiiiiiiittttttt...but sexyvoice&robo's in the way ç_ç

I just can't tell the BOSS xD: "Let's sub Soul Eater!"

He will kill me. But it's soooooooooooooo precious *ç*

*jumping around but less happily*


at L A S T .

Way to go!...

domenica 13 aprile 2008

Sick, tired and melancholic...

Ah, natsukashii...



n-natsukashii ka...


MY BALLS natsukashii.

Ten more hours...ten more hours...Gackt-san gimme the strength to bear this ten more hours xD Onegaishimaaaaaasu!...

Note: everytime I post in romanji, it means that something went wrong; maybe not ESPECIALLY something, but...something. Like discovering once more that my idiocy can go further deep fairly beyond deepness' limit. Kinda cool, isn't it?


venerdì 11 aprile 2008

Got to...

...stop following gackt&dears staffblog updates.



It's pure clean and clear masochism.

PLUS, Chacha has his hair tied up, in today's post, and with such a little pic is quite ANNOYING.

My recent investigations allow me to know that Beehive's vocalist died two years ago.

How did I manage to know that? Well, there's this little thing (I was surprised too xD) called JAPANESE WIKIPEDIA.

Just that. Weeeell, in Chacha's page, Takano-san and Beehive are QUOTED. But it was sure too simply for me to check there. Yep.

Too much fangirlism in too few lines. I'm sorry for that.

Tomorrow I'll send the n curriculum to some local supermarket chain. That's surprisingly HIRING. But they won't choose me. From now on, I'll think like this. Why bother with hope and such silly thoughts? I'm sick of it. I'm sick of all.

lunedì 7 aprile 2008

Mission [X Japan in Paris]: FAILED


Would someone share this pain with me?

Cookies for your kindness.

Thank you.

sabato 5 aprile 2008

Ok, I'm a fangirl.

But I just want to be in Paris R I G H T N O W.

Go fag yourself, everybody.

And understand the subtle two-way meaning.


giovedì 3 aprile 2008

Paris de kakatte koi?...ah?

The hell is doing Gacktsan in Paris? Japan Expo is in July!!! J U L Y ! ! !
Oh well, at least he made me laugh right in the middle of crying out my stomach, about a hour ago.

Forgiven for now.

But beware.

lunedì 31 marzo 2008

random sillyness

Miu-san has just divorced from Mikkabouzu.

No, wait.

Was she married to Mikkabouzu???!!

Unbelievable! Mikkabouzu. Miu-san. Geesh...

domenica 30 marzo 2008


That's what I will feel if I won't go to Paris, Japan Expo 2008. X Japan concert.

Obiouvsly if it's all true. Otherwise I'll send Yoshiki-san a package of the fatter icecream in the world, changing the label with "low fat and low carbs".

Evil (tired of stupid assholes) girl.

the real thing

I've only listened to a couple of minutes in total of latest toshi's works. Let's say that those few where FAIRLY enough to me.
And then comes the X reunion. And I.V.. And this concert I'm (not too convinced) watching right now.

THAT'S the way you should sing, Toshi-san. But I'm just xD the latest person that can say such a thing, so...Nevermind. Healing music? As you wish.

Note: about half a hour ago I listened for the first time in all these years... Yoshiki's voice XD. Poor dear. I hope his neck it's not torturing him so much. Well, he's already fainted. As usual. I'm kinda cool to this kind of things. I don't know.

Sugizo on Silent jealousy *_* Ah, I'm way relieved that that Hide's screen FINALLY has lifted up. I am a bitch and I know it quite well, but it was creepy for me. Ok, that's Hide, he died, he left everybody in despair, I know quite well this too, but...I don't know.

Da ka ra. Are you going to tell me that I'm losing my "Chacha will surely plays on x reunion concerts" bet? No way. Come on, take a couple of hours from the recording, COME ON! You have to be there!

Who in the world I'm talking to...? (guess the answer!) I really don't know.


martedì 25 marzo 2008

Ok, let's do it scientifically.

No, I'm just joking.

But, in case any other fav band of mine will come here, I'll be physically prepared.

Oh yes.

*waiting for the CRUCIAL translation listening to...guess who? Ded Chaplin*

*thinking about how the second part of the previous statement was useless*

*shaking her head sighing*

lunedì 24 marzo 2008

Eat, drink and be merry.

I just cannot do it.

But I'm practicing on the eating part.

giovedì 20 marzo 2008

i m p r i n t i n g .

Yeah. Call me crazy but I'm becoming more and more positive towards this explanation.

Though it's QUITE silly. No, wait, it's TOTALLY silly.

I need some Japanese translation works, someone may help me? xD

*change of subject*

I won't go to Cartoomics fair. No, no. That twenty bucks will remain steadly in my wallet. *nodding*

AND STILL if anyone else will call me a fangirl, well.

Don't even make me think about it.

mercoledì 19 marzo 2008

...and go f**k yourself, ok?

Ah, maybe I'm really a fangirl.
But, a fangirl wouldn't think "Maybe I'm really a fangirl".
Basically, she won't consider that statement a problem as much as I do.
Maybe. Perhaps. Sorry, only two synonyms. I've lost all of my perspicacity! (and that's a quote, my fellows).

And still... Beehive. o_o shocking.

Joudan ja nai.


venerdì 14 marzo 2008

This wait is killing me!

(just for a change of subject)

Gackt-san, you're making this one a VERY VERY anticipated album. And you know it, silly ass.

Think about it very carefully, Gackt-san.

I don't want another Diabolos u_u

As if he's reading, right?

*slowly recovering from*

*but still feeling bad about it*

*thinking about cookies for next dio concert*

*stupid fangirl*

giovedì 13 marzo 2008

let me just...for a minute...

I'm so sorry.
And I'm writing this everywhere in every language I know. xD Kinda idiotic.

Mikaru has updated his blog today. Not a word about Milan gig.
And you know what? He's perfectly right. Because you can't talk about that crappy concert, if not for saying how crappy it was. Dio were great. Awesome. Extraordinary. And so powerful, and cheerful, and such many other positive and nice things that that few people sound like a punishment, or something that bad. Such a waste for them. And this after those EIGHT gigs in France. Come on.

Depressing. Totally.

mercoledì 12 marzo 2008

To : Dio ~ Distraught Overlord - From: a brand renewed fan.

You were just too much for our crappy standards. And the crappier organization you had had to bear with.

I enjoyed last night SO MUCH, that I can barely tell how I feel. Rather dizzy, a bit tired but definitely satisfied and amused. D e f i n i t e l y.

Just saying "Thank you" to all of you isn't enough.

Wah. you're just G R E A T.

lunedì 10 marzo 2008

I knew it!...

I knew he wrote that. *_*

I knew I knew I KNEW IT!


Such a little discover but I KNEW IT.

But, still, I prefer Toshi lyrics. Sumimasen, honto sumimasen Niiharasan. But... JANE???? c'mon...

ps. i k n e w i t .

sabato 8 marzo 2008

three days ^_^/

To the DIO concert! Yay...

And for the ones that won't come with us... ^-^ F U C K O F F ^-^

Since you won't waste money on a band you don't like. Even if it's for going out with me, once in a while. But I'm sure you didn't even think about this. BUT I DID.

AND, STILL, for the n time, you want me to feel guilty about the fact that I don't have money. This is madness. Total madness.

But I managed to find Toshi's GRACE and Mission, and that's enough for today. Though I didn't like Moonstone that much (even if I did think "that would be amazing sung by Toshi" ok, chacha's version amazed me much more XD)

martedì 4 marzo 2008

Such a cute thing I found ^_______^

Here here^^

Sometimes it's hard to be a non-fangirl...


But still I can't grasp if that is anubis or not. In some points it resembles Anubis. Let's assume that xD.

AND, STILL. What the hell is this supposed to be? That legendary Vienna's Live DVD? There's Niihara-san credited. But WHY? WHY???

This is a thriller!

Title: Fujimura (Chachamaru) Yukihiro. Trascendent(al?) guitar techinque.


Sometimes Babelfish is useful. Oh yes.

Now go back to your beloved hiragana, stupid fatty sleepy young brat!

sabato 16 febbraio 2008

Wedding headache.

My brother is going to get married. Shokku xD
Not anger or anything else, I mean negative feelings. I just feel that the words: "We're going to get married" in his mouth are just ABSURD.

Why do I come here intending to write a poem and then I write only two lines?

What a headache.


mercoledì 13 febbraio 2008

Me & 80's. A true story

It's just moving.
Everything, anything from 80s makes me spill a tear or two. And I was born in 1984, so I can't recall much of that period.
Even so, if something was made between '78-'89/'90, that something is precious for me.

Why this crap? Because wasting my sight on hiragana characters always makes me a little softer.

For the rest, life sucks.

good night.

sabato 9 febbraio 2008

t h e u s u a l f o o l .

Re-watched "Asphalt Jungle" live.
Now I've lost all the sleep I had ten minutes ago.

And then, Intermission was quite a surprise! Sweet song.


giovedì 7 febbraio 2008

More than...

... spend my time here tonight explaining you(???) why I'm so happy about the failed exam, I'm just here to say that I'm bored to death, literally.
And that I'm surrounded with assholes.

Gotta choose one? That big motherfucking of my father, here he is.

Happy year of the rat to everyone. Especially those born in 1984 AND 1960.

This is fate.

And is one of the three four things I can still laugh about. T H A N K S. Even if you won't know this ever.

And even if in ten minutes I'll regretting to have written it.

venerdì 1 febbraio 2008

the fuck is this?...

Oh well.
Laruku will be in Paris in May.
And I won't be there.

*said with a slight but recognizable Duff Man pitch*

mercoledì 30 gennaio 2008

Shouldn't I feel dumped?

Four epals.
Four guys that no longer answer my mails.
Just what the hell...?

One of those four the other day sent me a greeting card.

Of course you realize this means war.

Sorry, gotta write the quote.

Ah, four days to the contest. AND, I'm not studying ANYTHING. AND, AND, I'm not feeling too bad about it. Not at all.

I j u s t d o n ' t c a r e .

That's the way I should act from now on. I'm very very veeeeeery sick, fella. In more than a way.

Still, I want that fucking Follow You bootleg. Early than NOW.

More than randomness here comes this blog!!!!! matane

domenica 27 gennaio 2008

Bored to death.

I want to play Trickster and eat all day (and possibly night) long.
Don't want to study for that damned contest. Not even the littlest transparent particle of will.
Wanna listen to Legend until this world will be a little easier.
No, better: wanna listen to Chacha until etc etc.

That's unemploying for you!

At least the second necklace is arrived.

Still waiting for the bag. Well, the only solution is to kidnap/kill (or both) some fucking idiotic couriers, but that will be a waste of time, effort, and prison.

I have to drill Caballa up, for the time being!

Fuck off.

The last thing: I want the Follow you bootleg. N O W. Vinyl, oh dear (*______*)

sabato 19 gennaio 2008

Did I...

... already say how much I envy cheerful people?


Well, let's say "hate" now.

By the way, I was THIS close to mistake one of my epals for another one X°D
It's not really that hilarious, but I'm still laughing.


venerdì 18 gennaio 2008

sabato 12 gennaio 2008


I was going to forgot the most important thing.

Pay a little attention to this:

Well, I must say that I'm getting used to it, while the first time was QUITE SHOCKING.

[praticallyfangirl mode is: ON] Look at the right hand!!!! Look at the right hand!!!!!!!!![praticallyfangirl mode is: OFF]

The only sad thing to say about it it's that I'm quite sure he too used the "Gackt's way to become prettier"
So sad.
How old was he in thi photo? I can't really tell...


Worldly busy.

But I think that mundane works better than "worldly". Man this word sucks!

Anyway, I'm trying to have some Japanese epals like i was used to, but there's something fishy about it.

Useless post of the month.

giovedì 10 gennaio 2008

freaking true, I have to admit it XD

How much do you hate Gackt?

You love Gackt!
Take this quiz!

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giovedì 3 gennaio 2008


Ok, let's take this with a smile on the face, although when I heard about this I was about to cry. AND, this doesn't imply that I'm a fangirl, NNNNE? xD

Gackt said in a recent interview that MAYBE he'll quit the industry in 2010. Ok, thanks that he'll wait until chacha's 50th birthday REALLY THANK YOU DON'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH, but, shit, this makes me think that I've got only two more years to see them live. That's pretty sad. Pretty pretty sad. Mostly because I won't, if this economical combination keeps is effects on my purse. fuck.