sabato 31 maggio 2008

Ok, all together now:


I don't know why but listening to this album in a legal way makes me...kinda...proud of myself X°D

I realize know that, as usual, the previous post was totally useless, since I didn't write the most important thing: Irony of Fate is here (that's where the "One for my baby(and one more for the road)" pun came from...).

I don't really catch the reason of a papersleeve reissue, but I didn't want a SPALAX one, so...
Yes, I'm weird.
And I can assure you all on this, since, in my humble idiotic fangirlistic opinion, this pic: totally moe.

A fanservice purchase X°DDDDDDDDDDDD

BY ACCIDENT, I'm listening to Heaven right now.

K I L L M E .

One for my baby...

... and one more is still on the road!
(this is such a smooth and polished quote that it's almost embarrassing...well, nevermind the last sentence)

Yes, it's not that I can pretend to hurry them up just because I've ordered it last Wednesday, but since my virtual purse feels lighter already from this purchase...even a little "processing" on the order page will work...come on...

*this wait is killing me*

venerdì 30 maggio 2008

Just why...

... did I say yes?

Explain to me.

I don't want to do that job (yes quite a cacophonic sentence, thanks.), but still I said: "Yes, of course."

Ok, my gray situation doesn't allow me to be so picky about jobs, I know. But still... WHY?

mercoledì 28 maggio 2008

Uhm, so...

... it seems that I've found Unknown here .

And it also seems that I've just ordered it.



Did I really do that? Isn't it just a mere hallucination? Maybe I'm sleeping...

I was fooling around indie progrock japanese band websites, and this musicterm popped out. "Come on, I know they haven't Vienna, why should I search for them?". But I did that the same.


My NEET proudness has definitely reached its MAXIMUM. I won't feel this proud in being a geek anymore EVAH.
Yes, sure, they have quite a weird order system, and a weirder pwd input, buuuuut...

how could I possibly resist?
And the only option was EMS? A week! A single week, some customs payoff, but I was payed yesterday so I DON'T CARE AT ALL!!!!

*dancing on the table*

martedì 27 maggio 2008

lunedì 26 maggio 2008

Depression. (with a cheerful update at the bottom xD)

Progress is out of stock.


The MAGNIFICENT post I was...posting earlier could not be posted.


With this, it's a 2 : 2 . Two catched and two missed. I thought that I would reach a 3 : 1, at least.



No, wait. Musea has just answered me back. Chotto matte kudasai (as I told earlier I use romanji when I'm in a bad

MOVINGNEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, er... EMOTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON (movingness was more catchy, by the way...)

They'll ship Irony of Fate (papersleeve, because I'm in the mood for trash, fella) TOMORROW (*_*)

HOW I love these guys!

Now let me be moved for at least a couple of minutes...

domenica 25 maggio 2008

Don't you...

... feel dumb, sometimes?

I do. I really do.

And that isn't involved at all with the fact that this afternoon I've cleaned my room.
I mean, of course I still think that's just a waste of time that I can profitably use depressing myself even more, but that's not this post's main point.

What's the main point?


I forgot. But I'll keep listen to Bow Vow, anyway.


venerdì 23 maggio 2008


(House indoor, afternoon)

As she opens the door, she sees a package lying on the table.

A glimpse to the sender: "Musea Records". Or something like that. Actually, she's just way tooooo much excited to grasp the details.

But nevermind.

She takes the package, and runs towards the kitchen. Leaned the package on the kitchen table, she starts to jump.

After a while, she finally open the package. The cd is still in the bubble wrap, but the picture she can guess through it is QUITE TOO MUCH FAMILIAR, MAN.

She starts to SCOWL.

The bubble package is open, and there, sparkling, in her hands lies...

(dramatic strings' crescendo)

OVERTURE!!!! Yes, you get it right, O V E R T U R E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What did I do wrong? What? WHAT????????

Plus, THE NEXUS REISSUE!!!!! At least, send me the first King's release, with that lovely poster! I was already thinking about where hang it, but I noticed that was the Nexus'...

Ah, an epic journey...

giovedì 22 maggio 2008


I'm trying to be the usual annoying asshole, today, buuuuut...I can't, actually.

I've spent like four hours assembling the gackt's jigsaw, to discover that...a piece is missing.

I was like: ^_______________________^ "I knew it"

And all this while listening to Moon, the whole thing! Not just luna-fragrance-death wish, the entire album!

Egoist, yeah.

mercoledì 21 maggio 2008


My Verve's visit jump by 10-12 in about three days (and that's HUGE, in my opinion).

Whoah, thanks. I don't really get the reason. But thanks ^-^

Actually, verve is great, just...I feel a bit lonely from time to time.

Yes, my mood is increasing is cheerfulness, and who cares how long it will last u_u.

Egoist, me? Nah.

Some fangirlism, a LOT of laughs...

... that's PLATINUM BOX VII for you!

And you know what? I'll save until I'll be able to order the eighth one. Yes, I know, I sweared that "such a DEARS ONLY item is, as it states, intended ONLY FOR DEARS", but, come on...I love these guys. Definitely. Now that I can keep the "Gackt no coordinator" part with me and watch it whenever I want... my life is accomplished.

...ureshii da yo!!!

Yes, there are problems in the air ^_______________^

Breaking news: Progress is floating gently to me from that enchanted land called "France".


...or not.

domenica 18 maggio 2008

What's the point...

... in listening to some japanese musical drama cd, when you don't seem to understand A THING of what they're saying?

No one. Really no one at all.

But still they're some cool pieces in it.

Anyway, Romaria Crusade, fella.

...well the fact is that I've just fallen in love with the male protagonist (well, the one I suppose is the protagonist...) ^_^;

sabato 17 maggio 2008

2nd mail to musea...

... but not concerning the UNKNOWN CASE xD

Maybe I'll send one about that tomorrow


My mood is the worst ever lately.

"Lately" X°D


Don't come to Europe any soon. Not this year. Please, I'm begging you. Shot that movie, do your national fangirlish usual tour, MAYBE put out that album, but don't come to Europe.

I'm not in the right mood.

some other words with *ood?

venerdì 16 maggio 2008

Let's begin the prayers...

... Platinum box VII and tshirt arrived today at customs.

And someone told me I was crazy when I stuck my juzu (it's too big for my feminine - the only feminine thing I have and I'm quite proud of it xD- wrist ç_ç) onto my bag...

Well, this actually has never happened but I'm in the mood for pranking. Maybe it's the cold, gray, rainy weather (WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? LONDON???? No, I T A L Y. And it's mid May.) I'm always pumped up when weather seems to tell you: "GET AWAY FROM THIS WORLD NOW!!!".

It's really cherishing ^-^9

Does a word like "cherishing" exist?
Oh, nevermind.

No books shopping today, but the perfect Emo's cardigan (obviously gray, black it's too much of a statement for an emo)xD and "To catch a thief" on DVD. Question: is it more for Cary Grant, or more for Grace Kelly?

You choose the answer.

Anyway, it'll be the right one ^____________^

ps. see? a WHOLE post without naming chacha. Kinda scary X°D

lunedì 12 maggio 2008

Will I...

... receive that darn cdjapan order? I don't know. Now they're telling me that the shirt is on shortage, and it will take 5-10 O_O business days to be ready to ship.

Ah, I'm such a little pretty paaaaaaaatient girl. Yup.

More disturbing and frightening is the COMPLETE SILENCE from musea. But not from LorraineChampagne Bank =_=
Well, they're glad I've paid my order. So much glad that they ALREADY took the amount from my visa account. Still, I don't know if my little cute live cd is ACTUALLY shipping or not. Five days FROM WHEN?

Ah, I'm such a...nevermind.

domenica 4 maggio 2008

*depressive idiocy*

Free Image Hosting

( ç_ç)

ps. I think that blogspot detects fangirlism since posting this was kinda DIFFICULT.

sabato 3 maggio 2008


Check it out. (so eighties! *_*)

I'm not an affiliate or anything, just this shirt is freaking AMUSING.