lunedì 17 settembre 2007


2008 will be the mouse year!!!! Yessssssss, finally!!! My sign! I don't really care about this kind of things, but after the pig, the dragon and all the other marvelous shining (a pork, shining...?) signs, FINALLY it comes the mouse!!!! yeah

(once a while, man, once a while...)

The rilakkuma bento arrived some days ago, and it's frightening LITTLE. Every way you put it, it's a darn little bento.

and it's awfully cute XD Dunno, but relaxguys seemed more...uhm...well less cute on the web page XDDDDDDDD
Anyway, it's kinda handy. That's important. At least I've passed through the age that someone can beat me if I go around with this thing (not very sure about my English in this sentence...)

I hope to finish that fucking (yet delicious) teriyaki cabbage&tofu this week (=_=);;;;;

And nowwwwww...waiting for the snoopy one ^_____________^

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