sabato 1 settembre 2007

With that voice...

...Mr. Poli can say anything he wants. ANYTHING. I'm watching Caterina De' Medici, Bugs bless Jimmy Channel.
I cannot understand a thing, not even a single little thin thing, but I just love the sound of his voice. Blame that shitty fairytales mcs... It was my vocal imprinting.


Why they're acting...dubbed? Dunno. Don't wanna know. Just listen.

Besides, I'm waiting for my bento. Oh yes. The last three days were quite idiotic, and-

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA love this mannnnnnn!!!!!

Sorry, we were...?

Oh, bento time. I'm getting used to the little room in it.

Uh, I got it!!! It's because he wants them to say EXACTLY what he wants. Definitely. What? Talking about the dub acting. Gomen.

I finished Rock Trip. Useless. Absolutely useless. I'm not that kind of fine smart reviewer. But why hang the readers all that time, to end it like that? Useless.


I started a huge, little typed BOOK about Third Reich and its birth. The first time I'm getting interested by a book since the introduction.

I'm getting old and dumber.

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