lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Only if...

He died.
That's so much bad. Really. I mean, he was one of the men I'd really like to meet, to talk with about voiceacting, and the current worsening of it, and to getting angry about this especially, the grandness of his work, his career, his importance in my childhood, how he was able to turn out every single character, even the most bitchy and nasty, into something that dragged my attention, how his skills made the "Murder she wrote"'s voiceacting work such a nice thing to hear, even if you didn't like the show. Maybe I'm frantic.

I won't see any other new Lupin related thing dubbed in Italian, ever.

I didn't think that it will turn out this way. I couldn't figure this pain. Well, I couldn't figure he would die this soon.

Ciao Roberto, e grazie. Sarà impossibile dimenticarti.

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