domenica 30 dicembre 2007


Right after having listened to my old music archives (O_O a Pandora's box that I wouldn't like to open again, trust me...), I MUST listen to Mizerable (of course the 6thday version). No matter what. And now I feel quite better.
I'm so far away from those years, luckily. Don't misunderstand, I still like most of them, but I definitely REGRET some choices I made, let's say that.
And now I feel like Mana-san have saved me XD, that day I stepped onto marisu *_*
I already knew about Japanese contemporary music, from laruku and other musicians anime-related (and I was pretty into shibuya-kei, at that time u.u), but THAT was the change of season. DEFINITELY. Then I discovered Gackt, and then ^___________________^ you know who I'm talking about [secretive fangirl MODE is: ON].

Ok, since I cannot write this on the Italian blog of mine (a girl talked about chacha calling him GN*CC*L*S*, what a nymphomaniac, but mostly WTF???!!!!, but I think she won't like to read this, and since we'll meet at the next DIO concert...well...):
Just stop with all that shit, nymphogirls, come on. Someone can find him cute (O_O), ok, most of the Japanese people are cute to my eyes either XD, but COME ON, HANDSOME?
Let's focus on the real matter: he's a brilliant singer and a crazy guitar player (in the best way this means), and for my personal opinion an outstanding artist, BUT I WON'T FIND HIM HANDSOME EVEN IN A MILLION YEARS! EVER!
Should I post some of his early photos? SHOULD I? Or when he's without makeup? Do you really wanna see them? Will you find him handsome after that? I DON'T THINK SO.

Well, it's true that this can go with MOST of the japanese music artists as of now...

Ok, now it's perfectly clear HOW MUCH I hate that kind of fangirlism.

By the way, whyTF I'm talking like an old man, suddenly?

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