domenica 30 marzo 2008

the real thing

I've only listened to a couple of minutes in total of latest toshi's works. Let's say that those few where FAIRLY enough to me.
And then comes the X reunion. And I.V.. And this concert I'm (not too convinced) watching right now.

THAT'S the way you should sing, Toshi-san. But I'm just xD the latest person that can say such a thing, so...Nevermind. Healing music? As you wish.

Note: about half a hour ago I listened for the first time in all these years... Yoshiki's voice XD. Poor dear. I hope his neck it's not torturing him so much. Well, he's already fainted. As usual. I'm kinda cool to this kind of things. I don't know.

Sugizo on Silent jealousy *_* Ah, I'm way relieved that that Hide's screen FINALLY has lifted up. I am a bitch and I know it quite well, but it was creepy for me. Ok, that's Hide, he died, he left everybody in despair, I know quite well this too, but...I don't know.

Da ka ra. Are you going to tell me that I'm losing my "Chacha will surely plays on x reunion concerts" bet? No way. Come on, take a couple of hours from the recording, COME ON! You have to be there!

Who in the world I'm talking to...? (guess the answer!) I really don't know.


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