sabato 8 marzo 2008

three days ^_^/

To the DIO concert! Yay...

And for the ones that won't come with us... ^-^ F U C K O F F ^-^

Since you won't waste money on a band you don't like. Even if it's for going out with me, once in a while. But I'm sure you didn't even think about this. BUT I DID.

AND, STILL, for the n time, you want me to feel guilty about the fact that I don't have money. This is madness. Total madness.

But I managed to find Toshi's GRACE and Mission, and that's enough for today. Though I didn't like Moonstone that much (even if I did think "that would be amazing sung by Toshi" ok, chacha's version amazed me much more XD)

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