venerdì 25 aprile 2008

The thing that really pisses me off...

... is that it's like EVERYONE is SO HAPPY about Gacktsan joining this movie. What a chance! How cool!
Really, did you ever seen AND LISTEN Gacktsan acting? I know that man can do anything, but acting isn't on the list, not yet at least.


They've just finished recording. What about promotion? Are you telling me that the whole thing will be putted on hiatus as long as the movie will occupy him(I don't even know if "occupy" exist...)? And how long this will going on? Three, four months? And then? Venice Festival anyone? (goodness that will be really really AMUSING X°D)

*headache, not related to this, BAKAYAROU*

*just those f*cking pills DIDN'T WORK*

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