sabato 4 ottobre 2008

Here, kitty,


But let me first explain you what a miniconvention(in the ill mind of THAT insurance company) is:

three girls;

an insurance agent, I think some kind of boss or head of some agency...dunno;

AN OPEN WINDOW. This morning the temperature was PRETTY low.

Let's start!
... and after half a hour of "This company will save the world! We've got the higher rates in the whole category! Even banks fear us! WORLD IS OURS!!!*maniacal laughter*"

the raw truth.

All these bullshits were intended to divert our attention from the REAL meaning of them: make acceptable in our *naive* minds the fact of being part of the big insurance family, or (in other words) have ANOTHER job interview, subscribe a form and enter the Insurance Agents Register.

No, wait... WHAT? Weren't you searching for a CLERK position? Do you think that I would do 50 kms just to become part of a fraud?!

I will NEVER ever answer to any other job offer from an insurance company. N E V E R .

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