venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

The t in translating stands for thrill.

Yes, about 15 minutes (until the end of it) of an episode in about two hours and a half.

I'm feeling quite cool.

I want to feel the same thing working. But it won't happen. So much sad.

Note: NEVER EVER WATCH "Memories of Matsuko". NEVER. NEVER EVER. Did I say NEVER? Yes? Ok. But promise me that you'll NEVER watch that movie. It's painful in such a pathetic way.  I cried a couple of dams out of it. Good grief. Really, GOOD GRIEF.

I hate to cry like that. Looks like I'm aging (n_n)

And, MOSTLY, Kou-san appears only in 2 (TWO) scenes. Although it's a musical. Wait...! I managed to see a Japanese musical 'til the end! Coooool...I just noticed that. Yup.

AND, she doesn't sing at all. Kou-san I mean. And that's bad.

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