sabato 14 marzo 2009

Post #1 of whatever about my Japan trip. Powered by randomness.

(yes, THIS is the right title!)

Ok, this is not Japan. Alps, actually. From the liiiiittle plane that, on a shitty gray Wednesday morning, took me from Milan to Paris. Funnier thing: me, unable to plug the seatbelt (from now on, the "shittoberuto"), helped from the kind guy next to me. My first flight. No fear at all. Anyway, I was on a mission from God (catch the quote). At a certain point I was REALLY sure we were flying above my neighbourhood, but in that tiiiiiny cute plane it wasn't so easy to take my camera out of the bag.

Ah, Hibiya Line. Probably taken the day after my arrive. I don't think I took any picture of the hostel, by the way; that awful place has only ONE pro: it's near the Hibiya Line. That's it. Anyway I don't think that, in case I'll be back there or near it, I'll make such a large use (well, two tickets a day x°D) of ToMe and such. I mean, I've got two legs, working legs, and Tokyo is not THAT big, and it's always interesting to walk from place to place sticking your nose around, observing people, shooting weird engrish signs for your Flickr's sake...Things that a comfortable, clean, but NOISY train cannot let you experience.
I *love* to loiter in random unknown streets while being staaaaaared at by Japanese people, right?!

inside and outside Minowa Station

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