sabato 27 giugno 2009

So, folks...

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MAI blue lp has finally landed.

It's some kind of flexible, transparent, BEAUTIFUL blue round thing that says : VIENNA - Overture, with tracklist (of course split on both sides... yeah I DID think: "Uh? Only three tracks?..." x°°°°D) and other things.

I'm happy.

Yeah I don't seem that much happy because of a certain death and another next one (this laptop) BUT, about a couple of meters away, behind me, lies a cute sturdy cardboard package that contains MAI blue lp, a SCARY poster (Ryu-san wins over Chacha-san. Real earrings win over clip ones, OF COURSE u___u espacially if white and bold and... what the hell were you thinking? x°D), AND, AND!!!! And a pretty pretty cardboard square with SIGNS!!!! Do you know what I mean? SIGNS!!! I guessed only Nagai-san's one at first. Then Chacha-san, than Ryu-san, and, going just for elimination X°D, Tsukamoto-san.

Then, I looked at the back of the "card". Ryu-san presses down. I've found this quite hilarious. Don't ask me why.

Anyway a REALLY smooth transaction. I was a bit worried about customs but luckily he's a SMART seller.

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