domenica 19 agosto 2007


Bored remastered and reloaded. Gotta find those FUCKING 11th sexy voice and robo ep subs. I miss my Robo!!! I miss that little gifted girl of which I forget the name every time! I HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!!!!!!

I've eaten 11 pastries. It was my birthday party. Don't bother.

Don't wanna go to work.

Loving Chacha more than ever.

Admiring Gackt so much that I'm frightened by this. He helps me not be driven mad by this shit. Thank you.

Deep thoughs like these.

May Trickster bless you all, fella.


ps: I managed to pass by the old block without shed ANY tear. Yes, I was tearing my bag apart, but let's look at it positively.

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