domenica 12 agosto 2007

There are days...

... when the little good old azureus sucks bandwidth as he (?) never knew about its existence. Good grief.
I mean, it's good someway because it's running at its full potential. But I cannot even do a search on google!!!

Things are getting worse. The shit is that it's not something outdoor. But indoor. You know what? I took a trip to my hometown, this morning. As we passed by the old block, I started cry. A granny, a perfect white-haired airheaded old granny. At least my father didn't notice it ^_^

It's strange, after 15 years. Kinda weird. Really weird.

Second Japanese epals has asked me for a photo. I'd like to kill him, but I don't have the money enough for the trip. And, also, as I'll land off the plane I'll be pretty too much engulfed with various strange schizophrenic feelings to concern about the killing. Lucky guy you are, Yuji-kun. Luckiest ever.

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