domenica 26 agosto 2007

Boku wa kimi na no?

Chacha will forgive my impudence on use his own wonderful words (^-^)

Actually, I don't really know why I used them as a title to this post. I'm tired. At least, only four weeks depart me from the end of this job. It's a madness. Maybe the problem is that I'm too naive. Maybe.


THE BOTTOM OF CHAOS has arrived on August 22nd, right before my birthday (^__________^) What happiness. AND IT'S GREAT. Well, I'm a little bit disappointed by THE ONE AND ONLY ONE postcard I found inside the package. I was expecting one for each member (ç_ç) And it comes instead with a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle pic of all of them in a typical we're-the-men pose. Still all cuties.

One of the most significant birthday of my life.

That's why I'm deciding on killing myself soon.

Currently downloading: lucky star bgm & radio bangumi DA THIRD (^______________^) Would I finally find the bgm I'm searching? Would this be called English, anyway? I don't think so.

See ya

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