martedì 10 giugno 2008

Got milk?

Yes, thoughtful of you asking. By the way, Puzzle is a hell of a stupid dorama.


Since I'm not in any naive community except for here, myspace and plurk, and since I must tease the world with my useless crappy thoughts about dorama that I'm watching, here you are.

What I'm currently watching and WHY:

- Atsuhime: Eita-san is THE poor thing. EVAH. And Tamaki-san didn't appear yet in his awuful-lovely-awful boldness. AND FRANKLY, this is way way more interesting than Fuurin Kazan;

- Puzzle: it's stupid, bad written, bad directed, but I love Ayukawa-sensei. Her and that magpie voice. Lovely;

- Zettai Kareshi: crappyness here too, and Aibu Saki. But it's so funny. And two of the three main actors was born in 1984, pretty rare (I was born in 1984, and that's also pretty rare). Plus, it's patisserie set;

- Last Friends: half the main cast of Nodame dorama. Nagasawa Masami beaten up well. Juri-chan with a lovely hairstyle. Eita XD. It is way depressing. Way way way waaaaaay depressing, except for the "Let's beat the soul out of Nagasawa Masami" parts;

- Binbo Danshi (but I think they've dropped it u.u): Oguri Shun.

What I've dropped recently: Rookies, just a showcase of Johnnys' like pieces of meat - and others that I don't recall now. A thing about vampires. Another too much romantic for my tomboy needs, etc etc...

Movies: Crows is weird. Maiko Haaan was pretty amusing but the subs sucked so much that I couldn't watch it to the end ç_ç Kisaragi was also weird but fun in some part and, again, OGURI SHUN. A Bara no Soretsu (one of the first Japanese movies I've ever watched, still one of my favorite.)

But I think you've already figured out that this was made all because I have to divert my attention from the EMS webpage.

Sad but true, indeed.

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