sabato 28 giugno 2008

How comes...

... that it's the third time that I'm listening to tmtip live, today?

Because I LOVE PROGRESS. Yes. It was really a fast falling in love. I was expecting some more "Hey, I am THE guitarist here" or things like that, but really is a nice nice nice live. Balanced.
PLUS, what I was really really R E A L L Y worried about was in fact Chacha-san's voice. Well, you know...But it's good! Beyond expectations! WAY TO GO TO MY FANGIRLISM!!!

Yes, it's tough. (;u_u)

The only thing that has left me a little sad was ending with Sleepless Night. Still, I'm beginning to appreciate this song, and that's good.

But I think it's still tooooooooo much short.

So...overture, step into..., progress, unknown.


AND... how fucking cool is Follow you's intro? HOW?

I don't wanna talk about work, today. Not because it went bad or anything, just I'm still floating like on the way back home listening to...well, the same song I'm listening since this morning X°D, amongst tall trees, with a soft breeze that made the heat bearable, ah... I'm in love. And I fucking miss Ryu-san. THIS MUCH.

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