lunedì 7 luglio 2008

I donìt feel like writing or anything...

... I just thought that my blog feels miserable, lately. Yes, such a lack of motivation may be the cause, but still...I'm bored.

Will I be able, one wonderful day (reminds you something?...), to find a job that doesn't involve working with sicko/psycho and such? Unless me, of course.

I mean I'M TIRED! Tired of having such hard times when things would be merrier in a very very easy way! And it's always like this, no matter what!
Oh, I forgot to mention that, although my back, my feet and (strangely) my right hand hurt, I (kinda) like this job. But it's tiring when others are there just to make me (and the other girls) work more. Just leave, you're not needed, understand?

No. They've got a contract. Oh yes. The first three days were such a heaven *_* Most probably because I don't like the job itself, and knowing WHERE I was supposed to work, frankly, I was scared. So my awful expectations were a bit cheered up by the real thing.

(caution! I'm almost in short of grammatically worth English! Be careful from this point on!)

Gackt's discography. The new deal. Another journey. And not particularly difficult as the previous ones. Well, PARTIAL discography. I won't waste money on useless albums or such, unless it involves stupid fanservice videos X°D

It will be a bleeding. And that's my fault, not doing this little by little doing these years. Stupid me.

Whoa...too much this time. cya

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