mercoledì 9 luglio 2008

talking about fangirlism...

A Ded Chaplin googling led me first blog.

A shamefully fangirlistic blog. Goodness. I'm astonished.
Mostly, I wasn't at all aware of it! I'm a dangerous little(?) fangirl! BEWARE!

Well, self-awareness of my own mental illness is the first step, in a honest therapy.

I'm not only self-aware I'M SCARED of myself! Totally scared! Ok, that photograph is still there, after five? four years...And I'm not going to tear it up or something, I want it to stay there.

Like a warning X°D

Ok, blog erased from this world. *relieved*

Why all this frantic spouting? Because it's actually the third time that this happens: I'm looking for something, and suddenly one of my old blogs pops up, reminding me how BOLDLY stupid I was. I never felt like a fangirl, but BUGS!!!, I was. I really was a fangirl. Goodness goodness.

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