lunedì 15 settembre 2008

You shouldn't love Maths.

Because otherwise you wouldn't be gladly shocked as I was last night watching "Hakase no aishita sushiki" (The professor and his beloved equation).

Well, maybe that shocking reaction was more caused by the bottle of warm darjeeling tea that I've drunk the whole day long, ending up being TOTALLY AWAKEN at 2.45 am.

This movie is perfect. Terao-san is perfect. That moeish kawaiiiiiiiiii actress, despite my true hate towards that kind of actresses, was perfect, and mostly Equation-sama XD was astonishing.

So sad, not too much moving, funny, well acted and directed. I'm in love.

Yes, I must admit that as I saw that Koike Teppei's cosplayer playing as the grown-up Root, well, I was about to switch off.

BUT I've endured. I'm glad I've done it.

Next: the real thing. Koike Teppei. Well, I've always hated him just seeing that stupid chibikko look on his 10 years old face. AND I WASN'T TOTALLY WRONG! Yes, Shibatora isn't the perfect dorama, not at all... Still, most of the gags are hilarious X°D and Miki-san is always Miki-san u_u. Plus, Suzuka-chan in her teens!!!

Pervert, me? Nai.

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