lunedì 3 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #1

- Oh my girl! (Japanese drama, 2008)
- starring: Mocomichi, Rosa Kato, and an unbearable nasty dwarf disguised as a little girl plus a LOT of great actors totally wasted.

Mocomichi plays the role of a journalist that has to interview this nasty little lady (a little actress). Also, the dwarf is his stepsister's daughter, that apparently run away to become a star in Hollywood (like someone else we know xD). As a "last will", she entrusted her daughter to his stepbrother, so darn happy to become a full-time nanny. The COOLNESS in this is that...He hates his stepsister, since she was too busy acting to pay any visit to her parents' funeral. Wow! So original. So fresh.

NAO, Mocomichi isn't that great actor that I would like him to be, badly. And he doesn't help very much to mantain a bit steady this crappy thing. I was tricked by his performance in Zettai Kareshi. He was made for that role, and, this far, for THAT ONE only. Ah, what a pity...

But the most disappointing fact is that Rosa Kato can't act. AT ALL. So cute. SO DARN CUTE!!! I was so yearning to see her acting! Ah, cuteness is not enough...Sometimes I prefer the little dwarf o_o At least she shows some skills...

And do I have to talk about all the great costars wasted here? Like Rie Tomokasa (by the way, WHERE THE HELL IS Atsuhime?!), Yoshinori Okada ò_ò/, Arata Furuta ò__________________ò/? Ah...

Don't misunderstand me, Mocomichi is FAR BETTER that Yama-pi, but I'm starting to think that his hotness>his skills. And that's bad for my conscience. Well, at least he's not a johnny's. And that's pretty good for my conscience.

Ok, I'm satisfied. But I don't think I'll keep on watching this.

Next sparable review: Giragira - (I would follow Miki-san even in hell ò_ò/)
Stay tuned or get lost!

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