mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

Reviews that onestly I could spare you #4

- Bloody Monday (2008, Japanese drama - what else? xD)
- starring: Haruma Miura. Haruma Miura. Haruma Miura. Anyone else? No? Good.

Some time ago, drama producers had a problem: how can we show the beautiful fangirl-catcher(and hugely talented, in my opinion) Haruma Miura-san in his wonderful appereance, building at least a bearable drama around him without making the audience notice?


Producing an action, mistery, thrilling, slightly gorish but mostly DRAMATICALLY fast-paced drama. With MILLIONS of dramatic, oblique, dark shots of our beloved Haruma-san. See? I'm not complaining about this.

Yes. Cool. Except for the fact that this drama is QUITE boring. Really. Maybe it's because I really don't like this kind of dramas, like:

A - "Shit! This bomb is about to explode! Get the people out this place! What the hell are you doing there, xxx? Didn't you listen? We're going to blow up soon!"

B - "No, wait. We have to try defuse this. IT'S OUR DUTY!!!"

and so on, always ending with the rookie successfully defusing the bomb. Gah.

Still, this review doesn't have any meaning AT ALL, since I'll watch this 'til its end.
By the way, did I already tell you that Haruma-kun is the main character?

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