domenica 11 gennaio 2009

.shamefully ashamed of my shameful fangirlsm(in a shameful way, but that goes w/out saying).

What are you, when you can tell one guitarist in particular amongst others? (well, not all at the same time, or I would be SERIOUSLY worried about myself X°D)

A fangirl. Well, a pretty sharp one U_U but nothing more than a fangirl, my friends(?).

And that's sad. So sad. Funny, weird, stupid, and a big teaspoon of sadness.

One more evidence? Without you. GirlUneed. Yep. The one with that other guy on rhythmic guitar. I didn't know the tracklist, but I easily cry out "This one is Without You!!!" as I first heard it. Because I CAN TELL. Pathetically scary X°D

And, by the way, it's the only one I listen to with some happiness, not thinking that the whole GirlUneed thing was at least a bit crappier than I expected it to be. Like: "It's catchy!", or some other boring happy adjective.
Now, guess who wrote the music? Yep.

Ah, so so so so SO sad...

It's just that (well, isn't this a shameful post? So let it be 100% shameful...) some people needs fangirls/boys, while other people not. In my fangirlistic humble opinion.

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