venerdì 2 gennaio 2009


1. Thank this wonderful blogger that enlightened me about the only Chacha-san work(generally known, at least) I didn't have any ANY single clue about: Girluneed.


2. Remember that this year I'll turn 25. Yup, I'm not an age-con (yes, a brand new word for a brand new year! enjoy.), but the thing scares me.

3. Beg any single deity from random cults to make that yen value INCREASE. I mean, do you know where we were just a year ago? ONE HUNDRED SIXTY!!! SIXTY, I SAY!

4. Kill the neighbor cats. I love animals, pretty all the animal kingdom. Not those demons. They're NOT animals, so I can kill them. Simple.


Now, girluneed. So... Basically, I think that Marcy-san can*cough*should*cough* sing anything he likes. His voice is like that. Astonishing, in my opinion. And it has been like that in the last...25 years? Amazing. I can even overcome his posing attitude thanks to his voice ^^;
On the other hand, girluneed suck. Yeah, I'm saying this VOLUNTARILY(don't worry, I checked for it on the dictionary). I don't know, it's not that bad, but it's not even that good. Sure I have a future as a music critic, don't you think?

Like, take Ded Chaplin. I wasn't very much enthralled at first, especially by Niihara-san's voice, but if I kept listening means that there was something I liked and I still like. Setting aside Rock 'n' Roll hero, of course X°D
This time is quite different. I can't find a reason to keep listening to them. I mean, not even Chacha-san's solo parts(nothing really thrilling about it, unfortunately)! It's so strange...Like, I prefer Earthshaker! Come on, Earthshaker...!(At least the first two albums, then all become dizzy but mostly BORING) Not mentioning Chacha-san has nothing to do with ES (really...did I have to mention it the same?)

You know? I'm beginning to like *whispering*Bloody Monday. Maybe because for the last 9 xD eps I wasn't too much focused on the plot, so now everything seems so new to me X°D

Forget that thing about killing cats: I'll kill their owners, instead.

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metamorphic time ha detto...

I think I had the reverse reactions to Ded Chaplin and Girl U Need than you did; I wasn't impressed with Ded Chaplin (I like them well enough, but they seem to be mostly generic 80s metal, and I've listed to far too much of that, though I really like Final Revolution) but like Girl U Need better. I fail at naming genres, but I like whatever they are in general (and absolutley adore "Without You"). I didn't have high expectations, which might have helped; I'd heard "Grieve" and wasn't that impressed (didn't dislike it, but thought it was very generic).

I meant to comment sooner, but am still getting used to not having internet and keep forgetting when I have the chance.