lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

So, simply tell...





I won't own a ticket for the concert. Oh yeah. I knew this like a couple of days ago (frankly, I cannot remember x°D) but I was so MAAAAAAAAAAAAD about this that I couldn't really have the slightest will to write.
T'was a fraud. A total fraud. Fortunately, the lady who bidded for me could have her money back (at least), but I won't attend the concert. I won't laugh while buying the kitakuni keychain. I won't despise with my genetic conceit those fangirls that will buy Gackt's chocolates x°D

I'll probably lay in a corner of the hostel crouched in the dark drawing fictious circles with my index finger.

With three blue vertical lines waving next to my head. Oh yes.

*whispering*Bloody Monday. Errata corrige. Otanoshimini \(ò_ò)/

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