mercoledì 6 maggio 2009


... and guess what?


Four years. Repeatedly. On loop. Luckily, files don't get scratches like records/cds.

NO, I can't possibly write just that. Come on.

Uhm, report from tokyo. Yes, I know. But my mood is like your ball falling down a hill close to you and YET you can't catch it. And then, a river/stream/ravine ends the game.

Really, I shouldn't take these things too seriously, I know that much. But geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez my life sucks. Sucks used socks. And that's a bad habit. Mostly for socks that, even if used, surely want to keep their dignity like every other pair of wearable things around your house.

So THINK! before sucking your socks.

You're probably infringing the Geneva Convention.

"to infringe" is the cool verb of the week.

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