venerdì 16 maggio 2008

Let's begin the prayers...

... Platinum box VII and tshirt arrived today at customs.

And someone told me I was crazy when I stuck my juzu (it's too big for my feminine - the only feminine thing I have and I'm quite proud of it xD- wrist ç_ç) onto my bag...

Well, this actually has never happened but I'm in the mood for pranking. Maybe it's the cold, gray, rainy weather (WHERE THE HELL ARE WE? LONDON???? No, I T A L Y. And it's mid May.) I'm always pumped up when weather seems to tell you: "GET AWAY FROM THIS WORLD NOW!!!".

It's really cherishing ^-^9

Does a word like "cherishing" exist?
Oh, nevermind.

No books shopping today, but the perfect Emo's cardigan (obviously gray, black it's too much of a statement for an emo)xD and "To catch a thief" on DVD. Question: is it more for Cary Grant, or more for Grace Kelly?

You choose the answer.

Anyway, it'll be the right one ^____________^

ps. see? a WHOLE post without naming chacha. Kinda scary X°D

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