venerdì 23 maggio 2008


(House indoor, afternoon)

As she opens the door, she sees a package lying on the table.

A glimpse to the sender: "Musea Records". Or something like that. Actually, she's just way tooooo much excited to grasp the details.

But nevermind.

She takes the package, and runs towards the kitchen. Leaned the package on the kitchen table, she starts to jump.

After a while, she finally open the package. The cd is still in the bubble wrap, but the picture she can guess through it is QUITE TOO MUCH FAMILIAR, MAN.

She starts to SCOWL.

The bubble package is open, and there, sparkling, in her hands lies...

(dramatic strings' crescendo)

OVERTURE!!!! Yes, you get it right, O V E R T U R E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What did I do wrong? What? WHAT????????

Plus, THE NEXUS REISSUE!!!!! At least, send me the first King's release, with that lovely poster! I was already thinking about where hang it, but I noticed that was the Nexus'...

Ah, an epic journey...

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