lunedì 26 maggio 2008

Depression. (with a cheerful update at the bottom xD)

Progress is out of stock.


The MAGNIFICENT post I was...posting earlier could not be posted.


With this, it's a 2 : 2 . Two catched and two missed. I thought that I would reach a 3 : 1, at least.



No, wait. Musea has just answered me back. Chotto matte kudasai (as I told earlier I use romanji when I'm in a bad

MOVINGNEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, er... EMOTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON (movingness was more catchy, by the way...)

They'll ship Irony of Fate (papersleeve, because I'm in the mood for trash, fella) TOMORROW (*_*)

HOW I love these guys!

Now let me be moved for at least a couple of minutes...

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