martedì 2 dicembre 2008


My life?

My role in the celestial project?

My fatty bottom?

No, something more important.

Early Chacha-san's "role" in Gerard and latter Gerard attempts in replacing him(both in terms of singing and "yeah-seems-like-a-guitar-BUT-it's-actually-a-keyboard-since-I'm-a-stubborn-man-deal-with-it" thing).

Matters of GLOBAL priority, don't you think so? What is worldwide recession compared to this?

Yesterday I've listened to Meridian, with the PEAK of uselessness reached through Orpheus ENGLISH VERSION (still laughing now).

Now, I've just listened to an Empty Lie, Empty Dream that I would really REALLY REALLY 10x like to forget...and Orpheus in englih once again ( ç_ç)...the "new" tracks are not that bad, anyway. Certainly this is not the band I was expecting from the early works, and this is also A BAD THING for my inner(?) fangirlism (u_u ;;;;;). So bad.

But there's a guitar somewhere!!! I can hear it...!

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