sabato 13 dicembre 2008


... renewed Dears site is finally up. *imagine this said with the PLAINEST tone ever*

Well, the RPG-like thing is cute, heavy of course xD but, at least, don't show all your overseas fans things that they cannot achieve, thank you.

I feel way pissed off, seeing things like "Chacha's house" (I beg your pardon, but X°DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hilarious is not enough, definitely not enough), or You one, or all the other things and not being able to enter is like when you were a little child and older ones played all those wonderful "grown-up" games (in my case was monopoly) and you're not allowed to join the fun.

It's so pathetically sad.

I mean, I don't give a damn in being a FULL FLEDGED Gackt fan, I'm happy enough to being able to listen to his music from enough far for not caring about ALL the commercial things that sorrounds him, thanks, but come on!

Such a neat work *-* Yes I'm fighting between anger and delighment X°D

I mean II, this thing is really well done! Good job staff!

Well, let the sad music fade in as I leave the room with a sad look on my face, a tear slowly wetting my PALE xD cheek and my head low. Obviously walking SLOWLY, and sighing.


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