domenica 1 febbraio 2009

Six days more. One day left. KARAOKE NIGHT!

Yeah, I`ll be attending karaoke with a Greek girl that in three hours will be attending gackt`s concert, and Kaoru-san, and maybe more random people that I don`t know. I`ve got to wait until tomorrow.

So, let`s explain my audience xD the "unreal feeling", that`s now it`s fully becomed "surreal".

I mean, it was so easy to get here. Yeah, after four days I can say easily that the flight was really terrifing. I`m surprised in how much I endured. I think it was only because I was alone. Well, now I know that I`m not afraid of flying. My moe points will be cut down, what a pity xD

I can`t have a "live photos show", since I didn`t buy that DARN card reader...well, you`ll see the whole package once I return. I`m taking maybe too much photos. Yesterday, in Shinjuku, I took like a hundred photos and a few are actually from the observatories xD

My foolish trip since now

- thursday; landed, get lost searching the hostel, found the hostel, many "WHAT the hell is this filthy place?!", shower, first approach (I don`t want to bore you with my like ten times getting lost in akiba xD but it was so funny...)

- friday; the ticket grabbing day, also called the "getting out of the metro in shinjuku and asking the koban directions for a shibuya place", and the "you`re sure koban nice policemen/women should know where you`re headed but YOU`RE WRONG!", and in the end "Does it have to rain this RANDOMLY??? Let`s go to Meiji jingu! In this pouring rain! YEAH!!!" and the "Harajuku beware my navi-like skills!" a tiring and expensive day xD

- saturday; the "fuck off and let me sleep", "I have to go to tokyu hands and buy a sleep mask or that fucking snoring bitch will DIE without noticing"

- sunday(until now); the "I`m running out of money, let`s head to ueno AND STOP" day ,and the "Should I sing the same?" and the "Coin laundry - THE REVENGE" day.

So, since I have to do some laundry and prepare myself for my karaoke night, bye folks!

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